Hart of Dixie Review: George Tucker Time!

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It took George and Lemon to split up for me to finally understand their relationship.

Throughout the opening season of Hart of Dixie, I've questioned why someone so kind and understanding would be engaged to someone to stern and demanding. But George's pre-New Orleans speech to Zoe in "Destiny & Denial" actually made a lot of sense:

There's no way Lemon could date someone like herself. The guy would just fight back and the couple would spent every night apart, one attending the opera and the other a jazz club, for instance.

George in New Orleans

And can you actually imagine Geore Tucker dating someone like George Tucker? It would stand a better chance of success, but it would also lead to nauseating moments where each side coos and tells the other to hang up... no, you hang up... no, you hang up! There's a reason they say opposites attract.

But when it comes out that one of those opposite sides has cheated on the other? With the town's Mayor? Yeah, that's grounds for a break-up, as we saw last Monday.

The development led to this fun episode, which Scott Porter simply owned. It was a hoot to watch George smiling and prancing around town. It was a blast to watch him on stage, showing off the singing voice that he also featured in the film Bandslam and the off-Broadway production of Altar Boyz.

Heck, it was practically inspiring. How great would it be if we all could react to life's most disappointing moments by seizing the day and following the saying that every letdown is merely an opportunity to learn and grow? I know I'd feel better after any split if I could make out with Rachel Bilson.

Sadly, though expectantly, it could not last. George's wonderful world came crashing down on him at the drop of a song, bringing him back to stark, depressing, anger-filled reality. This did at least give Porter yet another moment to shine, as he confronted Lemon on her doorstep, tears streaming down his face.

My only criticism of the episode? And the last few weeks in general? They've rushed Zoe's feelings for George, to an extent at least. The series spent most of its season teasing some kind of love triangle between Zoe, George and Wade, with the latter in the lead. (Remember how the winter finale concluded?) Then it seemed like someone simply decided Zoe's true feelings lay with George, which has left the show scrambling with what to do with Wade.

The apparent answer? Match him back up with his oddly-named ex-wife! (I'm sorry, but... Tancy?!? Is that short for something?) Talk about feeling rushed. We'll see where this goes, but it will take more than a speech from Tom for me to believe Wade has any real interest here.

Overall, though, a strong follow-up to last week's emotional hour. George and Zoe displayed real chemistry throughout the episode, while I even felt sort of bad for Lemon when she broke down in her father's arms.

And speaking of that father: Way to go, Tim Matheson! You really did nail every word of "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General!"


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Gosh! Zoe and Wade did it finally while George backed out for the wedding.. It can't be true.. I love Zoe and George together. They are meant for each other -Destiny as they call it!! C'mon!!!


i LOVE this show..i cant wait till season 2 comes back out:)


I cant believe those people who want Lemon and George together I just cant, they must be from the south...I have lived in South Carolina for years and do know that. Writers, plz listen do not put Lemon and George together, put Zoe Hart and George together for good, even if they have to run off and get married to New York or Boston. Lemon is awful and I will quit watching if this does not happen. I really only watch CW on Fridays for Supernatural.
But I have gotten used to George and Zoe....and really like the show, as long as the writers make it interesting


I dont think George should marry that stupid Lemon. And what a name too.
George (Scott Porter) should marry Zoe Hart...George really doesnt love Lemon even though they have fifteen years of memories together. That is all just memories, he can be truly happy w/Zoe and in love with Zoe.


So, I'm now looking forward to the next episode because it’s dawned on me since learning the title of this past episode that maybe the title 'Destiny and Denial' was actually the writers little way of telling us that Zoe's foreseen destiny as she wants to see it, is actually a great deal of denial about George. I'm not sure… but I do REALLY want these guys to get a second season. I think it’s taken the writers this first season to figure out that maybe who they originally saw as the main love interest (although lovely) was not the best decision. The show really could’ve been about something better than more love triangles. I really do hope they get another season because it looks like since the last few episodes focussing around George and Zoe... a lot of viewers have switched over and they've gone from being a safe bet to a possibility that the show will actually be cancelled. The writers deserve another chance to rock the crap out of this show.


I really hope Zoe and George get together. I cant stand Lemon and I like George so I definately hope to see him with Zoe. She has been interested from the beginning


Hello, I have to say, I must be the only George and Zoe fan. She's liked him since she arrived in Bluebell but couldn't act on her feelings. Now she can, because she feels George and Lemon are done. I love the show in general, I love Rachel Bilson I think she is so funny and cute, she's great to watch. I love Lavon, I love how he smiles. I really hope it gets another season and if it doesn't, at least a way for them to close out the show :)


I dont know why everyone wants Zoe with Wade. He is childish and rude and doesnt deserve her. Zoe and George are perfect for each other and they have the absolute best chemistry!! Lemon is crazy and she doesnt deserve someone as patient and kind as George. Him and Zoe are seriously perfect for each other! I almost screamed when they kissed I was so ecstatic!!! I have been waiting for that forever! Love it! They deserve each other!


Well, I actually really like Lemon, and I'm still hoping for a wedding between her and George. This show would be extremely boring if she wasen't in it, and I can't see her with any other man than George.


Concerned Fan, I think you've hit the nail on the head. The love triangle is fun to argue over, but the real overall arc of this season SHOULD have been Zoe growing as a person and realizing her childish dreams of the fellowship and NY are not what she should be doing or where she belongs. In essence, George ("perfect destiny" but ultimately wrong for her) represents NY and Wade ("messy trouble" but ultimately right and REAL) represents Bluebell. The triangle should be a symbol of the larger character growth Zoe should be experiencing. But we're just not seeing it. Despite the occasional lightbulb moment, she's basically still the same fantasy-driven and, yes, occasionally snobbish person she was at the beginning of the series. If they're lucky enough to get a second season, how will they manage to convince us Zoe's going to stay beyond the allotted year when we've barely seen her start to realize where her future lies?

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