New Grey's Anatomy Clip: It Was Just Sex ...

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Owen tries the "it was just meaningless sex" defense - a line that never seems to work, yet guys always fall back on - to explain away his cheating on Cristina in a new clip from tonight's Grey's Anatomy.

These two have been heading down a dark road for awhile now, and from the looks of things, it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better ... if it even gets better at all. There's no guarantee anymore.

Check out the four Grey's Anatomy clips we posted yesterday for more glimpses of what's to come in "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Then watch the minute-long sneak peek from this evening's show here:

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As soon as Christina opted to kill her unborn child for her career, Ownen should have said, "Bye Bye"! Christina is as self centered as it gets and the least appreciated character. It sends a horrible message to the viewing public to have someone who aborts their child win the game. Owen should have married his battlefield sweatheart. They had way more in common on all fronts.


no words for this! shonda didnt build this character up for doing CHEATING if theyre coming back, shonda better doing it really good


as a Crowen fan, my heart's been bleeding since s8ep1
why Owen didn't divoice Cris after aboartion? bz he loves her that much?
why Cri's not leaving or asks Owen to move out after hen told her the cheating thing, bz she loves him too much?
only Shonda think it's a beautiful love story, no fan can believe the crap!

Sarah silva

I knew he cheated with a person, lots of people said he was talking about something else. I liked Owen but after finding out he cheated I no longer like him. Yes their marriage may be in huge turmoil but he should not have cheated on her!! I hope Christina does not forgive him!


I used to love them together, now i wish they would break-up, i now believe they do not belong together. Cristina should move on with her life and that means leaving Owen. Owen sounds like a jerk in the scenes. What a meaningless excuse and the irony is that he is the one who never remove his wedding ring as oppose to Cristina.


i would leave this relationship.


"Cristina, it's been a week. We have to talk" - So now Owen wants to talk to her after weeks and weeks of her trying to get him to talk to her? Seriously? What goes through his head? I'm glad she isn't speaking to him. I wish she'd just move out and divorce him already. I love Sandra Oh, but if she left the show, I'd be happy for Cristina's character to be getting away from Owen. It would make me happy, as it means she could be happy somewhere where she can be the surgeon she wants to be and far away from Owen as possible.


this kinda shows Mer doesn't know about the whole cheating scenario! Maybe Cristina kept her to self after the big bomb dropped on her! I have not even a ounce of sympathy for Owen! I was a Crowen fan big time but now i think it's time Cristina channels back the old cristina who stands for herself and find someone else who lets her live her life without trying to tame her... Avery might be a good option :P

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