House Series Finale to Be Titled...

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Just how dark will House go toward the end of its eighth season run? Fox may have just given us an idea.

The network has revealed that the title of this drama's May 21 series finale is a play on its main character's favorite saying: Everybody Dies.

With a Fake Gun

Combine this news with the title of the April 30 installment, "The C-Word," and speculation is rampant that House will come down with cancer. But will the show actually kill him off?!?

Creator David Shore will write the finale, and it's been confirmed that a few familiar faces will appear on it, including Olivia Wilde, who will reprise the role of Thirteen on both the closing episode and the May 14 installment.

What do you think? Do you want to see House killed off on the series finale?


I have watched every episode of House (love it!) and knew this day was coming - an end to the saga. I have a guess as well as a box of tissues for the finale. I think because of the indisputable friendship between House and Wilson and the fact that Wilson is dying (at the moment)he left with a choice. House will have make a decision to go back to jail and not be with his only friend to support him through chemo or take his own life because he believes Wilson will die even after the chemo. House will take his own life! A lot of the old characters will be in the episode to say good bye to him. I am not sure what unimmaginable way he will do it, but knowing house it would have to be explosive. Wilson will not take the chemo and he will live the very short period of time he has left.
That is my prediction!


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they filmed the finale on my street. it man i so want to say but it would be a jerk move. suffice it to say it looks like it's gonna be super dramatic and possibly not in the hospital.


I have said since day one, that House is nothing but a dream -- either that or House is literally on that 'bus' with all those acting around him.. "Life is but a play, and we are actors on the stage.." (yes take off of WS) .. It's time.. end it


House isn't the one with the cancer. Its Dr Wilson. Strange that the writers chose to have House's wife leave him. I think they should reconsider, it would be great if his wife returned, yelling at him that "she is not giving up. Nor will she allow him to either!"


my guess: he euthanizes 13 and loses hes license for good


I don't think they'll kill House. It wouldn't be depressing, it would just be stupid. Getting him permanently kicked out of the medical profession because he recklessly killed a patient ... especially if the patient was a friend ... Ending the series with another tragedy (comparable to Amber's death) would be much more acceptable then having House ride off into the sunset on a C-horse. @Diana: "[I]t was the interns that seemed unrealistic." I enjoy "House", but nothing in the show is realistic. Do you seriously think anybody would let a guy like House practice medicine?


I am going to miss Dr. House. I think that House should be given a ninth season on Fox or any other network that decides to keep the series. House just took a little time to get used to. He seems convincing as a Doctor. The main cast was perfect. However, it was the interns that seemed unrealistic.


@semir: If this site was more popular, your comment would've started a sh*t storm of a debate. Too bad no one cares anymore.


Show will end badly imo. I don't see any good ending without cuddy.

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