Supernatural Showrunner Shakeup: Sera Gamble Out, Jeremy Carver In

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It's an unusual path to take toward renewal, but The CW has pretty much confirmed that Supernatural will return for an eighth season by making the following announcement:

Sera Gamble is stepping down from the role of co-showrunner, a title she has held alongside Robert Singer for the past two years. She will be replaced by Jeremy Carver, a former producer who left to run Being Human for Syfy last year.

According to Deadline, Gamble will remain with the network and focus on development. Carver, meanwhile, has penned such Supernatural episodes as “In the Beginning,” “Mystery Spot” and “Changing Channels.”

No official word yet from The CW about a season eight pick-up, but hard to imagine it would take this step unless one was imminent.

As previewed above, Supernatural returns with a new episode on April 20.

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season 8 season 8 season 8.... these boys deserve real happiness. It's cruel if those people leave this show without an ending.


I'm glad I give her credit for trying but she just tried to much to fast and really let us down with no follow ups. I mea season 6 as a whole is pretty good mainly because by the last 6 episodes kripke came back into the fold and wrote the finale. He himself even said he was excited for what the finale of season 6 but she totally blew it. First she introduced a big bad for the season that got a one episode explanation. Kills off a major character in ep 2 then doesn't even mention him for most of the season. Then kills off another major character with no major follow up. But overall the season 7 has no arc. I mean some episodes sam's fallin apart others no mention, hen some episodes we have leviathins then others we got nothin or barely a mention. Wen asked what he thought in oct of 2011 kripke said "not what I had imagined" followed by the samequstion in feb of 2012 he said "no comment". So I'm hopin with carver on board they can get back to the basics and kripke's help.


There were only supposed to be 5 seasons, kripke even said that and that is why the first 5 rocked, they all had to have certain things happen and be connected. Season 6&7 were ok, not the greatest but they probably suffered because of that fact.


I really hope supernatural will come on for another season this coming fall.


Absolutely love this show :)


season 6 and 7 were ok , but they were in the worst of the series..time to move on and return the essence of the show. goodbye sera thanks for messing with everything up.


I don't have any problem with seasons 6 or 7 of SPN. Both are fine for a show that is on its last legs and running out of fresh ideas. I have no idea what Carver will come up with, but I hope that he does a good job in what could be its last season. @Van, math with what numbers? How exactly do you count all the SPN fans to determine the majority. RME. All you can do is what the rest of us do which is post your opinion.


I liked Sera. She was good fine Season 6 might have been quite week but season 7 is great cmon give her a break. But i do love how Jefery writes. Hope Sera remains a writer on the show she is good


I don't care either way, this season is definitely better than last season. No, its not a comedy show but when they do have the funny moments in the show, it works, can't be all supernatural doom and gloom all the time.


@Lord of the Night
i am sorry but though Mystery spot had it's comedic moments, i didn't see it as a comedic ep. i think what is great about Carver's eps is that he knows when to bring comedy and when to balance it out with real drama, whereas Gambler seems a little lacking in bringing real drama, the eps she wrote were funny and all but this is not a comedy show, it's SPN, procedural/horror/mystery/action/drama/humor and unless ALL the elements are there it will not click.


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