Grimm Review: Key Findings

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Grimm keeps up its frantic pace in "Love Sick" as it moves towards the season finale, and not since “Last Grimm Standing” has the show been this exciting.

Nick Finds Adalind

The key, and Adalind, the parts of the puzzle that have been hanging around outside the fringes of the series since the very beginning have finally begun to work their way in to the picture. When Aunt Marie gave Nick the key, she told him to guard it with his life, and its covering hides a map. What that map is, exactly? No idea, but Burow is a town in Northern Germany.

Since so much of Grimm has been steeped in a history we’ve never really watched unfold yet, and one of the biggest reasons why so many of the Wesen act the way they do is because of lineage and family I’m beginning to wonder if the key is like a literal key to Nick’s past. If someone were to gain access to it then all of the Grimms secrets could be revealed, and if the theory that Renard and his royal family are the ones who like things to stay status quo, then they certainly don’t want someone like Nick getting in the way of how they conduct their business.

In other words, if Renard and the royal family can get their hands on the Grimms and how they conduct their business, then they are one step closer to stamping out their adversaries. That’s my theory at least.

Hank continues to hold up his title as the most boring character, and his infatuation with Adalind, while out of his control, made him boring and annoying. Grimm left us with a cliffhanger on whether or not Team Nick told him after he woke up. However, no matter how boring he ultimately is, I do admire how devoted Nick is to their partnership (and vice-versa). Nick had no problems threating and being physical with Adalind during their double date to instill fear into her. Even openly playing his Grimm card if it meant getting her to back off. It’s all the more inspiring considering who Nick is up against.

Renard continues to be a source of mystery, but his character is so crafty and fun (even likeable) that he doesn’t end up being a source of frustration. However, it seems that his craftiness is beginning to veer into desperation a little bit as he openly defied his cousin, and therefore his family, into giving up the key or the Grimm.

As for Team Nick, Rosalee and Monroe continue to be fantastic together, and the way the three of them work together is far more interesting and fun than Nick and Hank as partners. Who else would be so willing to help a Grimm and save Adalind’s victims with the world’s creepiest Neti Pot?

Finally, there’s Adalind. Her “final” showdown with Nick was a lot of fun to watch, and I assumed she was going to die, but instead only her powers “died.” Which is probably a punishment far worse than death for her, but I hope it’s an opening for her character to come back.

Other thoughts:

  • Renard’s cousin revealed his first name to be Sean.
  • Wu enjoyed some chapstick, coins, and some carpet this week. Sadly, that looks to be the last of it since Team Nick cured him.
  • I’m still curious what kind of abilities Nick has as a Grimm. He’s a very capable fighter as we’ve seen, and he can see Wesen’s true form, but are there any more?

What did you think of tonight’s Grimm? What are you theories on what is brewing in the background? Does Nick have more Grimm abilities? Does Hank now know about Nick? Let us know in the comments!


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I've been watching this show for a couple of months now with my son and we both really enjoy it. This last episode was very good and kept us both in suspense and left us with a lot of questions. I definitely think that nick does have special abilities and powers as a Grimm but he hasn't discovered them yet. The fact that he was able to remove Adalinds powers is proof of this. This would explain the reason why so many of the Wesen fear him. I think season two will begin to reveal more of Nick's powers and abilities. I'm hoping the last episode will end with Nick revealing to Juliette his true nature. The thing with feathers episode almost brought this to a head when she refused his proposal but fell short. I'm hoping the final episode will take it a step further.


My theory: Grimms are Wesen.
Think about it, kinda makes sense.


I completely agree with the review. Three coins in a fuschbau was definitely my fave so far, but this one is right with the dragon ep. I love all the German heritage on this show, and I hope it gets picked up for season 2 and that it takes nick to Germany for a bit


Hey Nick, I know the "map" from the key had Bur at the top. The other letters were at the bottom, in a different font, and capital lettering.
BurOW doesn't seem to fit correctly. I would assume they are to separate locations as if a portion of a map was engraved or imprinted. Overall, I would take a stab at there being other items with other portions of this map, simply that the "key" is not only intended to open something special but, also acting as the "key" part of the map which shows the final destination.


I really love this show, it's getting better and better...and the team Nick/Monroe/Rosalie, so great...I'm getting a Buffy-Team vibe :) hope for far more seasons to come with this quality


Great episode. Humour, action, mythos, suspense, horror. I agree with the review. I bet Nick can de-Wesen other Wesen too. I hope Adalind could come back. Maybe Hank will take time off and Nick will get an interesting cop partner. Wu eating carpet was both funny and unsettling. The witch had a pet cat :D


i was surprised that nick could take powers away.this is indeed one of the best episode


Great episode. I dunno, I'd rather Adalind had killed Hank and then died herself. Dont much like either of them. Hopefully this will be a watershed moment for both characters. On a many of the comments here have 'wonder' spelled as 'wander'. Is that internet jargon or just bad spelling?


This was one of the best episodes so far. TeamGrimm is awesome. I hope that Hank and Juliette find out the truth soon. I would like for all of them to work together. They would be a force to reckon with. I was that Analind got what she deserved. I was surprised that she did not die and merely lost her powers. Renard is a very interesting antagonist. I can't wait for Nick to find out the truth. I was glad that Wu was completely healed.


I agree with the reveiew, that was one of the greatest episodes yet. Hank was still boring, and I feel it's time Nick tells him. At least this way, he could be included in the cases and make himself useful.

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