Supernatural Showrunner Shakeup: Sera Gamble Out, Jeremy Carver In

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It's an unusual path to take toward renewal, but The CW has pretty much confirmed that Supernatural will return for an eighth season by making the following announcement:

Sera Gamble is stepping down from the role of co-showrunner, a title she has held alongside Robert Singer for the past two years. She will be replaced by Jeremy Carver, a former producer who left to run Being Human for Syfy last year.

According to Deadline, Gamble will remain with the network and focus on development. Carver, meanwhile, has penned such Supernatural episodes as “In the Beginning,” “Mystery Spot” and “Changing Channels.”

No official word yet from The CW about a season eight pick-up, but hard to imagine it would take this step unless one was imminent.

As previewed above, Supernatural returns with a new episode on April 20.

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This was the worst decision ever. This show sucks now.


Too much self enhancement on her part but none for the show. This was the best decision ever for this show if not "put a nail in it" if Gamble had stayed as she had been slowly destroying the whole concept of what the show was about....two brothers united, hunting monsters and a down to earth feeling at the same time. She would have finished killing, not just the colorful major characters she snuffed, but the show too to feed her ego. Hopefully, Carver will be able to fix all the damage she did without Kripke. She misused the power and was slowly destroying the show. Thank you to whoever gave her all the time necessary to follow her Kardashian calling and leave Supernatural to writers that care about the show and their fans!




"Van" lol. Hilarious, Sera was the wort plague to hit Surrnatural since Croation lmfao!! I like Sera but I'm totally excited for Carver!!!! I'm a woman and I hate the episodes with Sam/Dean with relationships. The mushy stuff. I fell in love with Supernatural because of the storylines not because of how the characters looked. Around season 4 I thought wow Dean is the hottest guy in the world lol. Amazing before all I saw was the story yet loved it anyway. Bottom line Sera should write she's awesome, not run a show. It was almost like she was angry taking everything from them then crashing the Impala when we were so excited to see it?! The cherry on top... Boys weren't even in it! That's anger. I liked the slice girls episode but the whole getting away? I look so SO forward to Carver! But even if Gamble stayed I'd watch out of loyalty it was really hard admitting 6/7 were less than. I love the show and I'll watch it forever no matter what.


First of all I'm a die hard Supernatural fan. Kripke also said there were only supposed to be 3 seasons and 4,5 rocked. Anyway I love Eric and Sera together but 6&7 just weren't the same. I mean Sera wrote the best episodes about Bobby for sure hands down but as a show runner it was so-so but that may also have to do with new writers from recently also. Kripke is the king and Carver is my all time fave. Changing Channels was my fave episode, I think he will make it fun again. Sera always has a depressing vibe in her episodes.


Personally I think the fans have been too harsh on her. I mean I know she's been a poor show runner but I will always have a soft spot for Sera Gamble as she has written some of the best episodes supernatural has ever had. I just hope she's staying as a writer.


Aw man, when they got rid of Bobby Singer I was done! I think I even cried during that episode..their father was already being tortured in Hell, why would you take Bobby away! Wonder if they'll have it where Castiel will see Bobby!


I must agree with van except for the part where he says sera gamble just
arrives. True she ran seasons 6 and 7 into the ground so much so that im
not sure if i will be back for season 8 to watch it. But she was there at
the begining with eric kripe, playing off of his skills. They made a great
team from seasons 1 through 5. Example she wrote the 2nd to the last episode
in season 2. One of the best episodes of the series. Without eric kripe to
play off of she made a poor showrunner.


@Burrito11 GodCas could never have been a good villain for the show except for one episode. He was practically omniescient, and he was God. What could have killed him? How could Sam and Dean have hunted him without him finding out about it instantly? His short-lived reign was the best direction to go with that character. Can you link to any of those interviews? Because Kripke is still very involved with the show from what i've read and he still pitches ideas for each season.


I am new to Supernatural, I just started watching it and I am know officially on season 7! Anyways, I agree s1-s5 had specific tone to the show. And well season 6 was different, for obvious reasons. But still it wasn't that bad, people kept mentioning it was a so-so season but maybe bc i heard it so much i expected it to be worse. Anyways it was still an interesting story line. So season 7 looks interesting, just finished with the 1st episode!! So Season 8!! woo!! Lets do it!!


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