The Secret Circle Picture Preview: Elders, Unite!

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A major secret is about to be revealed on The Secret Circle.

When this CW drama retuns on April 19 with "Crystal," we'll discover the second Blackwell sibling. While fans debate the possibilities - really, there aren't too many - they can also look forward to an apparent meeting of the elders, as Charles, Jane and Blackwell himself are featured in one of the following episode photos.

Scroll through them now and then check out the official CW description for the installment, as well as an intriguing Secret Circle promo...

Three Elders
Charles and Jane
Cassie and Grandma
Awkward Quartet
Faye vs. Melissa
Wake Up!
Doing All They Can
Adam in Reflection
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i'm gonna eliminate faye as the other blackwell child cause yeah, it's too obvious. not to mention that given all faye has done to get power outside of the circle, it would be hard to believe that she had dark magic in her all along. also eliminating jake and adam based on the ick factor. i know some hbo shows have wandered into the incest territory, but i don't see the secret circle going there. that leaves melissa and diana. i think each have a fair chance, given the interaction with melissa and john b. a few episodes ago (when they talked about her mother), versus the fact that charles is one of the few parents with a larger role and he already has serious rivalry issues with blackwell. i think it would be more interesting to have diana be the lost blackwell, but either way, it'll be an awesome reveal.


I hope the other child is Faye as well. Unfortunately it seems like she would be the obvious choice, which concerns me and makes me think it won't be. I can't stand Cassie and Adam together. I don't see the passion at all. I prefer him with Diana. I definitely would like to see Cassie and Jake get together. I also wouldn't mind if they brought Nick back.


I hope that the Blackwell child is Faye, but right now it seems more likely to be Melissa. I think it would be interesting to see what Adam and Faye would be like together, now that he's not head over heels in love with Cassie, I think Faye would make him less boring. Really looking forward to the Elders gathering, wondering if there going to help the kids or be againest them.
Second Season pretty pretty please!


I love CASSIE and JAKE..they do have chemistry..and she DID feel the connection from the first time she saw him..he loves her and he is going to prove it to her..i think they will get close again sometime soon..maybe before the end of the season!ADAM IS BORING!


Me and the secret circle army really want a second season and cassie and adam to find eachother again,and bringing nick back would totally rock please cw season2 ??????


Really looking forward to this episode. "Sacrifice" really set things in motion as to where we are going and this episode looks like a lot is going down. You know what I mean, Blackwell child. ;)

The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

A journal. Tied with an actual ribbon. If you leave something like this lying around you're just begging for it to be read.


I can't believe I just rifled my mom's underwear drawer. No one that old should have that many thongs.