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Tonight's How I Met Your Mother explored one of the great conundrums of relationships: Is there such a thing a sleep cheating? Can one be held accountable by one's significant other for subconscious coitus with another person?

After the startling revelation that it was Ranjit who was the object of the rapid thigh movement behind Lily's rapid eye movement, Marshall had no choice but to accept that it was his wife's turn to ride the Crazy Go Round. I liked the common thread of good fathers Marshall found, linking the men in Lily's dreams together, even if it was not the case.

While Lily's pregnancy-induced promiscuity was one score Marshall could not challenge, Ted and Barney's Game of Life debate was itself legendary and worthy of being the subject of "Now We're Even." Each feat of awesomeness and the arbitrary point amount awarded to such was more and more hilarious the longer the tallying went on.

And it was mighty big of Barney to award Ted 9,000 points for sleeping with Robin before he did, wasn't it?

Ted & Barney Share Some Bro-Time

My favorite storyline of the night, though, was Barney's quest to make each night legendary and their coinciding themes. My personal favorites were the night they ate everything on the menu and the night they partied with the mole people. Amidst all the hilarity, however, were two sort of serious moments:

  1. Barney's admission that each night he is tortured with not knowing what Quinn is doing at work.
  2. Ted's text to Robin saying he was glad she was alright. 

I did think Robin landing the helicopter was a bit far fetched, even by this show's standards, but it was nice to see her finally get the fame she deserved. There were, however, a few random moments of brilliance which more than made up for that one hiccup in reality.

In order of appearance they were:

  • Ted spilling the bowl of hot soup on himself while naked. (I think it was Matzo Ball, no?)
  • Barney's Speedy Gonzales-esque reappearance in the booth at hearing Marshall mention Lily's sex dream. 
  • Barney's comment about inception with no knowledge of the movie. 
  • Barney's Fred Sanford voice when he told Ted, "You're locked out Dummy!" 
  •  Ted trying to impress while in a dress. 

Sure, tonight's episode was pretty much filler, but I still gave it a heap load of points for all that it entailed. Don't forget to rate tonight's best How I Met Your Mother quotes and be sure to let us know what you thought of the episode. 


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I just loved the beercules episode. All the more because they introduced Martin Short. He was hysterical in that whole, "I'm swamped as in really in a swamp and I gotta run as in literally gotta run coz the croc is advancing" thing. Hope to see more of him.


I don't think Robin landing the chopper was that far-fetched as movie and TV tropes go. Now I know that flying a chopper takes some training, but Robin was being guided by somebody from the control tower and the landing she managed to make was far from smooth. Pretty rudimentary. I suppose it isn't far fetched to assume survival instinct made her be that good.


Loved Barney and Ted's scenes in this one. Those two are perfect when it comes to playing off each other. Loved the Ted with a dress sayn' "Now we're even bitch!!" Others were relaively boring but overall a solid episode.


... seasons or who is barneys bride after 2 epsiodes... relax.. and the mom is just gonna be a stranger so dont u worry.. there are enough other reasons to watch


@will: what u wrote in your blog is not true at all. This is one of the best seasons ever. No development??? Barney and Robin nearly came back together, Barney broke up with Nora, Robin would be engaged if she wanted to have kids, Kevin and her broke up, we thought Robin and Barney are gonna be parents, we found out that she cant have babies, Robin got an awesome job, Lily is pregnant (Babies dont pop out after 2 weeks), they moved from Manhattan to Staten Island and back, Ted and Robin had a short i love u moment and arent talking to each other at the moment, barney has a girlfriend and its serious - so i dont know what show you were watching?
and this episode .. maybe there wasnt soo much story telling, but Robin got famous, we found out how much Barney likes Quinn.. there was story telling! and there was a good story in every episode! (maybe not in 1-4). So for me this is an awesome season! i dont know what u want, things take a while. Of course we wont know who is the mom after 2 seasons or who is barneys bride after 2 epsiodes... relax.. and the mom is just gonna be a stranger so dont u worry.. there are enough other reasons to watch


One Question: That guy robin met when Ted was buying those red boots and then again in the club, did she ever met him again?? cause they said they will..maybe thats her future boyfriend? i knew that barney is alright with quinn beeing a stripper after he said it the 2nd time and i knew that thats the reason why he goes out all the time. quite obvious - i was wondering why Ted didnt see that?


THE MERMAID THEORY! the writers truly are geniuses...


the only thing that could have made this review better was a friends reference in the comments. simply brilliant. the barnacle was in top form this episode. "the night we partied with the mole people!" and i agree on timing. the passage of time is pretty ambiguous. but is it just me or has lily been pregnant for a really long time?

C f ohara

LelaRose I hear ya on your "already?" comment. I think we have to remember though that undisclosed amounts of time elapse in between episodes. Like Ted and Robin not talking to each other seemed as if it had been going on for a while right? Ted made a point of saying how long it had been since they had last talked. Ted seemed to have been in his new apartment for a while now given all the scenes of him doing laundry naked, spilling soup naked etc. Just hope Ted doesn't become like"Naked Fat Guy" from Friends who they all poked with the giant stick they fashioned from chopstix. Joey: All right now remember, something this big and long is going to be difficult to maneuver, fortunately I have a lot of experience in that area. Rachel: What are you 12 today? Ross: Can we please focus here, a naked man’s life hangs in the balance!


I don't like Barney and Quinn either, when Ted said "You really love this girl, don't you"? I was like, really, already? At least with Nora we saw them get together and develop. With Quinn, it's like they just need someone to get Barney to the alter. The writers are trying to build tension for this season but all they're doing is confusing me. I don't know what's going to happen, mainly because I'm not sure of the characters' motivations.

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