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A lion breaks loose in Seattle, leaving a couple's lives and relationship at risk; Lexie overhears Mark's discussion about moving in with Julia; Teddy begins to take steps towards coming to terms with Henry's death; Callie grills Arizona on her past lovers; and Alex requests to be taken off Morgan's preemie case when she becomes too dependent on him. Meanwhile, Meredith tries to be a support for Cristina as the tension between her and Owen hits a boiling point.

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does anybody know when this episode will be available


And Amanda- ewww. If she doesn't want kids she doesn't want kids. I love kids, I'm pregnant right now. But i have friends who don't want kids who are great with kids but that doesn't make them PARENTS. Huge difference. I'd hate to be Christinas kid because she would be my mom and she wouldn't want me- which would SUCK! And all you people saying she should get with burke - Ewwwwww he DITCHED her at the ALTER! Come on people. Have a spine. This is why guys get away with treating women like crud.


Dude, Christina doesn't want kids. If Hunt can't accept it he should say so, not hold her hand while she gets an abortion. He should just leave and admit that he can't accept Christina for who she is. Not stick his penis in other women! She has always been very upfront about the fact that she didn't want kids. He's just like, "La dee da, you silly young girls you won't know what you really want til you grow up and choke someone like me!" I mean come on. Christina accepted all his ptsd $h1t, and he wants to vilify her for using her right to choose when she has never lied about her opinion on where she wants HER life to go. You don't marry someone and then try to change them. Oh you don't want babies? Well I want sex with someone that isn't you. Yeah, real mature. Douche. Christina needs a better love interest. Come on Shonda, bring the heat!


noo Burkeee, cristina needs to accept have kids with owen. look how she takes care of Zola, she likes kids. and she and owen definetely have chemistry, i think i miss when cristina was happy. pleasee shonda, cristina need a good final


noo burke, cristina need to accept to have kids with Owen, she take care of Z


I want to see more Jackson!!! He needs more story lines other than just his family are the Averys!!


#1: When Burke and Cristina went on their date, the guy fell on the floor because of Marfan syndrome. Please don't make it as simple as a heart attack because Cristina and Burke went crazy over that which they would not have done for a simple heart attack. #2: If I remember correctly, Burke did not marry Cristina because she hesitated on the day of the wedding and he felt that she did not want to marry him. Then he acted the a$$ when he did not give Cristina any credit for the award he received not long after he left Seattle Grace so I am still not a fan of Burke, although I must admit that he was a great character on the show and he contributed a lot. As far as Owen goes, I can't stand him! He is such a BABY about everything. Grow a pair and get over it. I thought he was supposed to be the man in the relationship!?


Bring back Burke! Tired of this Owen thing, looking pained and shutting down our favorite Christina. Burk is Christina-like, I remember their "best-date-ever" when guy collapsed in the restaurant with heart attack. Both of them are passionate about cardio surgery. Those two were great together, it was "momma" who put the idea of not marrying in Burke's head. She was the instigator.


Every time they have breaks, something happens behind the screens. Last time, Meredith got prego in real life; Burke made a homophobic comment, Kartheine is with her family, George is gone... everyone is gone. Grey's is not even the original Grey's anymore T.T


Burke is unlikely to return to Grey's Anatomy as Isaiah Washington (who plays him) made a homophobic comment to another member of the cast. I was a big fan of Owen and Christina at first but this tortured non-communication thing has gone on far too long...

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 18 Quotes

I was staring at Simba.


We have a phrase in the operating room. Don't pet the lion. It means no matter how nice a tumor looks, how small it is, how perfect it's margins may be, it's still a tumor. It's still dangerous and it can bite.

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