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Dr. Owen Hunt in a photo from "The Girl with No Name." The episode airs April 19, 2012.

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anrtho ferrets kinda look like anrtho otters from the shoulders up sooooo I can kinda see mixing them up. also otter is better than some other animals you could have been confused with. Also Being tied up and forced to watch how to train your dragon sounds unbelievably fun. Though being tied up in general sounds like fun to me, so I might be biased. X-P

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 20 Quotes

It's one of those things that people say, you can't move on until you let go of the past. Letting go is the easy part, it's the moving on that's painful. So sometimes we fight it, try and keep things the same. Things can't stay the same though. At some point, you just have to let go. Move on. Because no matter how painful it is, it's the only way we grow.


Jackson: Since when do they bribe residents?
Cristina: They don't, unless you're me. A god.