The Good Wife Season Finale Review: Bait, Switch and Scheme

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This was a perfectly strong episode of The Good Wife.

But that doesn't mean "The Dream Team" made for an especially captivating season finale.

Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning

It didn't feel like the culmination of a series of developments, as the best written season finales often do. Instead, it came across like the writers really had no long-term plan, touching upon featured arcs from the last few weeks, but mostly dropping brand new storylines on us.

Yes, Will's suspension amidst rumors of judicial bribery has been a long-running topic, as has been the firm's financial woes. But have they been keeping you glued to the screen every Sunday night? Have they really played a prominent enough role for the season finale to base such a pressing angle around them?

It was great to see Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning team up; these are two are fun, morally grey antagonists. Their featured appearance just felt a bit random.

Similarly, The Good Wife has spent time on Kalinda's tax problems, but it was hammering home the threat of Lana and Lamond Bishop last week. Here, in what felt like an irritating bait and switch, it brought Kalinda's husband to the forefront. Am I interested in the mysterious investigator's past? Absolutely.

But I wish the storyline leading up to this reveal had been more fully developed. And the entire scene of her breaking the wall, gathering her money and gun arsenal and then plopping herself down in front of the apartment door? A tad melodramatic.

More than any other complaint, I'm shocked at the lack of Governor race follow-up. No Mike Kresteva since "Pants on Fire?" Scarcely a mention of the campaign? No reaction from anyone that Alicia joined Peter on stage to announce his plan to run?

It's simply baffling. It's like that major development never happened.

And this goes toward my overall issue with the episode. It didn't feel like a finale. It didn't leave me wanting more, not when compared with two weeks ago at least. Which was a more cliffhanger-worthy scene: Alicia pondering a family dinner (and, by association, her marriage), or Alicia triumphantly holding Peter's hand on stage? For me it's the latter, no doubt.

I would have preferred for the momentum of the season to have led to that moment, not any of the ones here. The structure of the final run of episodes just seemed off and I do wonder if that has anything to do with the status of Matthew Perry's sitcom.

So even if the episode left us with a few intriguing teasers heading into season four, I was disappointed at their lack of a build up over the past few episodes. The season as a whole, looking back on it, feels a bit scattered, with no consistent through-line or theme that paid off on the finale.

What did everyone else think? Am I expecting too much from a season finale? Which awkward elevator scene was your favorite? And which of the following developments has you more anxious for September?


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Good people take a break till Sept then you will see a brand new foremat that will thrill everyone, and yes there will be alot of Alicia and Peter together again along with the kids. So calm down and get ready what you have been seeing will be gone and people will be getting into big trouble.
So take care see you-all in Sept.


I loved the elevator scene! Will and Peter (awkward), door opens on Alicia (more awkward), then joined by Cary, Kalinda, and others.... all had ties during the past few seasons....I about died laughing...


...Just wanna say...Please, not Alicia and Peter...they suck together!!!

Anna maria

this was the season finale?? wtf?? It did NOT feel like one! I liked it as an ep but HATED it as a finale!


Bored now. I know that a mediocre episode of TGW is probably equivalent to other series' dramatic highs. But, the firm's financial troubles, along with the internal & external threats posed by other characters, are starting to feel very redundant. Can we please just get Lockhart Gardner back to kick-ass-take-no-prisoners legal territory, please? I'm tired of all the people lining up to take shots at Will, Diane & Company. And, for goodness' sake - don't tell me Every Single Class Action Suit is defended by either Louis Canning or Patty Nyholm! With their awful track record against LG, no one should be hiring them!


What was everyone expecting! I thought the show was fabulous as all the shows have been! Come on people -get off your high horses! This is the best show on T.V. I can't wait for Sept. and am so glad the show is returning! All actors - sses were superb this finale of season 3!!!!


There is a big difference you are describing and the real meaning of why they separated which she told the kids that they were separating. I have seen this in real life then mister line crosser showed up shortly afterwards, which proved to her daughter that mom can't be trusted and has lost the love of her child.
As the story goes they are separated and still married that makes a very big diferrence, and with the name Will being used to them would only start a hugh distrust towards her. Remember the family meeting after the Mock episode where she told them after Grace mentioned who's Will, that they had connection in college (BIG LIE).


Aside from teh romatic angels no matter which you prefer, did anybody ever wonder why we never saw Peter in court? Childs had been there in his time as SA, why never Peter? Would have loved that! Also please why always the Kids? I have nothing against them but they are not small Kids anymore. I got stepfather when I was 16, my mother knew him for some time before they married. My father never stopped being my father and I would have never told my mother to stop. It does not make her a bad person, just a happy one! They are now married for more than 25 years and even if he would be not such a great guy I would still love him for making my mother happy! If I had a slight chance of this kind of love I would take any chance!


Everyone thinks Alicia is making a mistake leaning back to Peter, well let me say a few words about what has happened from the start.
To start Peter supposely had sex with ONE hooker several times and a questionable Kalinda which I think that didn't happen. Now lets take a look at Alicia's several rumps with Will, does that make for an even playing field. Even though they are now separated but still married the game is still the same and one persons wrong doesn't make it any better to cross the line with another.
Most of the difficulties that came out of this year came out because of that affair. So I think Will is wasting his time with a married woman and has crossed the line with Alicia. I think that is the tragedy of that relationship and she is moving on to make things work as promised and didn't live up to it in the past after the family meeting with the kids.


I sick of the on-going saga of the firm's financial woes. I can't believe any large law firm would be so poorly managed as to have a huge balloon payment looming and no hope of paying it off. I also think some of the evil characters are a little overdone, more comic book than serious drama. And what was that silliness with the annoying little kid roaming freely around the office in her little cart? No business office would permit that, especially when the mother is a venomous enemy as in this case. A responsible office manager would have told the woman to take her child and leave. And speaking of too much of good thing, how much more crazy stuff is going to come out about Kalinda? Most viewers seem to like her (I do), but after a while her shadowy life gets too much to enjoy. Same with Jackie - at some point, anyone with half-sense would neutralize that witch and get on with their life.

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