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So Max finally made it back. And "Tis Pity" Naomi was the one who bore the brunt of his ill-timed arrival.

Poor Naomi. She had a total freak out when she showed Madison her dream wedding location. But it was sort of hard to feel completely bad for her when she claimed to have lost the love of her life. Wasn't that Max just a few months ago? When did PJ become "the one that got away?"

Billy Ray Cyrus on 90210

Was it wrong of me to think she looked stunning drunk off her ass in her wedding dress, wading in her pool. Unfortunately, true love just isn't in the stars for the girl. First, PJ made a fool of her and now she unknowingly had agreed to be the wedding planner for Max's wedding. Maybe by some twist of fate it'll end up being Naomi's wedding as well.

Elsewhere, Silver thought she was pregnant, which led to Navid confronting Liam at his movie premiere. Nothing like a good old-fashioned pummeling on the red carpet. Who could blame Navid him when he saw the way-too-amorous exchange between Liam and Silver? Another one unlucky in love. I would have suggested that Navid maybe give up girls altogether and join the priesthood but, seeing how that gig turned out for Annie's new beau, maybe staying in Princeton would have been the best thing to do.

Caleb and Annie gave in to temptation and finally got together. Okay then... it's official. Annie is a slut. And unfortunately Caleb overheard her conversation with Austin trying to hide that fact. Just how many men can Annie destroy? And how soon before Caleb goes running to the confessional?

Austin's dad, Dudd, er... Judd Ridge, was brought in to help Adrianna with her music career. Billy Ray Cyrus was as repulsive as ever but it was Austin who actually turned out to be a bigger annoyance. Adrianna didn't think she could stand another doomed partnership. Have to say I agreed. She's certainly been around that block a time or two.

At least she gave Liam some good advice about giving his heart a break before jumping in another relationship. Not that he listened. And when did Austin turn into such a douche? Badgering Adrianna and Annie about his manager duties, blah, blah, blah. Like father, like son.

I loved Ivy this week. Bitter and hostile in the nuthouse. Yes! It was cool of Diego to come to her rescue and break her out. But did Ivy need to lose yet another guy? I can understand that Diego feared he'd get deported but to run off can't be good for Ivy's mental health. Guess she'll be using a whole lot of spray paint to ease her pain again.

So what did you guys think of this week's developments?  Will Naomi go over the bend and sabotage Max's upcoming nuptials?  Will Siam continue to thrive? Will Diego be kicked back over the border? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Naomi is simply too good and too hot for Max! She needs someone like old Liam! If she ends up with Max, it'll be almost tragic.


Forcing Silver and Liam together is ruining the show. Annie and Caleb are lame. Adrianna was good with Dixon now she is just back to the same storyline she has been in since the show started. Navid aged 5 year while he was gone and they really need to do something with him. Naomi falling in love with PJ over 2 episode and breaking down like that is dumb and almost ruins her character. But with Max being back im hoping she returns to the old Naomi and Josh Zuckerman returns next year as a full time cast members


Still not a fan of Silver and Liam but it's probably because I'm so hell bent on Annie ending up with Liam. I'm assuming the remaining episodes will really looking into the Silver and Liam pairing more so let's see how that goes. Ivy was pretty great in the episode. It was nice of them to really show how not everyone deals with grief the same way and a person like Ivy isn't one to express through words. Diego running out on her though wasn't cool at all. For a while there I thought he was the real deal for her. And as for Naomi, I have always been a champion for her and Max. I really think he's her true love and I hope that they're the ones that end up married by season's end.


This episode for me was quite good and not such of a let down like a couple of the episodes this season! The whole silver not really being pregnant thing was no shock, they wouldn't have made silver pregnant with liam's baby because that would most probably end all ties and possibilities for a liam and annie reunion! I also noticed this episode that navid and adrianna had a couple of scenes together which I really enjoyed (I personally think they're a better couple than navid/silver and dixon/adrianna)
I really really REALLY don't like liam and silver together however, they just seem too forced and quick to even give any of the viewers a chance to invest in them
Oh and max and naomi HAVE to happen :)

Sarah silva

Jarrod: Teddy is back for the finale

Sarah silva

Oh and as per my post she was not referring to PJ when she mentioned the one that got away it is super obvious it was Max she was talking about!

Sarah silva

Annie and Caleb, I have to say I think Caleb is hot! He is my favorite guy on the shows since Teddy! Poor guy, gives up on being a priest because for the first time in his life he has felt more for a girl than he ever has and then to hear her admit she was a prostitute! I still think that he will end up forgiving her and they will be a happy couple.
Silver/Liam/Navid, I thought someone was supposed to be pregnant this season but I guess it was just a possible story line. I do not think Navid will be able to forgive Silver, which I do not think will make her to upset as she seems more interested in Liam.
Ivy, she was totally reckless and did not care if she lived or died and so I think what Caleb did was not wrong and now Ivy will not talk to the girls, but yet when Diego broke her out of the hospital she admitted to him she was messed up! Now she will blame Annie for Diego being on the run. It is not Annie's fault, especially not the fact that he is in the country illegally but Ivy will say that if Caleb had not called the cops and had her put in the hospital then Diego would not have to have broken her out etc.
I think that Dixon will come back and he and Ade will get back together and will once again make music together, the whole country career will not happen.

Sarah silva

Arlene you are super harsh saying Tis Pathetic!
I actually thought this was a really good episode, you can tell this season will end in turmoil for many many people!
I felt really bad for Naomi, seeing the wedding announcement that PJ got married 2 weeks after the broke up (in 90210 time). It just proves that she made the right descisomn breaking up with him because even though he said to Annie and to Naomi that he loved Naomi it was all a lie and really just for the money so Annie was right it telling Naomi because now she can save her dream wedding for a guy who actually loves her. Then to have Naomi realize that Max was the one good guy and to go to Madison's house and appologize and admit she had a good guy AND then to see that good guy Max walk in you can tell it broke the rest of Naomi's heart. However I think that Max will break up with Madison and he will go to New York to tell Naomi he loves her as she leaves town.


A solid installment!
Naomi and Boys! It was a nice build up a bit foolish a bit emotional!! And it would be even better if we didn't knew that Max is the GROM! Her church breakdown was one of her better performances!
Annie and her Priest! They look cute together! there is chemistry and it's just sweet! AND WHERE DO U GET THE RIGHT TO CALL HER A SLUT! SHAME OF U! she had her issues and U are always so full of prejudgment!
Silver and her bitches! I always loved Silver til she and N hooked up! Than it was oKay at the start of S4 but now they are destroying everything she is! And please kill of Navid!
Ade and Austin! A bit boring! But Ade shines as always! :D
Ivy! She is proving what a great actress is! I feel her paiN! :)


Yes, indeed, the sad part of so many of the teen shows these days is that there is no development of relationships...just a lot of bed hopping. A disservice to the show and to young people who unfortunately think that this is the way people should deal with eachother. Sad...sign of lack of depth in writing abilities. Ivy is probably one of the stronger actresses and characters on the show. Need more of her and yes, wehre is Dixon??? Glad Navid is back but I will agree with others that Adrianna's I wish I was famous storyline is getting boring and why is Billy Ray Cyrus on? Is he supposed to draw in an audience? I was kinda happy when Austin left in the first place. Silver is getting annoying. Liam is fast becoming lame...need more of the edge that he had in the beginning. Annie needs the dirt coming out...she needs something to happen to her other than the boring priest to be. And yes, Max!

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