Fairly Legal Review: A Basket Full of Crazy

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"Shattered" picked up just a few days after last week's Fairly Legal delivered a heart breaking ending and it looked like Ben was still scrambling.

The poor guy was begging Leo to keep his mouth shut about his futile attempt to track down Kate when she never showed for their date. Leave it to Leo to have some fun with it in this Fairly Legal quote...

Is this a mind wipe? Is this where I forget that Kate stood you up for dinner and you showed up to my place looking all crazy eyed and desperate? | permalink

In the mean time, Kate couldn't figure out why Ben would even care. She still saw him as an arrogant playboy and I almost couldn't blame her. That was how Ben sold himself to her when they first met. Yes, there's been signs that it's all an act but what should Kate believe? What she's observed or what Ben has told her about himself?

Kate Worries

Ben's history with women is lousy. That he slept with Beth made me think less of him but it was definitely funny how much she scared him.  She wasn't just crazy, she had a mean streak. 

Which led us to the case of the eco-terrorist. Ugh. This story bothered me. 

First, Kate seemed so blase about having this woman turn herself in. Was it right for her to run in the first place? Absolutely not but now she had two kids who were going to spend years without their mother. Yes, losing her for three years was better than losing her for twenty but it's not like she's going away for a couple of weeks. Three years for a kid is huge.

I thought it was silly when they almost got caught at the motel and Kate and Ben encouraged them to run.  With the police that close on their tail, how could they get to their kids, grab enough cash, and come up with a plan to leave town so fast. Unless they already had a plan in place I don't see how they could possibly pull it off.

To be honest I couldn't make much sense of the paper Justin had passed to Kate other than it had angel wings. However, I did love the sentiment behind those angel wings...

 Courage is an angel that makes the difference between a good life and a great life. | permalink

I'm still not quite sure how Justin managed to close that deal and schedule a major press conference under the radar of his boss.  If he thought Davidson hated him before, well now the gloves are off.  Add to it that the D.A. won't have any qualms about playing dirty or using Kate to do it and things could get nasty before the season is over.

And that brings us back to Kate's love triangle.  I don't think she realized that Ben might have real feelings for her until Leo opened her eyes.  I believe she thought it was nothing more than lust between them but from the looks of things, Ben's feelings for her run deeper than that. As Leo said, Kate's different.

Unfortunately, Ben was forced to watch Kate walk away holding hands with her ex.  What's her plan there?  Sleeping with Justin was a spur of the moment decision based on fear about moving forward with someone else.  Certainly not the best foundation for a reconciliation. 

Justin wants more.  Ben wants more. What does Kate want?  I don't think she even knows. Despite their flaws these are two handsome, good-hearted men who both care about her.  For all of their sakes I hope Kate figures out what she wants soon.


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I love the show! I think it smart and witty. I would really hate to see it not continue! Please do not cancel it!


About the pad with the angel wings on it - the wings acted like a Bat signal, to let Kate know Justin hadn't given up. How they got the deal back on the table under the DA's nose is all wrapped up in that pad. If you step forward in freeze frame, you'll see that the terms are written on 2nd or 3rd pg. of the pad. That's why Kate passed it on to Ben - so he'd know the score and be able to act on it as Natalie's attorney. It was a brilliant maneuver! As for the press conference, for all we know, Justin simply co-opted the D.A.'s press conference, or maybe had it scheduled before the deal fell apart and just hadn't had time to cancel.... So, now that you know how that plot twist came off, will you re-score the episode? :-)


margery, true that no the authorities didn't know their new names but I doubt it would have taken them long to figure it out. Even so, it's one thing to go on the run as a single person but I can't imagine grabbing your husband and two children and trying to do it. It would make it a lot easier to get caught and be really traumatic for the kids. I used to really root for Justin and Kate to get back together. I still like Justin but maybe they have too much history to get past. Ben's been so cute the last few episodes that I suddenly find myself rooting for him.


Justin got the DA to put the deal back on the table to trick the fugitive to come in but the trick was actually on the DA since Justin intendeded that she would accept the deal. They could run from the hotel because no one knew her assumed identity name or address.


Yes, they're both nice guys, and I see the appeal both ways, but....she and Justine were ALREADY MARRIED. They already had their chance, they know how that road ends. Ben could actually work with her, she needs to give him the chance to try.

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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Kate: What ends badly?
Leo: Potentially all of this.

Is this a mind wipe? Is this where I forget that Kate stood you up for dinner and you showed up to my place looking all crazy eyed and desperate?