The Big Bang Theory Review: Oh, Gosh, Golly, I Made a Boo-Boo

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Wow! Wow! I have to say it one more time ... wow! "The Hawking Excitation" was an absolutely hilarious episode of The Big Bang Theory. There were non-stop laughs from beginning to end. Possibly, the best episode. Ever.

Stephen Hawking on The Big Bang Theory

Throughout this season, there have been complaints that Sheldon has been over-the-top mean at times - even a bully in one episode. Finally the situation was turned around; Howard could pay back Sheldon for his demeaning attitude all these years.

The dream of many young boys is to be an astronaut and go into space, but not even Howard's upcoming trip earned him Sheldon's respect. Instead, it took the opportunity to meet Stephen Hawking for Sheldon to give Howard any consideration at all. Even then, Sheldon demeaned Howard's profession.

If you can't earn the respect of your friend professionally, you might as well take advantage of the situation, right? Howard's assigned tasks were varied, yet all hilarious. The best part about them was that no one other than Sheldon would have followed through with them. Sheldon may be incredibly intelligent, but he tends to misperceive comments and situations.

The funniest task was seeing Sheldon walk into the cafeteria in a French maid's costume. I'm not sure how Jim Parsons was able to pull that off with such seriousness. On the opposite side was Sheldon's inability to give Howard a true compliment. It was true to character, but sad to see.

Which of Sheldon's assigned tasks was your favorite? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

"The Hawking Excitation" was jam-packed with funny lines, here are a few of my favorites. Check out our The Big Bang Theory quotes section for many more.

Leonard: Raj, you're our group historian. Has Sheldon ever begged before?
Raj: Three times. He begged the Fox network not to cancel 'Firefly.' He begged the TNT network to cancel 'Babylon 5.' And when he got food poisoning at the Rose Bowl Parade, he begged a deity he doesn't believe in to end his life quickly. | permalink
Sheldon [in a French maid costume]: What are you all staring at? You ever seen a man try to get a meeting with Stephen Hawking before?" | permalink
Bernadette: Sheldon doesn't know when he's being mean because the part of his brain that should know is getting a wedgie from the rest of his brain | permalink
Stephen Hawking: You made an arithmetic mistake on page two. It was quite a boner.
Sheldon: No, no ... that can't be right. I-I don't make arithmetic mistakes.
Stephen Hawking: Are you saying I do?
Oh, no, no, no, of course not. It's just, I was thinking.... Oh, gosh, golly, I made a boo-boo and I gave it to Stephen Hawking.
Stephen Hawking: Great, another fainter. | permalink


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@ Agrolass: but its not really what the show wants to point out. Its not about a person with this problems. its just sheldon. So yes, he maybe has one of those things, but as long as they dont talk about it on the show or someone points it out, i have to ignore it. Cause i think the writers just dont change him, cause the people want him to be like that. All Iam saying is, i think everyone can change a little bit? or at least notice how u make people feel. and it doesnt seem like he cant act different, it seems like he just doesnt want to


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@Tamara. Since you're asking if Sheldon is a jerk because he can't understand that he's being mean to others. He's not a jerk, he has Autism or at the very least a severe form of Aspergers Syndrome. Read it up and you'll notice the similarities. Though it's never been confirmed on the show, it's pretty much a given among the writers, producers and fans of the show. So no, he's not a jerk he is incapable of feeling empathy and realising what he's doing to those around him. Take it from me, I got a relative with Aspergers and it's a tough one to live with.


Did anyone else notice Sheldon's flick of the duster and tilt of the head as he stormed off the set at the end of the scene. Jim's actions were subtle; I only saw them on replay. But this seems to be the hallmark moves of anyone who plays a sassy french maid.


The scene with Mrs. Wolowitz actually was very interesting because it showed a side of Mrs. Wolowitz that was not evident before - she showed an awareness of herself when she talked about how she used to be and showed Sheldon her feelings about herself. OTOH - turning to Sheldon for comfort and sympathy is hysterical even without any physical humor. Too bad we could not see Sheldon's face when he got sucked into her gravitational pull and the subsequent collision.


Has anyone read "House Rules?" it is about a young person with Asperbergers (sp), a form of autism, and when I read it, it automatically registered "Sheldon" I did not know much about autism until then, but I have been doing alot of research lately. If anything it made me more aware about this condition they say is growing within our youth


i love this show. the best part again NO AMY AGAIN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok sheldon is not good in social stuff fair enough, but he is living with his friends for a few years now.. and they told him a few times that its not nice what he is saying or doing. So even if youre not good in social stuff everyone would start thinking (especially the smart ones) and try to change.. cause they would understand that it hurts other people.. sheldon doesnt.. so he is just an arrogant jerk?


thank god - finally after 4 seasons Sheldon is suffering! but in the end he is still a person who has got no idea about friendship and social stuff.
Dont get me wrong i love sheldon but sometimes i hate him! there were way too many sheldon episodes this season!!!!
I know a few of you hate the fact that those characters change- but i love it. Thats a good thing, if i wanna watch the same stuff over years i would the simpsons or even two and a half man. This is a comedy about young smart guys.. they change! i love amy and bernadette.. but some how sheldon doesnt really change that much. it would be weird if he would be a ,,normal guy" after a while, but it just seems like he will always stay the same and thats soo boring after a while! i think there should be more story telling. Look at How i met your mother..its a comedy but with good story telling. This season of big bang seems like im watching the ep. over and over again


Yes, finally an episode as good the old ones, it made me laugh the whole time, and I think I know why, NO AMY. Ever since she got in the show people started complaining that it isn't as funny as it used to be. They shouldn't eliminate her, she has her moments, but maybe they should not give her so much time as they have been this season, too much Amy is a bore...

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Sheldon: Professor Hawking, it's an honor and a privilege to meet you, sir.
Stephen Hawking: I know.

That's amazing. You'll be like his pit crew.