90210 Season Finale Preview: To the Max!

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This much we know: 90210 will return for a fifth season.

This much we will find out on tomorrow night's season four finale: Will Naomi successfully put a stop to Max's wedding?

That question, and Naomi's actions, are at the center of the following CW trailer, those other storylines not featured include:

  • The return of Teddy.
  • Dixon rushing back to offer relationship advice to Adrianna.
  • Silver feeling pressure to decide between Navid and Liam.

Watch below and then visit TV Fanatic following the finale for a detailed wrap up and review:

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Naomi and Max were the best pairing and she is the only interesting character on the show. dixon and adriana had no chmistry together. the main girl dixons sister god i cant even remeber her name is dull silver is annoying liam and naomi had no chemsitry frankly naomi and navid and max are the only good things on the show


I hope Max marries Madison! God knows what the writers are thinking pairing Naomi and Max as the love of my life couple! Get Liam and Naomi back somehow! They were the only great couple on the show!


Im hoping for a cliffhanger too. Haven't had a good one in ages.


i hope it is an exciting cliffhanger like season 1 was. hasn't been anything over the top on 90210 in a long time. time for something big to happen

Sarah silva

Naomi leaves for NYC and Max goes after her. Teddy comes back to make a "donation" to help Silver with her baby plan. She will not choose Liam or Navid.


I REALLY hope the season cliffhanger doesn't revolve around Naomi, like in the last 2 seasons...

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90210 Season 4 Episode 24 Quotes

Nice phone, princess.

Liam [to Austin]

Now I'm going to go marry my ex-boyfriend.