Supernatural Showrunner Shakeup: Sera Gamble Out, Jeremy Carver In

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It's an unusual path to take toward renewal, but The CW has pretty much confirmed that Supernatural will return for an eighth season by making the following announcement:

Sera Gamble is stepping down from the role of co-showrunner, a title she has held alongside Robert Singer for the past two years. She will be replaced by Jeremy Carver, a former producer who left to run Being Human for Syfy last year.

According to Deadline, Gamble will remain with the network and focus on development. Carver, meanwhile, has penned such Supernatural episodes as “In the Beginning,” “Mystery Spot” and “Changing Channels.”

No official word yet from The CW about a season eight pick-up, but hard to imagine it would take this step unless one was imminent.

As previewed above, Supernatural returns with a new episode on April 20.

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i loved SPN the first five seasons, then i just stayed with it because i love the characters but the writing definitely deteriorated, i hope they will straighten it out.
And do sth about Castiel for God's sake! just the though of him stuck in that loonie bin drives me demonic!


Okay...let's do some basic math, here. The majority of SPN fans feel that seasons six and seven were beneath the quality level of the previous five seasons. Disregarding the 15% to 20% of fandom who unconditionally love every single episode, irregardless of quality (These folks invariably call anyone who says anything critical of the show "Trolls"), that leaves I suspect about 10% of viewers with a modicum of home training, who are too polite to trash Sera for her nebulous show runner skills. They say things like"I think Sera Gamble was given a bad rap, by women-hating mysoginist SPN fans..." That leaves roughly 70% of normal, non-obesessed, rational fans with eyes, a brain and a critical mind to celebrate the passing of the worst plage to his SPN since Croatoan. I wonder if it's just my imagination,or my nacent urge to detest any female who gets to work with The Boys, that is the cause of the correlation between Supernatural's two critically poorest seasons, and the arrival of Sera Gamble as showrunner? Or could it just be that she really did suck as much as it seemed she did...?


@Jarrod Mitchell I'll have to agree with Lord of the Night....I think Sera Gamble has done a fine job since Kripke left. Even though Season 6 is considered a weak season I think that it gets better on repeating viewing and is actually a good season of TV and I have also enjoyed season 7 greatly with it's back to basics approach


@Jarrod Mitchell You do not speak for me. I treat this as mixed news. Sera Gamble wrote some of the finest episodes in the show, while Jeremy Carver has written some damn fine episodes most of them were comedy episodes like Mystery Spot and Changing Channels. Have to wait and see how it goes. Hopefully Gamble will stick around as a writer. LotN


I think I speak for every Supernatural fan when I say; THANK GOD!


I think this is good news...Jeremy Carver has wrote some of the show's best episodes and I think the fact that he's been gone for a couple of years means he can bring fresh eyes to the show whilst still knowing what makes it tick.


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Let me guess, Rog. You were framed?