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Grey's Anatomy Review: Staring At Simba

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After almost eight Grey's Anatomy seasons, I don’t expect to be too surprised by the actions of these characters we have all grown to love so much. Except it happened tonight. And I loved it. There is a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it...

Ripped to Pieces. The cases in "The Lion Sleeps Tonight” were harsh, but in a good way. Morgan reached decision time with her baby, Teddy’s patient made her accept her widow status, and a lion attacked a couple. Well, the lion bit was a little unrealistic. But, hey, it made for interesting television and at least no one was trying to give CPR to a deer. 

Broken Hearts. Teddy’s reaction at the grief group was priceless. First, the laughter and then the outburst. It felt so real, which is something this series does so well. This arc had felt a little dropped over the past few episodes so it was important to bring it back before season's end. Her dealing with the elderly couple was heartbreaking. I know I was not alone in tearing up a bit. 

Teddie Altman

Battle Of The Exes. How do you work side by side with someone for two years that had previously dated your wife and it never came up? That situation totally sucked for Callie but Mark made a great point. She is taking care of a child, a child that Callie had with Mark, her ex. That has to be tough. Who would have guessed that Arizona had such a fun past and that Mark would end up being the mature one?

The Eyeball Doc. Speaking of Mark, he plans to move in with Julia? I don’t think so. This arc has gaping plot holes that need to be worked better. Yes, of course us viewers know they are together. There is a quick mention of them each week. But we don’t know this character. We met her how many episodes ago and that’s been it. Viewers are emotionally involved in Slexie. It’s because we know them. Why would we care if Mark moves in with Julia or breaks up with her? Answer is... we won’t. 

The big brother/little sister interaction between Lexie and Derek was thoroughly enjoyable. We see these two in the OR enough, but seeing the family side is just as fun. 

Der Smiles

Separation. Alex Karev, one of a kind. The man may be arrogant, a jerk, downright rude. But one thing is for sure, he is honest. The situation with Morgan is messy. As much as I want to see Alex get in a healthy relationship, this is not it. The girl needs a friend. 

The Lion. Who knew that Meredith and Derek spotting a lion on their way to work would not be the most exciting thing of the hour? Gotta love Derek bringing a stuffed lion home to Zola. What. A. Dilf. 

Scandal. Now on to the big news. A week had passed and Cristina was still ignoring Owen, being curiously quiet, and had not shared the news with her BFF, Mer. Owen is the Chief of Surgery. He knows better than to discuss this kind of stuff in the scrub room. Breaking the news to Meredith and having Bailey overhear means this story is coming to a head. We still don’t know who the other woman is but we do know one thing: Yang is devastated.

Girlfriend is also super pissed. Her chucking her bowl of cereal at Owen was the highlight of this episode. That was a DVR rewind moment if I ever saw one.

Alex Karev Smiles

Overall, a solid episode on the way towards the finale of Season Eight. TV Fanatics, what did you think? Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. How heartbreaking was Teddy admitting she is a widow? Who do you think Owen cheated with? What is Meredith going to do with the information? Who else thinks Bailey needs her own story ASAP? Sandra Oh killed it once again. How cool was the room of things found in patients??

New episode next week. While we wait, look for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table to gain a new entry in the coming days.


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@Linda I think bringing back Izzie and Burke is a great idea. They make a marvelous couple. Their return together would REALLY spice things up. Burke always should have been with Izzie. A TRUE trophy wife for such a prestigious surgeon. And I envision them with 5 little blessed kids. WONDER what Alex and Christina would think of THAT? LOL


(Sorry for the way the system has hacked up my comments. I am verbose...Maybe I should start writing fanfic...) One of the reasons Callie handled Arizona's little white lie so well, (of saying that her "number" was only "one or two"), is not just because of what Mark said to her about how hard it has to be for Arizona knowing that he and Callie created Sofia. Nor was it what Webber said about how alcoholics will say they only had "one or two" drinks when in fact they are getting drunk every day. But after mulling things over Callie figures out what is important and goes home to prove it to Arizona. She chooses the most natural and seductive way to prove this to her wife. No bowl of cereal in the face. No threat to "kill you if you cheat". No jamming an arm into the mouth of a lion. No. Just hot, steamy looks, stripping off clothes, unzipping a blouse, and the promise of make-up sex just around the corner. (And that is why they are the healthiest couple on the show.)


In an earlier season when Arizona says that "this is not my dream" we know that it is Callie's dream. She gets the baby, the woman she loves, and the best friend. So all in all it may seem that Arizona has made the most compromises. But being with Callie brings her out of the shallow waters of casual sex, conquests, and one-night-stands. What she has with Callie is complicated but is far more deep and rewarding. So the compromises and sacrifices are worth it. And isn't that how she was raised by a father whose life was all about "honoring the sacrifices" her grandfather made? Meanwhile Callie has matured immensely from all the twists and turns since that random kiss at Joe's. It's a testament to Sara's skill as an actor that her reactions to what the other characters tell her can be read almost wordlessly just in her eyes. You can watch her consider their remarks during surgery on the "idiot" who was mauled by the lion. And again when Mark points out that Arizona has to be in hell every time she sees him with the baby. It's nice to see him being protective of the two womens' relationship as he warns Arizona that Callie has been trying to find out more about all the other "women my wife has banged".


The only thing that rings false in all of this is that Callie never heard about any of Arizona's past until nurse Colleen hugged Arizona goodbye. I think a lot of us feel that it's unrealistic for Callie and Arizona to have gotten to the alter without having had this conversation. It was pretty clear that Arizona's explanation for not revealing her past was not believable. It wasn't in order to "protect" Callie, but to protect herself. She was so flustered with all her excuse making that she didn't even notice how Callie's intention was on the bedroom, not the boxing ring. But at that point she was so nervous they were going to have a fight that she slipped into fast-talk, grasping at straws mode. I don't think the big revelation would have changed anything about their love for each other. It certainly didn't prevent Callie from wanting to show Arizona that all the others didn't mean anything to her. No. Callie chooses the most natural and seductive way to prove that to her wife. No bowl of cereal in the face. No threat to "kill you if you cheat". No jamming an arm into the mouth of a lion. No. Just hot, steamy looks, stripping off clothes, unzipping a blouse, and the promise of make-up sex just around the corner. (And that is why they are the healthiest couple on the show.)


I enjoy GA very much. I thought that the epi last Thursday with the older couple and the lion was good. but I also feel that there are many different avenues that the writers could take to keep Greys on top of its game. It seems that once the writers hit on a topic they beat that topic into the ground. For example, Christina&Owen,Callie&Arizona(thought we would never hear the end of those two)Izzie&Denny and Mer&Der trying to adopt Zola. The list can go on and on. Bringing Izzie and Burke back would spice things up. Lets add some sparkle and move on.I know a lot of you don't like Izzie and don't want her back but she would brighten things up for Alex who needs a boast in his love life. I hope we have many more years of GA but hopefully we will get off of some of these old topics.


I think I am the only Mark/Lexie fan left in the whole damn world .. who is not so happy with Mark/Lexie story .. :(


If Mark call himself golden trash, oh i mean golden boy of the hospital so Arizona is the golden girl of the hospital (yeah, she is).


@ janet, I totally agree about Callie and Arizona. First of all, it was the first episode this season where we have more about them than just 2-3 minutes, and it's always frustrating when they cut off the scene immediately, no time at all to enjoy it. They show more about other couples, even though they never show long (saaaaaad)


(This got cut from my last post:) The unzipping reminded me of the Valentines day trailer scene. Of course as usual the writer cut the scene short with just a hint of a kiss as they disappear behind a wall. Someone posted a slow-motion of the kiss just like they did for the shower scene a few seasons back. Guess some of our fanfic writers will expand these unfinished scenes. (hint, hint, please do...)


So when Callie finally gets home and Arizona is her nervous babbling-brook self, Callie just keeps moving in on her (talk about a lion stalking its prey....) I love how Callie smirks when she first enters the apartment. Then keeps walking towards her as Arizona backs away. She takes Arizona's wine glass away, drops her jacket on the floor, and finally pulls off her shirt, all the while Arizona is back-pedaling and making her excuses about not telling Callie about her many affairs. Sometimes Arizona can be so...dense! I think she should have looked a bit more surprised and turned on when Callie got down to her bra (a quick glance down at Callies gorgeous bod would have been nice)...instead of continuing to think they were going to have a fight. How obvious did Callie have to make it before Arizona could see what was on her wife's mind? It wasn't until Callie started to unzip Arizona's shirt that it finally occurred to her what Callie was up to??? The unzipping reminded me of the Valentines day seduction scene in the trailer. Of course as usual the writer cut the scene short with just a hint of a kiss as they finally make it across the room and disappear behind a wall. Someone posted a slow-motion of the kiss just like they did for the shower scene a few seasons back. Guess some of our fanfic writers will expand these unfinished scenes. (hint, hint...)