2 Broke Girls Review: Not Quite On The Ball

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2 Broke Girls decided to end its freshman season with an hour episode featuring the one and only Martha Stewart. Going into to the finale, I had high hopes that "And Martha Steward Have a Ball" would see the girls finally make a break through in their business.

Let’s start with the bad news for many fans: Johnny (Nick Zano) has become a big enough artist that he is moving to Manhattan. Oh, and he apparently broke up with one girl, met another before coming to visit Max and is now getting married. All I can say is... what an asshat. 

Caroline Models a Gown

I’m not speaking of Johnny being an asshat either, I’m speaking of whoever decided that the best way to write Johnny out was to have him make it big and fall for another girl without ever coming to visit Max.

Max and Johnny have been a fan favorite. Any time I have discussed 2 Broke Girls with someone it almost always leads to a discussion about Max and Johnny and when will he be back. I can only hope that Johnny can find his way to reality next season or Max gets a new love interest that is so much better than Johnny that we don't miss him. 

In other news, Chestnut returned! Just what two girls who can’t afford toilet paper need: a horse.

So, let’s do the math. Max didn’t get the cute dreamy guy, but the horse (that has no dialog, and is literally a one trick pony) is back. I’m calling this one zero for two so far.

But wait! Caroline received an invitation to the huge gala affair and Sophie - acting as fairy god-mother - got them dresses for the ball! Given how much fun they had during the dress montage and the fun song playing, I'm being nice and scoring it two for two. 

So it’s all tied up and the girls are heading off to the party on a horse (it's his one trick, I’m letting it slide). 

I realized they had time to fill for the party portion of the episode, but having the receptionist, Brody, reuse the same joke of saying one thing and then whispering the truth was like nails on the chalkboard. If you wanted to use the joke a second time, for the love of all that is broadcast TV, cut back to the initial one. The joke is funny once when it runs long or it’s funny twice if they are shorter, but not both!

I’m really glad that Martha Stewart was in the episode. I could have used more of her, but her part was acceptable. That said, it would have been awesome had she given some hint to passing their info along, calling them next week, or some sort of hook for next season!

Max & Caroline meet Martha Stewart

So the season ended about where we started: two single girls living together, taking care of a horse, attempting to start a cupcake business. Oh, and apparently the girls have made some money since last episode as we ended last week at $675 and they started this week with $922.

There were a few high points, such as how amazing Kat Denning looked in her dress, and the episode also featured some great additions to our 2 Broke Girl quotes section. But, overall, I expected more and was disappointed with how the season ended.

Now, before you flame me because it sounds like I’m being overly harsh on this episode, remember this was the season finale! This is where the production company puts it all on the line to get people hooked into wanting to come back in the fall.  

So far, the game I made up based on Han’s comments is the strongest pull to come back in the fall. The game is simple: every time Caroline says “cupcake” you take a drink. Good luck standing after about five minutes.

How about you? Will be back in the fall for more of Max’s and Caroline’s antics? Will you come back to see if Sophie and Oleg stay together?

Girls Grand Total: $927.00


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for some reason i feel like i should like this show but when i think about it it all starts falling apart. the acting is sub-par and the writing really poor. family guy has joke better than these! I guess the characters are likable though and that's why i watch (also a watch it for Han)


I just love 2 broke girls. I would love to see Max and Johnny get together! Last night was great with Martha Stewart. Sophie is a really good addition to the show. I can't wait to see what happens next season, Broke girls blows 2 1/2 men away (without Charlie Sheen of course


I loved this episode and thought it was a great season finale. I thought this was probably one of the funniest episodes or the funniest episode out of all of them. I loved how Han was to short to be a jockie and they kept making fun about it. I liked how they put in how often Caroline talks about there cupcake business. It was funny how Caroline was saying bad things about Martha Stewart and Martha was in the bathroom listening to her and Max was trying to get Caroline to shut up but she wouldn't then Caroline walked out and felt really stupid and embarrassed. Can't wait till the second season.


I love the show. I just don't understand why everyone hates Caroline for what her Father has done. I didn't like Sophie at first, but she's a good asset to the show. I don't see what all the fuss is about Johnny - there's more men where he came from! People, this is a sitcom, not a major movie - so of course there's going to be cupcake purses and a horse on the porch - stop picking it apart and enjoy it for the relaxing time we spent watching it and laughing! Can't wait for it to start up again.


My big issue was Max's dress - can you say wardrobe malfunction? That was all I could think about the whole time she had it on! And could that cupcake have been any smaller? And where did she get a cupcake PURSE? I don't think that saying "stoners" would like their cupcakes is a ringing endorsement, but at least Martha asked for their card - sigh - still not totally sure about this show.


Better than recent episodes but fails as a finale.


"I can only hope that Johnny can find his way back to reality next season or Max gets a new love interest that is so much better than Johnny that we don't miss him."
- So true. this episode didn't feel like a finale. And i was all excited to see Johnny only for him to turn out as you said, an asshat. And i am glad that Sophie's character stuck around. I didn't think she would and had proven comical and helpful throughout her run on the show. Han was right, lots of cupcake talk. I am looking forward to more laughs next season, because i do laugh while i watch. Yet this didn't feel like a finale.

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