Army Wives Review: Thicker Than Blood

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The title "Blood Relative" was perfect for an episode of Army Wives that focused on the strength of love and friendship outside the ties of blood. I really enjoyed the way the stories were interwoven with the theme and how differently each character reacted to their specific predicament.

Blood Relative Scene

Jackie's full history is finally out
Jackie was amazingly forthright when she invited the ladies over to tea and told them about her history. Not only did she discuss her past with candor and kindness, but she was able to explain why she seemed so uppity. Her father's Army didn't allow for the mixing of ranks, and when Roxy and Gloria came to her aid when she needed it her mind reeled.

Not only didn't they know her, but they didn't expect anything in return. After all her years with the FRG, I think she finally understood what it meant to be an Army wife.

Claudia Joy and Denise are a match
I completely understood where Frank was coming from with his concern about Denise's donor surgery. He nearly lost her in the hurricane and he had already lost a son. But that meant that natural disasters and the Army were more dangerous than surgery if we're going to look at the odds. The irony that he thought two deaths out of 10,000 was too high wasn't lost on me when every time he deploys he steps into the face of mortal danger.

Can you imagine what his relationship with others on base would be if he told Denise no and stuck to it? Hey, Michael, my wife's life is worth a lot more than yours General sir. Carry on! Of course that wasn't going to happen. The way Michael thanked Frank was perfect. Okay, so perfect I teared up. Michael and Frank delivered some of the most beautiful Army Wives quotes I can remember.

Fraternization ends in a jail sentence?
Learning about Jackie's father's view on ranks certainly didn't tell the whole story. Another moment proving how little I know about the armed forces. I understood that Tanya and Dr. Hanson canoodling would be frowned upon, but that he could end up in jail? I had no idea the rules were so strict. It appeared they had only been having sex, but inside were both aching for more. Of course, they figured it out just as they were outed by Roxy while kissing in the car in front of the Hump Bar. 

Blake wanted it badly enough that he will give Tanya her happy ending. He put in for a transfer to Fort Lee so they wouldn't have to be so close to each other and risk their lives for their love. I had my doubts about him at first, but he turned out to be one good egg, didn't he?

David's birth father and Joan toss it up
Joan can really be stubborn when she wants to be. Roland, level headed as always, tried to think like Marcus and what it might be like to find out you had an 11-year old son. You'd want to meet him. For some reason, Joan was so afraid and so certain that things would end badly she practically sabotaged the entire attempt at keeping David out of court. 

David's first answer to seeing his father was the one they wanted to hear, a resounding no. But that wasn't his true wish. Every little boy wants to know where they came from, be it good, bad or somewhere in between. It was safe to think somewhere in between given that he already got HIV from his mother, and with two loving, stable parents to support him, it seemed that meeting Marcus started off just fine. I hope I was right and he doesn't take the soap opera turn toward tragedy.

Trevor had a fleeting chance to try out for the brigades
I'm not really sure what that means, but it seems like an elite unit such as the Navy Seals. As Roxy put it, you already took your test and have your patch, what's the big deal? He'd be a part of an immediate response unit and, surprise! There wasn't a unit at Fort Marshall.

So what did Roxy do? She did the one thing that would keep Trevor home. She got pregnant!! The Army can't give Trevor a baby, can they? No they cannot. I'm so happy for them. He is the most amazing father to his adopted sons, and they've waited so long. This pregnancy better work out. Gloria will be there to help, and she can do that both at home and the Hump Bar, so it's a bonus Roxy wouldn't have gotten from Pamela.

I'm feeling really good about the recent turn of events on Army Wives and it's getting into a lovely storytelling groove while focusing on the ties that bind the show together: Love and friendship.


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I am really curious as to what will happen and if there will be a season 7. It seems as if they are setting it up to go either way. Trevor and Roxie possibly going Ranger (just an option for their future.) The chaos of David's father causing an ending to such a happy family. A possible death of Claudia Joy who in my opinion is such a center piece of the show. The arrival of Jackie who is winning everyone over slowly (good thing but scary to think are they trying to replace Claudia Joy?) So many possibilities as to how this can go and to will this be the end or will season 7 come back to WOW us all....


Well I really enjoyed tonights show. It makes me sad the preview for next week's episode though. Army Wives, in it's absolute greatness, always leaves us with a preview and ending making you want more. I always loath the week's wait to find out what happens lol. Michael and Frank pulled exactly what I thought they would. Those two families have been so close for too long and I knew the second Michael expressed gratitude Frank would see the light. I can def understand Frank's side too though. His family has lost so much and the thought of even a slight chance of losing his wife...I can't say I blame his initial reaction. Roxie there's one we've all been waiting for. I am so happy for her she and Trevor def deserve the happiness. Trevor has been an absolute miracle for her and her boys. I can relate to them so much as my fiance has stepped in and made my two young children his own. It's so heart warming to see.
The issue with David's!!! I can completely understand David's desire to meet his biological father. No matter good or bad, every kid deserves the chance to meet the people who brought them into this world and make their own mind's up about those people. The meeting seemed to go well but I was afraid of what was to come. And sure enough previews to next week makes me more fearful. Seems as though it won't be stopped at they can be good friends or anything. Soap opera coming on this one I predict.
As for Denise and Claudia Joy....such miraculous friends through and through. The two are more like sisters than friends. I really hope all goes well. Previews for next week though leave me anxious and afraid of what is to come.
They have already taken Pamela away and then a suicide of an Army Wife...let's hope they end the season with no more death!


Loved last nights episode!! Tanya and Blake - their story makes me feel all happy inside (lol), just smiling away like dumb person. Totally agree with the review of Frank and Michael's interaction....poor Frank; 2 or 3 deaths out of 10,000 and the risk was too high. Now Roxie is preggers - I hope its a girl, that house needs some shaking up and Roxie needs someone to give her fabulous wardrobe to!


Just wondering if Pam is coming back, if not then you should remove her from the picture above and put Gloria and/or Jackie up there. Love the show and all the characters including PAM.

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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Jackie: I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with, but you helped me anyway. Especially you two. In my father's Army the ranks never mixed and that's how I always looked at things. But you bailed me out without giving it a second thought.
Roxy: All we saw was an Army wife in trouble.
Gloria: That's right.

Roland: I've been trying to look at this through his eyes, ya know? What would I do if I found out I had an 11 year old son?
Joan: You would do what's best for the child.
Roland: I would want to meet him, Joan. It's human nature.