Scandal Review: End Games

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Wow. I might need some help picking my jaw up off the floor after that episode of Scandal. Last week's installment gave us a little more character background, but this week's was all about developing the plot and identifying who's in charge. And I'll tell you right now, it's not the Leader of the Free World.

"Hell Hath No Fury" proved that the women of this show are the power players, even the guest stars, while asking a lot of questions at the same time.

The Team Struggles With a Case

Because we're a little more familiar with the world of crisis management and the characters who make up this show, "Hell Hath No Fury," which focused on developing the plot and driving us toward the end of the first season, was the best so far.

Quinn and Huck's interactions provided lightness to a plot-heavy episode, and Harrison was there, as always, with his smooth talking. It felt like the show started to come together a bit and impressed me more than the previous two episodes.

Here, the team took on the case of a millionaire's son after the client begged Olivia for her help with his defense. While Olivia was able to uncover enough information to have the rape charge against the son dropped, she and her squad also uncovered information proving him guilty of another rape several years prior. After a little soul searching of her own, courtesy of the President's Chief of Staff, Olivia convinced the mother to turn her child in for the rape he believed he'd gotten away with.

In other women-in-power news, Amanda Tanner and the First Lady dropped a couple of bombshells, and I'm not entirely sure yet which was bigger.

First, Tanner's evidence against the President regarding their affair? The information she's not ready to share with Olivia yet? That'd be the baby she's carrying. Amanda Tanner is pregnant. When asked what her "endgame" is in all of this, Amanda inquired only for a meeting with good old Fitz, a meeting to which he at first agreed. That is, until an audiotape of one of his and Amanda's encounters is delivered to the office of his Chief of Staff, Cyrus Beene.

The other bomb? The First Lady knows about the President's affair with Olivia. She even went so far as to invite Olivia to a State Dinner thinking she and the President would have another tryst and he'd be able to sleep at night. (For the lines that gave the First Lady away, and a couple of fun exchanges between Huck and Quinn, visit our Scandal quotes page.)

Each of these story lines brings up questions about what Olivia is willing to reveal about herself as news of the President's affair comes to light and what the motives of other characters may be.

For instance, the millionaire's mother, accepting some of the responsibility for her son's playboy ways, did what she knew would benefit her son best in the long run, and in doing so, I believe provided a little more clarity for Olivia about her own situation. Olivia knows this is going to get ugly. Will she have the courage to do what must be done if it means she's revealed as one of the President's mistresses? Or will she become her own client?

Before hearing Amanda's news, Olivia vowed to go as far as she had to go to get Amanda the results she wants, whatever those results may be. It's clear Olivia still has feelings for the President. How does news of Amanda's baby change those feelings?

We know the First Lady knows about her husband's affair with Olivia, but it seems she may also know about Amanda Tanner. Did the First Lady send the audiotape to Cyrus? If so, what's her endgame in revealing to the President that she knows about his extramarital activities?

What did you think of this week's episode and the overall show so far? Whose bombshell from this episode shocked you the most?


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OMG, one word is right addicted, last show was fantastic, please please donot cancel this show, the players, actors, stars all are great, it makes you feel so exciting just to watch a show with substance, no fluff, thank you so much. I FEEL SORRY FOR GRANT AND OLIVEA, they belong together, but for..............


I can say it one word~~~ADDICTED!


For once in a very long time I finally can so+++++ appreciate a fantastic program...I watch it sitting on the hedge of my seat.... My heart thumping... Please do not take this show off the air...The best in a very long time. Congratulations. Michelle, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada


This show is so freaking good! It had me on the edge of my seat!


I am so loving this show. I love the chemistry between the President and Oliva. Yes, it is love between the to it might not be the right thing but it is love and you can feel it and see it between the to. I must admit I was mad at the fact that Cyrus came between them. I hope they will figure it out that they are being played. I believe some how Amanda and first lady know each other. There is no way that that is the President's baby. They keep saying everything is not as it seems so I am sticking with that. CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT SHOW!!!


Not bad but needs improvement.


Len- I agree with you about it maybe being the First Lady or I was also thinking about the assistant to Cyrus being involved somehow. Not sure what his purpose would be but just a theory. He could be in it with the First Lady. I also believe that it's Fitz and Olivia on the tape. I won't believe anything about Amanda until they actually show some flashbacks of the two of them together, not some tape of moaning that could be anyone. I was thinking too on how the president has never really admitted to the fair. He just avoids the question & answers around it. The show definitely keeps us guessing!


I can state for a fact Cyrus is not behind this. Shonda Rhimes said in an interview that Cyrus truly believes that Olivia or Amanda is trying to blackmail them. So he wouldn't believe that if he was the culprit responsible for the CD. My money is on the wife. And did anyone notice how Fitz hasn't come straight out and admitted to the affair? Some believe it was Fitz and Olivia on that CD.


I'm with TLC_87. Cyrus is playing the President. Amanda said in the previous episode that she and the President met in a room office the Oval Office. Cyrus 1) knows about the affair and 2) has access to any security footage that might be available. I can't figure out how it benefits him for the President to be on the outs with Olivia - unless he wants to play the hero rather than letting Olivia do it. He could also be in cahoots with Amanda. That wouldn't be all that far fetched. He did approach Olivia about fixing this whole thing in the first place.


My friend and I have a different theory; we think that Cyrus is trying to drive a wedge between the president and Liv. I think he got the tape and played it to the president stating that it was Liv and played it up to make Liv look wounded and hurt about,Hell hath no fury, this was after the President accepted to meet with Liv and Amanda,and then what he did in the end, I was like, that bastard - it just got hot! But what I don't know is why???? lol The first lady, I'm not surprised, she seems like the type of woman who is into keeping up appearances and if Liv is what her husband needs then he might as well have her. Loved the scene on the dance floor,Fitz and Liv - hottest new couple creeping on the down low for 2012!! It is certainly heating up!!

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Scandal Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Quinn: Hey, what are you doing here?
Huck: Setting you up...Put your hair down, and take that jacket off. Flirt just enough, but not too much, and do not let him see you home.
Quinn: I can handle myself.
Huck: I heard you on the phone. You need to be set up.

President: Why did you invite her to the State dinner?
First Lady: Olivia?
President: Why would you do that?
First Lady: Because you needed to see her. I trust that tonight, you'll sleep like a baby.