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Old Love, lost love, and new surprises. Mary was forced to deal with all three in "Drag Me to Hell," one of the funniest and most touching episodes of the season to date.

As much as I loved last week's episode, this one was equally good for different reasons.

So was Mary right? Absolutely. If she and Marshall were only partners then he would have told her he was considering proposing to Abigail. He didn't because he has feelings for Mary that they've never dealt with. 

Mary was shocked to hear the news. The look that ran across her face said that she felt as though she was losing something important. 

Are she and Marshall meant to be together? I don't really think so but I also believe there are plenty of unresolved feelings there that will come back to haunt them. Of course if they had given it a shot and it didn't work out I'm not sure they would still be able to work as partners. It's definitely a double edged sword.

It was good to see Raph again. Since he was never truly the one for Mary, she seemed OK meeting his new wife. I liked that everyone involved acted like an adult and not a bunch of jealous teenagers. Mary and Raph were both truly happy for one another.

Mary & Marshall Look After a Drag Queen

The witness of the week, Douglass, aka Candy was someone I really felt for. Being a drag queen wasn't just an act, it was a part of him. He'd have to reinvent himself to let that go.

I won't say that Marshall made the most attractive looking woman but I gave him credit for going all in on his performance. I loved how Mary and Stan crowed over having his performance recorded. Something tells me that Cheekbones will be legendary in that office for a long time.

Of course that is if there still is an office. Stan was furious to find out he needed to cut one Marshal. Delia seemed the obvious choice but as Stan looked through the files it was hard to tell what he was thinking. They are all family too him. How do you let one of them go?

I hated that Mary hooked up with Kenny but she did peg him on site as she explained in this In Plain Sight quote

Mary: Charming single dad devoid of any moves. That's your move. | permalink

Mary falling into bed with Kenny was true to her character. When she and Raph broke up and Marshall was getting too close she took off with Faber. Kenny's just a convenient distraction. I hope he doesn't last long.

Daddy showing up on Mary's doorstep was one of the worst kept cliffhangers of the show. If you saw last week's previews you had pretty much guessed it was coming. I had no doubt that Mary would arrest him. Unfortunately I think he knew that too and it's all part of his plan. I don't think he showed up after decades just to tell his little girl that he loves her. There's more to this story and it's no fairy tale.

With so few episodes left I hope that we get at least one honest discussion between Marshall and Mary about what they mean to one another before the end of the series. This season of In Plain Sight has been one of the best. I've got my fingers crossed that the final episodes give fans the closure they crave.


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I agree. Knew her father was coming and I expected Mary to slap his face instead she slapped the cuffs on him. Mary and Marshall make awesome friends but have no chemistry as potential romantic interests. As far as Marshall being the ugliest drag queen: quess not too many people saw Gene Hackman dressed up as a woman in The Bird Cage.


I enjoyed this episode. Marshall in drag, seriously funny, and I also liked that he went all out to perform. The actor playing candy was great. I loved the line "Barbara Streisand? what am I 80". I think Mary's reaction to Marshall getting engaged was expected. She seems to react that way with all her ex's. I was happy that Raph found someone, although she does look a lot like Mary. I think Marshall would be good for Mary, but I think Mary would be a disaster for Marshall. I'm glad he has Abigail, that relationship is what Marshall craves and deserves. Mary could never give him that. I thought they were going to close the whole office, not just get rid of one marshall. I guess we will have to wait to see what they have in mind. I hope they don't have Mary forgiving her father, and I do hope that Jinx and Brandi show up before the end. Really going to miss this show.


Now will mary mother and sister come back


Marshall in a drag was really funny, seriously a good idea.


OOOPS...possessiveness. Hope she can move on without getting into possible dangerous relationships, honestly calling a stranger she met for five minutes to her for sex...really. Anyway, love this show, can hardly waif for upcoming episodes we are barreling toward a wrap-up. Yeah.


Excellent episode. I'm so sorry that this series is ending but every episode has true meaning with stories, relationships and story lines moving forward at warp speed. ACKWARD the conversation between Mary and Marshall over his engagement. Xo typical Mary, she has sprung all kinds of crap (engagement to Raphael, Exhusband, pregnant) and expects Marshall to be supportive while she acts like a hurt ex lover. I'm pretty tired of her


It's sad to see a good show go off the air...... what a predicament Stan is in............Delia is the right choice to be cut....... Ok, when are we going to have the family reunion? When will Brandi and Jinx be back????? Marshall in drag was funny!

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Charming single dad devoid of any moves. That's your move.


There's no truth in fairy tales. Not really. You know how you can tell? They're called fairy tales.