Criminal Minds Review: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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The old Criminal Minds was back in effect with "Divining Rod. Lots of profiling? Check. Intriguing twist in UnSub? Check. High creepiness factor? Double check... and shudder. I don't know if I'll ever look at wigs the same way again. Whoa.

For all those who have felt like our beloved BAU team wasn't being used effectively, or that the writers had been relying on gimmicks - such as too much Reid humor or personal story lines - lately, I invite you to complain about this episode. You'd have a pretty hard time finding anything to pick apart, frankly.

The action was high, the acting was stellar, and I can't remember the last time I cringed so long and quite that hard during a scene as I did with the wig reveal. I wanted to jump out of my skin for Helen Garrett as he placed the hair on her head. That actress really did an outstanding job conveying a similar (if stifled) sense of horror.

Hotchner Worries Over a Copycat

I admit that I had to rewind and re-watch the ending to this episode to make sure I was understanding it correctly. So, if Dylan the shuttle driver hadn't read One Thousand and One Nights, and if Helen had a knack for finding men with an evil streak, then we're left to believe that she was really behind the malevolent streaks of both her husband and the bus driver?

She brought that out of those men? Am I understanding this right? I know it's pretty unorthodox for a review to ask for clarification, but I did a double take with this one, sue me.

Influencing evil to that extent seems like a far-fetched idea, but then again, so is cutting the scalp off of women to create a wig of your victims' locks. JJ did a great job figuring that one out (and the heart thing), but it seems like they're patting her on the back a little too much lately to emphasize the fact that she deserves her new role as profiler.

We get it, she's good at her job. You don't need to make every 'a-ha' moment this season about her - we'll still love her regardless!

I thought the idea of Prentiss buying a house in one of the swankiest DC neighborhoods was an interesting development, especially since we know she's leaving soon. There was precious little Morgan and Reid this week, but Garcia really stepped up to the plate. When she wasn't dozing off, that is.

The speed with which the UnSub picked women off was impressive, and I think they effectively tapped into our underlying fear that you can literally be here one minute and gone the next if someone wills it. It's something that a lot of women (or maybe people in general) have thought about at one time or another, but when you see it play out on screen it just leaves you unsettled. Well played, writers, well played.

I'm curious to see what next week's flashback-esque episode brings, but would it be wrong of me to request a little more Reid again? I miss his quips and dry humor. But it was nice to see the team really kick around theories this week and get back to what we love about this show. Keep the good stuff coming, Criminal Minds. I'm on board.


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This was the best episode of the season. I don't mind it too much when they reveal the unsub to us early in the ep. I know they do it so they can show the trauma of the victims. I just wish they could do it and still impress us with the profiling. I used to love it when they would tell the profile to someone, ask "Does that sound like anyone you know?" and have that person say, "Oh, my God". @Michael
In some countries, England and Japan for example, what we call seasons are called "series". In Japan, they'll even add the "season" number to the title of the show. @Sue Ann
It is possible for a person to stop having migraines. Migraines can be caused by a number of different things, including: certain foods, stress, changes in sleep pattern or environment, physical exertion and various external factors. All of these "triggers" can be avoided. My migraines were caused by certain hormonal changes- but not every month. Besides, I don't think what Reid is having migraines. They've been described as "intense headaches". He is having sensitivity to light, which is a migraine symptom, but I don't recall Reid or his doctor calling the headache a migraine. Or did I miss that? (I don't know what's worse, the slightly crushing pain or the nausea.) @Kay
The unsub in Foundation was the woman's father. And we (viewers and investigators) knew about him right away. She came to the police station after Angel was found because the description of what happened to him stirred surpressed memories of another boy who she saw with her father. More Reid.


It is not funny when they pick on Reid.....he takes it well and I find it upsetting. I am very curious why Em bought a house ....hmmmmmm....another trick for us. Forget dollface JJ for Hotch.


This was, hands down, the best episode of the season. The pace was great, most of the facts were followed through and the team's mind leaps/games were at a minimum. I also cringed at what activities of the unsub, because every week they find another way to mutilate and kill women.(Shudder)So...... did Helen write those letters quoting 1001 Nights to her husband? Did the bus driver write those, because he said he did not know 1001 Nights - who wrote those letters???? And I was also confused by the ending. Did Helen contribute to the murders by somehow encouraging the 'evil' in the hubby?


@Pat its called seasons a series is what we call a tv show @Kay
I understand know sorry I forgot about that one Does anyone eles find it funny that they keep shutting reid up :( poor kid


I enjoyed all aspects of this episode (mainly not knowing the Unsubs identity)and also found myself confused as to what we are to believe about Helen. Not sure if this is because I am a huge Hotch fan or my Attention to Detail OCD, but does Hotch only have 5 ties!? Maybe (if I ever find myself with a month and Nothing to do) I might sit and watch ALL the shows back to back and photograph each tie, but I believe it would be close to 5 or 6. Even the tie from "100" that was covered in Haleys, his & Foyettes blood, he STILL wears!!! (hate to be his dry-cleaner!) I think I need to give up my dream of there ever being a Hotch / JJ romance!??! Sniff...Sniff


Can't wait for the next series, without Prentiss, I was sorry they hadn't really killed her off in this one. I was glad that JJ came back, but I have never taken to Prentiss.


@Sue Ann they couldn't find a physical cause for his migraines, and they were beginning to think they were psychological, and reid was worried they were mental illness related.
@Michael i didn't mean company, I meant foundation- the one with the kid Angel who escaped kidnapped. And it turned out to be the little girl's father?

Sue ann

@ kay Migraines are caused by physical situations which are not going to go away. They don't stop if you get happy, or less unhappy, or whatever. Why would he not still be having them?


@Kay We knew right off the bat who the unsub was in the company


@Michael that's not true- a couple of episodes ago- the one she didn't review that was based on Morgan, I'm pretty sure we didn't know who the unSub was then either. I think the complaint of 'they spend too much time on their personal lives' is ridiculous. In relation to all other procedurals, they show very little of their personal lives. On that note, SERIOUSLY is reid still having migraines?!

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Agent Hotchner: He's killed at 6am, noon and 6pm.
Dr. Reid: I don't know about you guys, but I'm not feeling so good about the stroke of midnight.

Agent Hotchner: Another body's been found a half mile from the first victim's, same MO.
Agent Morgan: That's six hours later, this guy's not wasting any time.
Hotch: We land in 20 minutes. Reid, you and JJ go to the latest crime scene. Rossi, you and Prentiss talk to Garrett's widow while Morgan and I go to the prison. If Garrett's got a disciple we better find out who he is and fast.