Awake Review: Perilous Positions

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All realities collided in "Two Birds" - and things aren’t looking so good for Britten.

Britten's Is a Target

While I thought the conspiracy might be contained in the red reality, it’s looking more and more likely that may not be the case, and it shouldn’t be. The repercussions of the accident ripple out in both realities, and they both have lasting consequences on Britten because of it. Therefore, it then becomes a question of who can Britten trust, because he can’t involve his family, and both Dr. Lee and Dr. Evans refused to believe his predicament.

It’s hard not to blame them. Britten looks like someone who’s finally experienced a mental break. Jason Isaacs portrayed it physically as well. Many times a character that suffers a mental break still looks completely put together. Michael, on the other hand, isn’t clean-shaven and doesn’t look like he’s slept in days. Which would make sense because if he's sleeping he's potentially not in green, and that means he can't focus all of his energy on that conspiracy board in the garage.

Getting back to trust, since both doctors refused to help Britten, and, as I predicted last week, since the two of them refused to participate in the conspiracy things did get worse. Which makes Britten such a tragic character tonight. He’s so focused on this conspiracy and the why behind the accident that he’s losing sight of his realities. He’s put himself in peril on both sides, hovering near death on Red, and locked away for potential murder in Green.

Simply put, Britten’s put himself in a corner, Bird now has a target on his back (while the other is target practice – Rest in Peace Red Bird), and he’s one step away from his son and wife losing everything.

Harper continues to be an enigma, however, and just when it seems she might be interested in helping Britten she retreats back to covering her tracks. There’s a big, unknown grey area to her. In one scene she’s breaking down crying by herself, and in the next she’s grilling Vega (who finally grew a backbone and defended his partner!). It does open up a dichotomy though, as it seems in Green she’s at least somewhat interested in hearing Britten out. It might all be a clever ruse to learn what exactly he has so she can cover up her tracks, or it could another one of Awake’s underlying themes of small differences.

Real Reality Check

With so much going on tonight, it’s very hard to pick which side is real. With the conspiracy now bleeding over to Green, it’s even harder to choose. However, I’m choosing Green again only because Britten getting shot sent him back there.

Two More Thoughts

  1. As predicted, NBC has cancelled Awake. I’m certainly going to miss this world every Thursday, and I wish the cast and crew all the best in their future projects.
  2. Awake works so much better when there’s one unifying case. It’s too bad it took this long for the show to try that instead of constantly trying to juggle two different ones.

What did you think of tonight's Awake?


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Just terribly disappointing and appalling that NBC cancelled this show. I don't watch very much TV, and I guess this is why, because anything challenging and complex is taken away to make room for more of the dumbed-down shows that America apparently loves the most. And the networks are completely about a short-term bottom line. "Awake" could have been a real prestige show for NBC, a multiple Emmy Award winner; but NBC wants to go for the short-term fix of a bunch of undoubtedly crass, vulgar and inane comedies with which they will fill up next season's space. If you want to talk about conspiracies, it almost seems as if the networks are afraid that their viewers will start using their minds, so they want to make sure that they are subjected to a diet of intelligence-numbing mush, the better to sit there and soak up the commercials, which is all that the networks and advertisers really want them to do. Just utterly depressing, really.


It's really too bad that a show like "Awake" is whisked off the air just as some of us were really getting in to this mind blowing drama. There is so much crap out there -- why oh why can't you network middle brows allow a truly unique conception to continue. Some of us really enjoy "thinking" and "analyzing" and you continue to pander to the weak minded and superficial viewer. Television could be so much more but it remains the "vast wasteland" inhabited by a bunch of non-creative boors!


It's a huge disappointment indeed that this show has been cancelled for next season. I really enjoyed being challenged to discriminate the realities. I'm sure this show has a lot of potential, but can also imagine it has a specific audience, a bit off the main stream. I do not watch a lot of television and am just lucky that I have stumbled upon this show. I assume the regular "easy digest" crowd does not appreciate this show as much as people will, that might not be aware of it at the moment. In music there are plenty of songs, the crowds didn't appreciate right away and needed some time and the right people to promote it to make it to fame. The end of season cliffhanger was very good. But to think of it as an all final show, it is a torture.


I liked this show a lot. It wasn't a great season, but it was a good one and deserved a second season. NBC should be ashamed. Anyway, good first part of the finale. Lets see how it ends. Hope we get some closure. Damn you NBC.


I am dissappointed in NBC for cancelling this show when it was very good. Who makes these stupid descitions anyway it ues to be they would put a show on and give it a good running start and if it was not doing so good in the ratings they would try harder with the scrip, but not cancell right away. I know a lot of people who wanted to see the show but just forgot about it because it wasn't advertisied that much. I will miss this show and the characters and probablly always wonder what happened to them.

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