House Review: Who Has Cancer?!?

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About a month ago, I had a dream that I was being held captive. 

I woke up just as I was breaking free and running for my life. I was sweaty, out of breath, and completely shaken up, in both my dream world and waking life. The mind's affect on the body is something that House has explored before, but because it is an interesting concept to me, I am admittedly happy to see it addressed again in tonight's episode, "Body and Soul".

Lue, a young boy of Hmong decent is sick. His dreams feel extremely real, which translates to the Chase/Park storyline as well. And a bit less literally to House's situation with Dominika. The mind is a tricky thing and although dreams are sometimes not to be take literally, sometimes they are. Chase and Park attempt to figure this out, adding some nice humor to the episode and a stellar Chase/Park dream sequence that should make all 10 fans of their relationship (including me) quite satisfied.

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In truth, I'd rather see Chase with Park than with Adams, which is where I know the storyline will inevitably go. Park is vastly more fun to watch and not Cameron 2.0 like Adams' character. But they are doomed to be friends. Their storyline dovetailed nicely with Lue's. Again, how much of what we believe is true in our minds translate to actual truth in waking life?

In Lue's case, his mother and grandfather believed he was possessed and performed an exorcism. But Adams believed that her own far fetched treatment option of ibuprofen (yes, I did say ibuprofen) actually cured Lue. We'll never know and we're not supposed to, but I'd put my money on the medicine here.  Like Taub said, both ideas are far-fetched, but one of them actually did work.

So how can this reasoning be applied to House and Dominika? House has a terribly bad habit of sabotaging every relationship he's in. He really begun to appreciate Dominika and now it's all over because he lied to her. So was House's belief that she would end up falling for him regardless of the truth? Or is House actually deluding himself into thinking he's romancing her by delaying her citizenship?

The mind truly is a tricky thing. And House's is definitely playing with him. In one of the last scenes, we see that Dominika, although pained, walk out the door. House then goes to Wilson to discuss her leaving, claiming to feel quite depressed. It's a dark scene, filled with rain. Even the scene with House and Dominika kissing was quite dark, never quite leading the viewer to believe anything might actually work out.

Which leads me to the very last scene. So... Wilson has cancer?  That's what next week's "The C-Word" is about? I'm surprised, but not terribly excited about this development. I obviously love Wilson and don't want him to go anywhere, but I'm not sure how he's going to go from Stage 2 cancer to dying on a couch within the hour next week. Of course, the most exciting episode happens when I'll be out of town, so you'll get a break from my ever lasting cynicism regarding the series.

I don't really think House would be long for this earth without Wilson, so if the writers are trying to push House to the absolute edge, they've certainly picked the right direction.


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How can people be this shallow somone said they rather chase have a relationship with adams then park because she's beautiful?! Chase and Park show a true relationship one of the real world where a man a women only look at their personality not their looks. I think its a breath of fresh air that chase ins't with Adam hooking up with every other good looking girl on the show and instead he went with Park who may not be sexy in terms but is cute and adorable and funny which helps their relationship have it's quirk. I shipped all the Chase/Park pairing.


So where is wilson's cancer ?


When I first heard that Wilson had cancer. All I could think was "Wow. I guess all our "Wilson-Has-Cancer" fics came true." We've had many categories for either Sick!House or Sick!Wilson and we always thought about the bitter irony of Wilson getting cancer but it was easier to write about because he didn't actually have it. Now he does... for some reason this really bothers me. I feel like House kind of lost its heart after Cuddy left and the only good thing left was the relationship with House/Wilson and I enjoyed watching Chase's character develop. But Wilson is "it", you know? He and House are best friends. They're the only good thing in each others lives. This sounds incredibly selfish but I'm hoping that if Wilson dies in the season finale that House will die too. I don't want House to commit suicide, though we do have lots of those fics but I really don't know how House would ever live without Wilson. Anyone else's thoughts?


Honestly, on what concerns the case, this was one of THE WORST episodes EVER. I thought House loved to proof faith wrong. Leaving everyone wondering whether it was the medicine or the grandfather's exorcism that cured the kid was extremely out of character not to mention out of the very series itself. Just another clue that yeah, it is really time for this show to end.


This was a great show for the first 3 seasons, but it has definitely run its course. Can't count how many times it's jumped the shark, but driving into Cuddy's house and marrying House off come to mind. I have season 1-3 on DVD and will enjoy them.


I like the idea of Chase with Adams. She's pretty and Park ain't. This doesn't seem like Chase's idea of a woman he'd want to be with.


Also, "I obviously love Wilson and don't want him to go anywhere, but I'm not sure how he's going to go from Stage 2 cancer to dying on a couch within the hour next week" That's clearly explained in the promo, which you've obviously seen, Wilson decides to take a risky treatment that could save him or kill him


Wasn't shocked by the ending thanks to the massive spoiler on the homepage and before anyone says oh you shouldn't be going on the site if you haven't seen the episode or 7 hours is enough time to watch the episode I can answer both of those.
1) House isn't the only show on this site and a spoiler as big as Wilson having cancer shouldn't be put on the homepage
2) 7 hours is clearly not enough time....I live in the UK and watch House online but I don't get to do so until the evening the day after the show has aired in the US and thanks to the spoiler it completely threw me off when watching this episode So please be more careful in the future!


Again, I'm glad House is ending because to me the last episodes were terrible and the next one sounds worse!


I'm heartbroken because I love Wilson, but his death is inevitable because the writers need an excuse to get Robert Sean Leonard off of the show since he is returning to Broadway.

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