Fairly Legal Review: Hope Hurts

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While last week's Fairly Legal annoyed me, "Ripple of Hope" almost had me in tears.

Finally, Kate was actually negotiating. It's felt like she hasn't done much of that this season. With most of her cases it's been as though she's picked a side. With Ben's help, the hunger strike issues felt a bit more balanced. 

Kate & Ben Visit a Prison

Whether you agreed with the warden or not, she wasn't kidding about having to watch every dime of the prison's budget and get approvals that probably had her jumping through the seven rings of hell, even for something as basic as food.

But the negotiations quickly spiraled into another Kate Reed rescue mission. His her need to save people compassion or compulsion?  I'll say that it's probably a little of both. This time I didn't think that was such a bad thing, especially since it turned out to be one of my favorite cases.

Lea Ferran was young and stupid and listened to the wrong guy. Now she was paying for that with 15 years behind bars. She was innocent but once a jury found her guilty her fate was sealed.

As Kate spoke in front of the parole board, my heart broke. They didn't care about new evidence and in their defense I guess they weren't suppose to. This wasn't a new trial and they only wanted to hear that Lea was making amends and moving forward.

As Ben pleaded with Lea to lie, I felt for them all. He wasn't wrong in his advice, especially when taking the high road was going to keep an innocent young woman in prison.

But Lea was just as head strong and idealistic as Kate. I don't doubt that Ms. Reed would have made the same decision but the sadness of having lost the fight was palpable. Lea Moran would do her time for a crime she never committed. You don't often see such unfairness on Fairly Legal which was probably why it resonated.

Leo, on the other hand was all about fighting for fairness…for a pretty girl. I definitely loved Ashley's tag line. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?  That's an awesome thought and I loved the way it worked on Lauren.  Of course the movie deal also helped.

Kate and Justin continued their dance. She still wondered who his mystery date was and obviously Justin had a close eye on Kate and Ben. These two still care deeply for one another and their chemistry is undeniable but I wonder if they'll ever find their way back as a couple.

Ben kissing Kate at the end was surprising and hot and heartbreaking all at once. I was a little shocked by how quickly these two pulled me in. A week ago I would have said I'd happily see them as more of a brother/sister team. Now I'm not so sure. 

So are you still rooting for a Justin and Kate reconciliation or has Ben gotten under your skin? Kate's love life is in flux. Which direction would you like to see it go on Fairly Legal?


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BEN! 100%. I love him! With each episode we're seeing more growth in his character and seeing that he has a soft, sweet side and clearly is crazy about Kate. He has helped her every time she's asked and this episode sealed the deal for me. The holding her hand, the KISS. Yeah...definitely want her to get together with Ben. Justin is a nice guy and they have a history, but it's clearly time for her to move on instead of being stuck in the past. Their relationship didn't work for a reason and then there was the admission of CHEATING on his part. So yeah, she needs to stop being afraid of her feelings for Ben and embrace them! :)


Kate and Justin all the way! They're so hot together! I can't stand Ben's character!


This episode did not grab me at all. If I hadn't been watching it with my partner, I probably would have shut it off. I don't have any special complaints about anything; I was just bored. I didn't mind the kiss, but, FWIW, my partner really didn't like it. Ben, ew!


Ben and Kate provide an interesting dynamic, whereas Justin and Kate are more about loss love. The way the show has been structured and the interaction between Justin and Kate seems more of a fondness for each other, whereas Ben and Kate have chemistry, heat, banter and passion. As Ben pointed out in this episode or the last, she married Justin but she didn't have a strong desire to marry Justin. I feel like the way the Justin and Kate relationship are being written she would be settling with him, in fact they both settled and in the end that's what destroyed their relationship and pushed them apart.


Wowwww! They went there! If it hadn't been for the scene in the car with the hand hold, I wouldn't have liked the kiss. But Ben has a heart under his cocky charm. "I miss when this was about broccoli" -- how can you not love him?


I agree you @Leigh428 100%! Ben and Kate are complete opposites yet are similiar at the same time. I think they bring out the best in each other. They also have amazing chemistry. As for the whole Kate/Justin thing I don't get why so many people are still rooting for them he CHEATED on her! That's something that I think is just unforgivable. Can't wait to see some more Ben & Kate!


used to love Justin but come on he cheated on her. as much as i hate to say it Ben seems like such a good match for Kate. Still im not sure if the Kate/Ben dynamic can last long term, we will just have to wait and see :)


Ben is growing on me! I was 100% a Justin fan. This entire season I've felt Kate has seemed more childish than ever. But for some reason I can't quite pinpoint there is something about Ben that is making him grow on me. I don't know if it's his what seem to be genuine feeling for Kate.


I am loving the Kate & Ben dynamic. They are so different and yet alike in that they have both been hurt and hide behind different fronts. I like that he has always been drawn to her from that first meeting....and yeah, they have some good chemistry. As for Justin, it still surprises me that so many root for him with Kate. It would be one thing if Justin and Kate just fought or had a few issues, but he CHEATED on her people! How romantic can that be? I mean I know Ben can be a sarcastic SOB at times (although the both give as good as they get), but at least he isn't a cheater. Sorry, that is one you don't get get out of jail free card from me on. So yeah, lets see some Ben and Kate. :~)

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