Michael Trevino Speaks on End of The Vampire Diaries, Fear of Spiders at Fan Convention

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Michael Trevino is a whiskey guy. He likes a a classic Old Fashioned when out on the town, but not if the bar has any spiders in it.

"I don't mess with spiders. That's not even funny," The Vampire Diaries star told a packed ballroom today at the show's fan convention in Chicago, in response to a question about his biggest fear.

Amidst hoots and hollers, the actor answered a number of inquiries from attendees, ranging from a guest appearance on Glee, to his favorite band, to how long he hopes to series sticks around. I was there and I jotted down as many responded as I could...

Michael Trevino at TVD Convention

Will there be a Vampire Diaries movie?
Maybe just a parody with me and Matt Davis. We'll put it on Funny or Die.

What's your favorite type of music?
My favorite band is The Doors, but I also really enjoy house music. Electro music.

What is your favorite food?
I could eat sushi everyday and all day, but I'd say Mexican food. I love all Mexican food.

How had The Vampire Diaries changed your professional life?
It's been such a blessing. It's a genre type show where our fans are so dedicated and committed to storylines and really care and really follow; they probably know a lot more than me about storylines. I have to sometimes go on message board or Twitter trying to figure out, like, what spell Bonnie did… it's taken things to another level overall for me, though. I actually now have fans and get to meet you fine people.

Complete this sentence: I have always wanted to…
… ride Shamu.

Did you audition initially for Tyler?
No. I knew that Damon was the big character because he is so funny and cool. So I went out for that… and it didn't work out. Then I went out for… Stefan, is it? That didn't work out, either. So Julie Plec asked me to go out for Tyler and I'm just so glad that he's evolved in different ways after three seasons. He's no longer a one-minded douchebag jerk.

What's been your favorite episode so far?
The one with the first werewolf transformation. It set the bar for Tyler being reborn.

When did you start acting and did you always want to be an actor?
I started acting at age 20. It kind of happened after high school. My parents divorced when I was three of four and my dad always took me to the movies on the weekends… that helped get me into it.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
I'm a dog person... But I'm allergic to dog hair now, it's very tragic.

What superpower would you want?

Would you ever want to sing and dance on Glee?
I don't sing. I don't have the pipes for it. If I could choreograph some stuff ahead of time, I'd do it.. but I just wanna go and throw a slushee in one of those kids' faces.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I've been watching a lot of these Bravo and Food Network shows. I'm a sucker for Top Chef and Chopped. I feel like a crook because I'm trying to take notes on the cooking techniques.

What job would you want aside from acting?
My mother always said I would men a good lawyer and I think I would. But I'd really love to direct.

What's your favorite part about working with Candice Accoloa?
She's just all smiles, all energy. And she's gotten so much better as an actress… I mean, we all have and I don't mean to say she wasn't always good. But she's just so awesome now.

What's your favorite movie?
The Libertine with Johnny Depp is up there. But probably The Godfather and The Godfather II. They are my father's favorite movies. For comedy, though, nothing beats Nacho Libre.

What is it like making all those facial expressions when you transform?
I feel like a tool.

What was it like working on 90210?
It was cool. The show had a lot of hype. I made a lot of friends there… I got a lot of juice for that little role I did for three or four episodes.

Would Tyler stand a chance in a one-on-one with Klaus?
Yes, of course. I wanna elaborate on my answer, but I'm like: 'What has aired so far?'

With what cast member would you most wanna be stuck on a deserted island?
Zach Roerig. My boy is from Ohio. He owns various weapons of, you know, death, and I do not. So I'd just follow along and we'd find a way to survive.

If the cast were in the Hunger Games…
I would probably win. I would team up with Matt Davis. First to die? It would probably be Paul. Paul couldn't survive.

How many more seasons do you think The Vampire Diaries will last?
I don't see it going seven or eight. Two more for sure. Here's why: our show, there's a beginning, middle and end… We do wanna end this, otherwise our storylines aren't as strong, the material isn't as creative. You wanna keep the integrity of the show. So two or three more seasons, wrap it up, bring it to an end - and it will be one of the greatest shows that's ever been on the air!

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I don't see why it has to end anytime soon, like they said just get new vampires and keep some if the younger characters on the show, like what Degrassi does, Degrassi currently has 13 seasons.

David and sabrina 2014

I guess the werewolf fans got in deeper on Michael's secrets. I wonder if he'll be helpful enough during the show. =|


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Seriously? The four of us (who just left comments below) including the rest of the crew on the forum are here so often enough, we represent the fandom for this show, at least on this particular web site.

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just to add to Red's post, nowhere as in from here. I am sure Red just as I and everyone LOVE this little logical community that can debate and criticize a show and provide coherent arguments for their opinions. however show-watching-wise, I frankly am not sure on how long many of us here will hold out and suffer the constant stupidity and plot-contradictions show now delivers on weekly basis.


Continued 3. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If you don't like what we say, contradict it with logic, not attacks....DON'T READ IT....or YOU leave. Cause we ain't going nowhere.


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