New Grey's Anatomy Clip: It Was Just Sex ...

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Owen tries the "it was just meaningless sex" defense - a line that never seems to work, yet guys always fall back on - to explain away his cheating on Cristina in a new clip from tonight's Grey's Anatomy.

These two have been heading down a dark road for awhile now, and from the looks of things, it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better ... if it even gets better at all. There's no guarantee anymore.

Check out the four Grey's Anatomy clips we posted yesterday for more glimpses of what's to come in "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Then watch the minute-long sneak peek from this evening's show here:

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I work in a hospital and worked closely for many years with a surgeon EXACTLY like Cristina. She was focused and driven and always swore never to have children. She married when she was in mid thirties, he had an affair and a child and they divorced. She married again and remains happy and childless. It may not be mainstream but it is certainly a valid position. My person didn't feel that she should have a child if she couldn't devote all or most of her time to it. She made a choice, stood by it and doesn't have regrets. Get real people! Not everyone wants to be a parent!


I don't feel sorry for Christina. Fact is she is a self-absorbed bitch, she should be alone because no man in his right mind would be able to live with her. I hate taking the man's side, but here I have to. Christina has been getting away with many things in her relationships with other men. Owen agreed to her getting rid of the child...and Christine just snapped back into her usual mode as if she had some minor insignificant medical procedure done. You know, back in the first few seasons Christina was still tolerable, at least she cried the first time she lost her child, she felt Burke leaving her on the day of their wedding, but now Christina is just unbearable, she cares only about herself and surgery - fine, but then she has to suffer the consequences - be alone, because the fact is Christina is a surgeon in and outside the hospital, and normal human life is not for her.


He's a man with testicles, sure he's going to cheat. He'll do it again too. He has major problems upstairs.


cont. from last post. Open your eyes Christina. Tunnel vision is about to make you lose your man.


Give Owen a break. Christina is a self-centered opportunist. She only has one thing on her mind, and she is willing to sacrafice anything to get the accolades and success. She didn't even give this man a chance to grieve the loss of their child. With all that he has been through/seen in war. She should have known that aborting that baby without so much as a thought to how it would make him feel would be a bad move.
Don't get me wrong, he was wrong to cheat. But, I think people have built this guy up to be much more than he really is. He is human and we all make mistakes. Good guys can be messy too. I think that he and Christina should work this out and move forward. I also think the writers should make Christina revisit the idea of being a mother. Get rid of that "God Complex" that she has and become more real.... I thought she was going in that direction when she became a bartender for a moment; but, she came back to Seattle-Grace just as competitive and aggressive as before. Open your eyes Christina. Tunnle vision is about to make you lose your man.


i totally believe owen would cheat. he's human and fallible-obviously. and a tv character. he's shown tons of moral ambiguity since he arrived-i think it's hilarious how people go on about his morals. hated this couple since pretty much the beginning but that end scene made it all worth it! so funny


I can't believe Owen's character is written as a man who cheats!! Why build up his character as someone admirable and honorable and make him do a turn around to cheat on his wife? Why make him run after Cristina during last season when there was a shooting to go after the woman he loves and make him cheat this season and have a destructive/failing marriage? Why did they make him such an abhorrent character? What happened with working on their issues and their marriage when they saw the counselor? Suddenly, Owen becomes a cheater?! it doesn't make sense.. Anyway, I would throw more than the milk/cereal to his face..


I agree w CROWEN Owens not the kinda guy who cheats! I also don't know why when they both went for the milk Owen didn't let Christina take it first?! he's super sorry, he'd let her have it. WHOS WRITING THIS?!?!?


I appreciate Grey's for allowing Cristina to stick to what she believes in. She should leave Owen, she deserves someone who can support her.

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 18 Quotes

I was staring at Simba.


We have a phrase in the operating room. Don't pet the lion. It means no matter how nice a tumor looks, how small it is, how perfect it's margins may be, it's still a tumor. It's still dangerous and it can bite.