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1. I think the way Alex did it was a bit jerky but that's just his nature. The reason he did it however was totally right, she needed to not be so dependant on Karev.
2. I really want Mark and Lexie to get back together because I loved them as a couple. But I feel like this constant storyline of Lexie loving him but doing nothing about it has to stop soon. I think it would be nice if Lexie got another storyline that's a bit more interesting and develops her character more.
3. I thought it was quite unrealistic, but so is having someone with the plague or someone with poisonous blood.
4. We know from the promos that she was a stranger.
5. For me, the cereal in the face was hilarious and I had to rewind it and watch it again and again.


1)Alex was not to mean or a jerk, she needed to be told that she had to stop! She is borderline obsessed with him, calling him over and over. While it is a sad situation she is in with her son, she needs to not go so crazy on Alex.
2)I am pro Mark and Lexie she has to say she loves him.
3)I did not think the lion story line was that silly.
4)I think it will be someone we do not know.
5)10! Owen deserved the cereal in the face! He should not have cheated on Christina!


I don't think the lion as pet was ridiculous. Been several stories on news of animals as pets that clearly shouldn't. In NYC there was the guy with tiger. More recently there was lady with chimp as pet that ripped off the owners friends face- google Charla Nash. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

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