Naomi [reacting to Navid & Liam's fistfight]: Oh my God...did that really just happen?
Adrianna: I know. Love really screws people up, doesn't it?

Having it come out that I was a prostitute is the last thing that I need.


Navid: It wasn't some stranger. It was you. You slept with Silver.
Liam: Wait..she told you?
Navid: No, you just did, you son of a bitch!

Guess I'm destined to raise a stranger's baby.


They're not dreams, they're fairy tales.


Sometimes you want something so bad you don't care about the consequences.

Caleb [to Annie]

You're stuck with a Persian Woody Allen.

Navid [to Silver]

Why is it so hard to be the strong, silent type?


Seriously, you must have loins of steel.

Naomi [to Annie]
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