Scandal Round Table: Debut Edition!

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Welcome to the debut edition of the Scandal Round Table!

Following another fascinating episode of this ABC hit, TV Fanatic staff members Miranda Wicker, Jim Garner, Leigh Raines, Carla Day and Christina Tran are here to breakdown "Hell Hath No Fury." Gather around and join them now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Miranda: It's a tie between the opening and closing scenes with Good Ol' Fitz and the First Lady. The first scene was "Wow. I feel really bad for this woman married to this cheating scumbag." The second was, "Wow. Lady's got some balls."

Jim: I really enjoyed it when David Rosen showed up at then with "maybe we can be friends." I really enjoy the banter between Olivia and David, as he is one of only a few people who is not intimidated by her.

Leigh: I agree with Miranda, the first lady totally stunned me. I'd say my favorite was the closing scene when we realized that she knew more than she let on. Second favorite was Olivia rousing mini-millionaire and sneaking him and his skank out of the hotel. It just flowed very well and was somewhat humorous watching Liv and Harrison deal with a frat boy.

Carla: I loved when Olivia gave the reporter the story about the CEO and her son. She gave him a career story, while protecting her client. Trades like those are what keep her in business. Though, I hope that's not the last we see of him. I like him and Quinn together.

Christina: My favorite scene was when the First Lady blatantly said: "You needed to see her. I trust that tonight, you'll sleep like a baby." That was totally shocking!

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Could you work for Olivia Pope? Would you want to?
Miranda: No, I couldn't, even though the job seems never to be boring. I'm not sure my moral compass is broken enough. Or I'd be Quinn.

Jim: Honestly, I would love to work for someone that has that much trust in her people to take charge and make things happens. However, the reality is I like having a social life so I couldn't do it for long with the hours they keep.

Leigh: I kind of think I could. Is that bad? It's intimidating but it seems thrilling. However, my intense Libra nature would lead me to vacillate on a lot of the cases.

Carla: It would be an exhilarating job to have. Olivia generally has been on the "right" side of the moral code, but what happens when she isn't? I'm not sure I could handle that.

Christina: I'd like to think I could, as everyday would seem just a bit more challenging and interesting than the day before. However, I'm already struggling with my 9-5 and couldn't imagine working their ridiculous hours.

Do you think Quinn will be able to fit into the team?
Miranda: Right now, if she stays as wholesome as she seems, no, I don't think she will. To give a better answer, I have to know what her deep, dark secret is first.

Jim: I saw a glimmer of the person she may become if she survives long enough when she stood up to Olivia about Amanda lying. Like Miranda said, I want to know what her dark secret is that drew Olivia to her.

Leigh: Quinn will fit in sooner than later. There's a reason they brought her on. I don't think think they would hire someone who couldn't hack it.

Carla: She already is. She's green, but she fits a role the team needed. No one else could have held the reporter in check the same way she did. Or, handheld Amanda.

Christina: Yes, she's already fitting in just fine by speaking up and going with her gut feeling, just like Olivia has shown to do so well.

Who do you think sent Cyrus the audio CD of Amanda and the President?
Miranda: Right now I think it was the First Lady. Next week? I may think something totally different.

Jim: My bet is also on the First Lady. I think she is trying to drive a wedge between Cyrus/Fitz and Olivia and is calculating this will do it. She is a smart, smart lady.

Leigh: I kind of think Cyrus procured the tape himself and is pretending someone sent it to him. He is furious with the President for keeping things from him.

Carla: Hmm ... I hadn't thought about the First Lady or Cyrus. I assumed that it was Amanda or the secret phone person she was talking to. But now I have to go with Cyrus.

Christina: I actually think that the First Lady and Cyrus are working together. The thing is they probably each have their own agenda, though.

Bigger shock: First Lady knowning that "Olivia relaxes" the President or Amanda being pregnant?
Miranda: Definitely that the First Lady knows about her husband's affair with Olivia. The pregnancy's a plot device, plain and simple, but the First Lady knowing - and sort of condoning - the affair? I didn't see that one coming.

Jim: Both got a "OMFG" reply from me. But given how subtle the former was, it wins out. When she dropped the bomb I exclaimed and my wife looked at me strangly. I had to back it up and let her hear it again to completely process the implication, then she joined me with a "holy sh..!"

Leigh: The pregnancy wasn't too surprising. First lady was the shocker, for sure.

Carla: Neither were overly shocking, maybe that's because I watched The Vampire Diaries right before Scandal. We knew the President and his wife had problems; her knowing wasn't as shocking as her inviting Olivia to a state dinner of all things to "relax" the President.

Christina: Amanda being pregnant was predictable. As for the First Lady's huge reveal, my jaw literally dropped.


Not surprised the first lady knew because i think they hinted at this the whole episode.
However, the pregnancy shocked me.
I think Cyrus or Amanda are responsible for the audio.
I don't see Pope & Assoc as bad, they have a job that requires them to keep their clients confidence, so what?
Olivia's chemistry with the Pres is awesome! I think I don't know enough yet about the characters to paint them with any kind of brush: I'm not convinced Pres. Fitz is a scumbag, the first lady is a trod upon saint, Quinn is some holier than the rest ingenue, and definitely not that Amanda is doe-eyed and taken advantage of. I think Amanda's got some tricks up her sleeve and all will be revealed in the coming weeks. Anyway, that was a great episode.


scandal is amazing is it bad that i am loving fitz and olivia relationship amazing chemistry lol


Dana, I agree that Cyrus on his drinking binge did add a little comedy to the dance scene. I'm curious about Fitz. Goldwyn stated in an interview that Fitz is conflicted about Liv taking Amanda on as a client. He said the President is worth rooting for, so I can only assume we will see why in future episodes. Also, according to the interview, Fitz feels betrayed and hurt because Liv won't speak to him and that she does not have all the facts. Plus, Fitz has not revealed everything to Cyrus, which means there is more going on in this Amanda issue then we realize. I look forward to watching how this story unfolds.


I will stop being lazy and log in under my username. Okay... My favorite scene was definitely the First Lady and the President. I could work for Olivia Pope, because I absolutely adore challenges. Of course, it does require a significant level of commitment though. Since Shonda said in an interview that Cyrus "truly believes that Olivia or Amanda is trying to blackmail them", I do not think he is responsible for the audio CD. Quinn has this almost innate ability to go with her gut like Liv, so I think with time she will mature even more in this area and fit right in.


ooh common!! scandal has it's own round table, but nothing for nikita!!???
that's a shame


1. Favorite scenes:Olivia's banter with Rosen (e.g. when she tried to bring him coffee). I also loved the way they constantly blew off the reporter, but helped him in the end. I must confess to watching the dance floor scene multiple times. As wrong as it is, Liv and the president have amazing chemistry. Cyrus drinking himself into a frenzy as he watched them dancing also added the right amount of comedy to the scene.
2. I'm a control freak, so I probably could not work for Olivia. However I wouldn't mind being Olivia...without the president drama.
3. The rape episode proved that Olivia also has a big moral compass, even if she doesn't always show it, so I think that Quinn will fit in just fine.
4. Either the first lady or the VP sent that tape, I think. I'm hoping the other white house aide (the "dancer") has nothing to do with it, since I like him.
5. If the president is really the father, then I will be surprised. I was definitely more surprised about the first lady knowing about the relationship, and even more surprised that the president was aware that she knew! However, in the first episode, Cyrus alluded to the fact that they had a lot of marital problems during the election.

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