Hart of Dixie Plans Road Trip, George and Zoe Kiss?!?

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They're both single. They're both attractive. Heck, they even held hands at least once!

Following last week's emotional Hart of Dixie episode, all signs point to a George and Zoe hook up, once the former gets over the little detail of the latter lying to him about Lemon and Lavon's affair, that is.

But it looks like he'll do that pretty quickly, as The CW trailer for this Monday's "Destiny & Denial" focuses on George inviting Zoe down to New Orleans for a night of fun, flirting and...?!? Watch the preview and sneak peek now and look forward to Scotty McCreery guest-starring as himself:

Do you want to see George and Zoe get together?

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I give up. Zoe is a moron. She knew without a doubt that George was in denial about the situation with Lemon. She obviously believes if she stands in the sideline, it will be soon that he will recognise that she is to be his leading lady. I never thought I would say this but at this point I prefer Lemon over Zoe at least she makes some sense, she was in denial until she recognised that maybe this is it for them, Zoe however is living in a fantasy.
I am happy for Wade and even Tom are moving on and finding proper women, let Zoe wait and wait until George recognises her or until she recognises that George will go back to Lemon leaving her all alone ... Good riddance Zoe.


That kiss made me SICK and G can have Z. Iam not feeling Z at all. Mad love to Wilson Bethel EXCELLANT as Wade and the only reason why I watch the show. The first half of the season was fun to watch. Loved W/Z as a couple. IAM too sick of this G/Z mess (this is why the rating is tanking). IaM not into this threesome W/Z/G. I don't think I will be watchig the show anymore.


I love this show! Please leave it on the air. I can't wait to watch tonights episode! :)


Finally! About time these two got together! :)


I am so much against george and zoe, but they should make it a one episode rebound thing and make them explore and get over it. so i don't mind whats next... i absolutely love where this show is going.
i hope they save it! all there is now is either mystery, suspense, or no content just comedy. This seems more like a story line a light one. i love it! it's like gilmore girls (lasted for 7 seasons...) and it has so much potential. i for one am full on board!

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