American Horror Story Season 2: Era, Theme Announced

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American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has revealed more tidbits regarding season two of his eccentric FX thriller.

We already know that it will feature Jessica Lange and James Crowell in charge of an East Coast mental institution and bring back a number of American Horror Season 1 regular in different roles.

Now, in an interview with Vulture, Murphy has also announced...

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The season two theme: The second season is about sanity. What makes someone sane or insane? Sometimes the people you think are insane are actually the most sane of all. It’s fun to write about people who society throws away.

The season two setting: The 1960s.

The season two characters: Chloë Sevigny plays a character who was put in an asylum because she was a woman who likes sex, so her husband sends her away. At the time, you were able to put people away for that. Another character is institutionalized for being a lesbian.

Aside from American Horror Story and Glee, Murphy will also be responsible for a new NBC sitcom this fall: The New Normal. It will air Tuesday nights at 9:30.

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I'm so tired of this when can i watch season two dude. How am I supposed to know when to watch it . . Ugh


Omg I love this show! Season 1 was amazing! The first couple of episodes really scared me and I almost didn't want to watch it but I forced myself to and I'm glad I did. When is season 2 starting?


Brilliant stuff with the website, Peter. Missed your radio slot unetlounatfry ..working again what else. Starting to make a bit of me time to read Lagan Love in all it's complex and earthy tones. Hope to catch up soon. G


I am almost 70 years old, have been in combat several times in the military, and thought I'd have trouble getting scared or shocked again by shows...but the scene where the daughter discovers "her body" and you see it just kept me up most of the night with my lights on, while trying to deny it. I had to watch it again and remind myself that there were people there filming a TV show just to make myself come down a bit. What a SHOW! I really couldn't believe how scary the first three episodes were; almost considered not watching it anymore but that sounded too chicken.


What date and time does season two start? Can't wait


Can't wait!!!


CAN'T WAIT......




Season 1= Infidelity
Season 2= Sanity
I wonder what is season 3 about?


I am currently just marking the days away on my calender.

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