Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last week's episode, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staffers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have assembled for their weekly Round Table discussion to further debate and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. Alex made the situation clear to Morgan. Was he too harsh or did he do the right thing?

Courtney: Sometimes the truth hurts. Morgan needs a friend and someone she can depend on, it doesn’t have to be romantic. If Alex is not interested in being a part of her life in that way then he did the right thing. It doesn’t mean he still can't be a good friend to her.

Sean: I don't think Alex was harsh at all, rather than enabling her or leading her on, he put a stop to their dizzy dance. He manned up and was direct, even if it did hurt her. Her son was the important thing she should be worried about, not Alex.

Christina: I’m going with the latter. In fact, I thought it was very grown up of him to stand his ground and not sugarcoat anything with Morgan. She needed to be reminded that her son was the most important thing at that given moment.

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2. Should Mark move in with Julia or should Lexie tell him how she feels?

Courtney: Lexie needs to make a move!! Mark still totally loves her, Derek even said it. She will end up regretting not saying anything so it’s better to get it out in the open.

Sean: Lexie needs to make a move or call it quits for real. I'm a little tired of her moping and longing in the background. I know she wants Mark but I'd like to see her put her focus on something other than whether or not she gets to be with a guy. There's so much more to her than that.

Christina: As a total Slexie fan, I think Lexie should totally tell Mark how she feels. However, Derek definitely made a point that she needs to decide whether or not her feelings are the result of Mark’s newfound relationship or the fact that she really does still love him.

3. Was the “lion as a pet” too ridiculous of a story for this show?

Courtney: Absolutely. Not as ridiculous as Izzie working on the deer though. But realistically, there is no way someone has a lion of that size as a pet in her home. Just not happening.

Sean: I know people have had pet alligators, etc., that you stop and think "Really? Are they insane?" As for the story, it was really pushing the boundaries of this show. No more lions (or deer) please.

Christina: In short, yes.

Alex Karev Smiles

4. Who did Owen cheat on Cristina with?

Courtney: I have no idea!! It’s been driving me crazy since he first admitted to the affair. I’m thinking it is someone we don’t know at all, maybe someone he met in the bar?

Sean: No idea. I almost think it would be better it is no one we know because then the issue is more centered on his cheating and not who he cheated with.

Christina: I’m clueless on this one, but also thinking on the same lines as Courtney.

5. Rate the awesomeness of Cristina throwing her food in Owen’s face.

Courtney: On a scale of 1-10 ... 11. Cristina Yang = pure awesomeness.

Sean: Sorry Courtney and Christina, I have to go with not cool. I get that Owen is clearly in the wrong, but if they aren't going to get past it, they need to end it rather than further hurting each other. Shocking move by throwing it? Sure, but it's a bigger move to end their relationship.

Christina: Super awesome! A solid 10 for sure!

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


I am a huge Slexie fan. I only continued to watch this sason because Slexie fans were told to hang in there, but let me just say, my arms are friggin' tired. I hated seeing Lexie going back unto the elevator. I am at the end of the rope, if Slexie is not back by season end I am letting go.
FYI: It should be Mark's move, not Lexie's. She has already made two attempts. 1. She told Mark at the end of last season that if he fought for her, she'd come back. That was when Mark "let her go". 2. Lexie showed up at Mark's door on VALENTINES Day asking to talk. Lexie has made her move. The ball is in Mark's court. He is the one who needs to conince Lexie he is worth the risk because he wants to be with her.


Where i live (in Dubai) we've had two instances recently of a pet leopard escaping and having to be captured by the authorities. And according to a recent survey 3000 people in the UAE own exotic pets. So where i come from, its not that unrealistic!


I think the lion storyline was perfect you hear of ppl.with exotic pets alot so not far fetched at all I think it was fabulous :) another great episode


PPl having exotic pet & them escaping it a real thing guys!
It happens a lot!


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Mark is way too old for Lexi, and she is way too immature for a serious relationship. ITA that she never wants Mark until he's with someone else. First off her name is Lexie, not Lexi, Secondly When has she ever pursued mark when he was with someone else? not to mention she went to mark the first time when he was single, So again when has she chanced him when he was with someone else? Also wow the Age Discrimination is unbelievable here. Lexie isn't some under age girl who has a crush on a guy who is way to older for her, Lexie is almost 30 years old, actually by time next year comes she'll probably be 31 knowing this show. Mark is in his late 30's to 40's How is their age difference a problem? Mark loves Lexie and Lexie loves mark, get over it, mark is never going to move on and neither is Lexie, Hell they are even making Lexie ready to be a mom and i suspect by next season she'll be Mrs. Mark Sloan ... Plus the age thing went out...? Oh that's right it has always been like this. Older guys with women who have some age difference between them, this isn't the 1950's this is the 21st century.


1. yes, Alex needed to say it, but he WAS harsh. and he could have just explained it to her in the beginning instead of just disappearing on her. i thought that was lame, but not as lame as her turning into a stalker
2. i don't think he should move in with julia but i do think he should move ON with her. lexie is a mouse and i want a new story for both of them. this one has gone on long enough.
3. yes, but its tv, so whatever. people do have exotic pets, for whatever reason i have yet to figure out. the lion wasn't the main focus, so it didn't bother me. the show was more about the after-effects of its presence
4. don't care.
5. idealistically, a 10. in reality, a 0. it is domestic abuse and if roles were reversed people would flip the heck out. i can't deny that i laughed really hard, though.


I think what made the storyline with the lion so ridiculous was that he said she lived in a two-story in, there would be tons of neighbours around who would have seen it and likely no backyard for the lion to roam in. Alex was just being Alex, of course he was harsh, but that's what he needed to be. And I laughed SO hard when Cristina threw her cereal in Owen's face. I thought it was perfect.


1. I thought Alex had to be so firm because Morgan was so persistent and clingy and obsessive. Her situation sucks, but her dragging him into it like that was way, way out of line. She's the only one who can make decisions for her son. I don't think she'd get that message any other way.
2. Mark is way too old for Lexi, and she is way too immature for a serious relationship. ITA that she never wants Mark until he's with someone else. This is so stale. They just need to go their separate ways. Even unseen, I like Julia much better for Mark.
3. After ghost sex, nothing is too ridiculous for this show.
4. Don't care. That joke of a marriage just needs to be over.
5. Loved it. That was the first sign I've seen of the real Cristina in ages. He is destroying her way worse then even Burke could have. Can we please have more of this, and less of the mopey, needy, desperate mess she's become?


5) I don't agree with Sean. Throwing her food at his face is a step, as she wasn't talking to him or looking at him. It was almost as if he didn't exist. Now at least she did something. And it was awesome. As awesome as Eileen throwing Martinis at her husband's face.

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