Lost Girl Review: She's Not Betty Crocker

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Bo and Dyson were not destined to declare their love for each other and ride off into the sunset together on Lost Girl. However, the opening of "Blood Lines" briefly tried to lead us to believe that was possible.

At least Bo understood that Dyson was not to blame for his sexual encounter with Saskia. Unfortunately, that was not the only prediction made last week that came true. Dyson came clean to Bo about her mother.

Saskia is actually Aife, Bo's mother! Shocking? Or, were you expecting it?

I was spoiled on this reveal a few weeks ago accidentally, so I knew what was coming. I would have loved to have watched that unspoiled. I'm sure it would have been more enjoyable.

Lost Girl Season Finale Scene

The hurt was written all over Bo's face. Dyson and Trick betrayed her trust. There has to be more to the story, right? Both Trick and Dyson didn't want her to know, but the truth wasn't something that would hurt Bo.

In actuality, her life was put in danger because they didn't tell her. If Bo had been told of her mother's misdeeds right away, perhaps she wouldn't have been determined to find something good in her.

Aife risked her own daughter by trying to start a war between the Light and Dark Fae. Though misguided in their deception, Dyson and Trick both risked everything to help Bo in the end. She has to find out what they did, so she can forgive them.

Dyson went to Norn, a wish-granting Fae. She will grant a wish, but in return takes what the person holds most dear. Previously, Dyson rejected the offer to give up his "wolf" for his wish, but for Bo he was willing to do it. Norn had something else in mind. She granted his wish to give Bo power to defeat Aife, but took his love for Bo in return.

What?!?! Dyson doesn't love Bo anymore? How can that be? Since a wolf loves for life, does that mean he can overcome this and remember his love? Or, learn to love again? I hope so, because as much as I enjoy Bo and Lauren's relationship, I prefer Bo with Dyson!

Trick wanted to make things right and gave into his blood book to change destiny. At that moment, Aife asked Bo to forgive her and to ask Trick more about her. Was that positive shift due to Trick? Did he change Aife? If he did that, it's too bad he didn't do something sooner. He could have prevented the attack on the Light Fae council and the pain that Bo went through.

Lost Girl ended on a bunch of cliffhangers, but thankfully we only have to wait one week for the season two premiere. Going into the next season, what is in store for Bo's love life? Will she and Dyson be able to overcome his taken love for her? Or, will Bo finally talk to Lauren and forgive her?

And, what will become of Trick, now that he has given into his Blood King heritage? Did the Ash survive? With Aife's disappearance, was the war between the Light and Dark Fae prevented or has it just begun.


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@Hasserbine - totally agree with everything you said. You were right on point. @Mika - spot on.


Succubusted! I wanted to see Kenzi fight a thrall. Norn thing was blatantly a plot device for the love triangle. Bo's father is probably Light Fae. I thought Trick might be Bo's father. Aife/Bo had good scenes.


BTW, saying it is "homophobic" to not like the dull Lauren character is just ridiculous...I went to an all female Catholic college and lived and worked with a number of lesbians and gay men (I was a theater major) and believe me, I got along with 99 percent of them just fine (I didn't get along with one gal because she insisted on trying to beat me up and verbally abuse me all the time, but that is why I disliked her, not because of her sexual preference) I get along fine with gay people and love the gay characters on Glee, for example, I just think Lauren is a waste of screen time, especially as a partner for Bo


Hasserbine, Lauren decieved Bo, too, and only went to bed with Bo because she was told to by the Ash, to whom she is enslaved, as was noted by not just Lauren but by other characters. Lauren is also not terribly interesting, good looking or sexy as a character, so I can't see why you would find her to be a better partner for Bo than Dyson, who isn't being possesive, he is in LOVE with Bo, as he's proven again and again, and Bo has shown her love for him in many ways, too, calling on him at every turn for healing and for help and companionship. There is great chemistry between them, which is more than you can say for Bo and Lauren, who again has the personality of a doorknob...a high tech doornob, to be sure, but still...boring! And yes, Kris HR is screaming HOT, but he's also a good actor and his chemistry with Bo is magnetic.


Dyson has been deceiving Bo all season long, and everybody seems to be okay with that because... well, to be honest, I'm not really sure why. He's a possessive douche, and it's beyond me what anybody sees in him other than KHR's excellent hip cut. Lauren has been risking her life - and much more, as becomes apparent in season two - just to help Bo *at all*. The double standard is bizarre to me, tbh. I don't quite believe it's homophobia, but I don't really understand it for any other reason either. Remember, Lauren didn't actually fake her sexual attraction to Bo - she couldn't even if she wanted to, since Bo can read her aura at all times. A bit messy, but overall, a satisfying season conclusion, and it really feels like Anna Silk is growing into the role over time.


I prefer Bo with adorable hottie Dyson, too, and I was so upset to see that evil tree Norn take Dyson's love for Bo away as her 'price' for helping give Bo extra power to defeat her nasty mother. It just broke my heart when Dyson was in the woods howling in pain after his love for Bo was removed. Bad, bad Norn! And I hope that Bo doesn't get too involved with Lauren, because Lauren will always be more loyal to her light Fae master than to her lover, so I think the only reason she'd want to continue a relationship with Bo would be to spy on her for whomever replaces the Ash as head of the light Fae. I found it interesting that Bo's mom could keep so many men in a "thrall" and I hope that Bo doesn't emmulate that behavior. Kenzi was hilarious with the amulet and I love her handshake thing with Hale...hilarious. It was great to see Trick actually do something to help Bo, though I think he needs to come clean on who Bo's father is...I wonder if it is Trick himself?

Ronald simkins

Apparently there will be a Season 3.


Heh. Bo and Lauren don't even need to talk for Bo to forgive her. The look on her face after Lauren kissed her said it all. What Dyson did (lying to her all season long about her mother) was a lot worse. What Lauren did in the finale (behind The Ash's back) helped Bo a great deal against her mother. All is forgiven. Loved this finale. The whole thing with The Norn was a bit stupid - we all know it's just a plot device to keep them apart and Dyson will eventually get his love back.


This was a really good episode and I can't wait till season 2 it is so much better.

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Lost Girl Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

One down. Let's go start ourselves a war.


Dyson: Her real name is Aife. I've been expecting her to come for her for a while now.
Bo: Why?
Dyson: Bo ... because she is your mother.