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Oh, Glee, I knew you had it in you! Last week, you had me longing for the show that was and this week, you reminded me that you're still that show. When you want to be.

Here, you gave me my characters back. And you didn't force a message down my throat like it was some sort of bad tasting medicine. In fact, there was no message at all! The smile on my face right now is as big as Rachel Berry's!

Finchel Prom Pic

"Prom-asaurus" was fun. It was light. It had good music. It almost made me forget how parts of this season have made me so very unhappy. It was a tribute to the characters and who they've become over the past three seasons.

Brittany S. Pearce is everyone's favorite not-so-dumb ditz. She picked "Dinosaurs" for the prom theme, declared war on hair gel and gave a performance that looked like something out of a Flintstones movie.

Rachel and Kurt were together again, planning the anti-prom after Finn agreed to help Quinn campaign for their titles as prom king and queen.

We got to learn about Blaine and just why he has such an affinity for hair products through gems like this:

How do you think I feel with Brittany's insane ban on hair gel? It's prom. There's gonna be balloons all over the place, not to mention the taffeta and the silk blends. The sheer amount of static electricity in that room is gonna be terrifying. You've never seen my hair without gel. It's baby-hair fine. I'm gonna look like Medusa! It's not funny. I don't want to go. (More Glee quotes here!)

Finn's the nice guy who loves his friends and his girlfriend and struggles with making them all happy but makes the right decision in the end.

Puck, who has always had a soft heart despite his hard exterior, escorted Becky Jackson to the prom and made her dreams come true with a cardboard crown. She returned the favor by helping him spike the punch.

Santana and Quinn, despite their mean girl tendencies, have grown up. Quinn walked again, just like she said she would.

I loved every minute of Brittany's silliness because it wasn't meant to be serious, including that crazy performance of "Dinosaur," which was definitely the most bizarre song I've heard on this show in a while.

Rachel was portrayed as a hurting teenager who is, for once, unsure of her future while the rest of the crew are shoring up their own. She's always been so sure of her life's path and now she's struggling with figuring it out. Her opening monologue made me remember what it was like to be a teenager whose hopes had just been crushed. Her shock at being crowned prom queen felt genuine, just like it should for her character, the proverbial underdog. At her core, she's still the same insecure girl she was at the show's beginning, just as Quinn will always have a touch of Queen Bee in her.

Finn's speech to Rachel and the other anti-prom attendees about how prom sucks without them and it's one of their last times to be together as a group worked. It made me remember what it felt like to be at my own prom with my own friends enjoying the end of high school.

Kurt is happy. Finn is happy. Rachel's happy. Puck's high school dream has come true and he has bested Coach Sylvester. Puck is happy. Even if he may not graduate.

Maybe I'm a big sap. I'm kind of okay with that. Tonight, for this week at least, I'm happy. Glee got back to its roots.

There were no PSAs. We didn't have three prominent story lines fighting for attention and being given equal weight despite their gravity not being equal.

There was just good, clean, character-driven story telling and I liked it.

What did you think of "Prom-asaurus"?


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This week I didn't like the bashing of Chris Brown...if he wasn't famous nobody would care...what does his music half to do with his personal life..yeah what he did was wrong...but so is cheating and lying and so what if she took him back that's her biz..That's the problem with the world there always judging these celebrity when there just as normal and regular as any of us! His music is great and he is a Dam good artist! I love glee I just thought it wasn't the type of show to bash rather they where right or wrong but hey that's just my opinion!


Agreed with what everyone said about Finn. Worst character on the show. He basically assaulted a girl in a wheelchair, after outing a teen lesbian, and convincing his girlfriend that she doesn't need goals - just a pretty dress and a crown. UGH - can we just write him off the show now??


Finn Sucks, that is all. Asshole.


Are you people insane?! This episode was literally the worst ever. Quinns character was completely retconned, Rachel decided she no longer wanted to be a star and only cared about her wedding and prom, and at the end Finn congratulated her from going from colossal loser to sexy prom queen, which is apparently enough of an achievement for anyone. This episode was nothing but offensive. I am not watching next series.


AMEN! Best show this season. It definitely reminded me why I keep coming back week after week.


(Just re-watched that scene (Quinn standing) - loved Santana's cheeky wink and obviously Sam and Mercedes as a couple)


I couldn't help but think half way through the show "TV Fanatic will be pleased" more so when Rachel was crowned Queen by a humble Quinn and completely when Quinn started to walk (stand). I have to say that bit in particular was most definitely my favorite scene and it genuinely tugged at my heart strings. Well done Glee .. well done Quinn.


Preach @Allie! She can be really funny when she throws in a funny one-liner every now and then but since they've started to make her a rounded character (big mistake imho, hate how one minute she's dumber than a box of hair and the next we're supposed to believe she'd come out with something deep or be capable of having a serious relationship with Santana) they've given her more dialogue which she doesn't deliver that well. Not only a lot of the time makes her less funny (and sometimes quite unlikeable) also makes her harder to understand. Should keep it short and sweet, much funnier.


I believe the juniors are Blaine, Tina, and Artie. We don't know what Sugar is because it was never stated, but I think she's a junior. Rory is a sophomore. Joe is a sophomore. And it's been said that Sam is a senior but that seems to keep flip-flopping depending on who you ask.


All I can say is I LOVED RACHEL's dress! I thought she looked gorgeous! I love when they let Finn get angry. Its like the hulk about to explode haha. Not going to lie teared up a bit when Rachel won prom queen.

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Glee Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Brittany: "And finally, all hair gel has been banned from the prom."
Blaine: [laughing] "Right."
Brittany: "I'm actually not joking. Hair gel wasn't invented until 30 million years after the Paleolithic Stone Age. And frankly, I don't like the way you look. Therefore, anyone who shows up to the prom wearing hair gel will be turned away at the door."

"It's clear that the three of you are incompetent fools, possibly even some sort of terrorist cell. So, as president, I'm gonna decide what the prom theme is going to be this year. And I think that it should be...dinosaurs."