Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Return of the Ring"

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Welcome to our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table discussion! Below, our panelists are here to break down Monday's episode (see our official Gossip Girl season finale review from last night) in even greater detail.

In our Q&A session, TVF President Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy), editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) and staff members Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Leigh Raines discuss "The Return of the Ring."

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "The Return of the Ring"?

Leigh: When it comes down to it, nothing beat Blair's ending monologue. It's time she fights for Chuck. Three simple words, "I'm all in."

Courtney: I have to agree with Leigh. Queen Bee was definitely back in those last few minutes. Also loved her reasoning about Tim Burton not being artwork. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Christina: Call me sappy, but I loved the moments between Blair and Eleanor. Also, I LOL'ed when Eleanor made it clear she didn’t care all too much for Penelope with her line about knocking.

Eric: Maybe mine was less of a scene, but more of the entire premise of Bart, well, still being Bart. Will be great to watch Jack and Chuck team up next season!

Steve: Bart dispatching Chuck from the company in mid-press conference, Lily cutting Rufus loose, and Dan telling Serena "there is no us." None of these were funny moments, or even amazingly quotable lines, but they represented surprising turning points that packed an emotional punch. As did Leigh's obvious choice.

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2. How did this Gossip Girl season finale rank with finales past?

Leigh: Redemption. Chair. Dan's book wreaking havoc. Nate finding a new girl. Serena reverting to season one entertaining awesomeness. A Lily takedown. Hopefully a return to former glory. 

Courtney: I liked it! It may not have been the best finale yet, but this wasn't the best season either. It dropped bombshells on us, just the way we like it. It was a pretty solid setup episode for the final season. Plus, it made up for some of the sketchy episodes this season.

Christina: Compared to finales past it was sub-par. In comparison to an entire lackluster season, it was a fitting end and that’s what we needed to set us up for hopefully the best and final season ever.

Eric: Ugh, pretty low. I'm glad the show seems to at least be resetting itself and setting up some better storylines for its final season. But, just not enough OMFGG moments.

Steve: It's hard to compare, as they represent such different eras, but I liked the way it set up Season 6 with the parallels between the last five minutes and the pilot that started it all. Makes you wanna go watch Gossip Girl online and relive the glory days, doesn't it?

3. Did Blair make the right decision?

Leigh: Is the sky blue? Yes finally. But she deserved Chuck to call her out on how fickle she's been. She also should've had enough respect for Dan to break up with him in person like an adult.

Courtney: Absolutely! These two have always been end game. Blair shared a sweet love with Dan this season, but it was much more exciting in the early stages. Chuck and Blair have never lost their spark. I am glad that Chuck didn't just go running back to her though. Bart was a little bit right about this and the Basshole needs to have a backbone if he is doing to stand side by side with Blair Waldorf.

Christina: Yes. Chair FTW!

Eric: To take over her mother's business and finally return to being the former Queen B she once was? Absolutely. Can't wait to see her actually try and be a person again next season? As for Chair? Pff, what is this? 2008?

Steve: She did, but I wish we'd seen her break it off with Dan. Not because I delight in Dan or Dair fans suffering, I just think both deserved some closure there. They had too good a run to go out like that.

4. Derena barstool sex: Hot or not?

Leigh: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but nothing beats the original. Hi Nate.

Courtney: Not. The throwback to the pilot was cool, but nothing is better than watching Nate do his thing. 

Christina: So not. Nate’s been there and done that and he owns sex-with-S-at-Grand-Central-Station.

Eric: Again, as everyone before me has pointed out, how could it compete with the eerily similar Serenate hot sex? Sorry Dan, but Nate you are not.

Steve: Yes, I baited the Nate Archibald fans in the Round Table panel with that one. On merit, it was pretty decent, but it's tough to get into it when you know Dan is being used and abused. Not that he didn't enjoy himself for that 45 seconds, I'm sure, but you know what I mean. Chair does hate sex much better.

5. Will Serena and Blair ever reconcile?

Leigh: In the fictional world of GG, yes, in real life they never would. That was some cold sh!t. Even the NJBC would have a hard time getting passed that.

Courtney: Probably towards the end of next season. Neither of them are innocent in the failed friendship, but the latest stunts that S pulled? She would be dead to me.

Christina: Of course! It’s B and S or BS (because after all that’s been done and said, chances of a reconciliation in real life would be slim to none).

Eric: Let's more worry if Serena and sanity can ever reconcile again. What the hell happened to that girl!?

Steve: Assuming Chair is in fact endgame, and perhaps Derena as well, then possibly. Time heals all wounds, and while B will never be able to forget what happened, she could find it in her heart to forgive. First, of course, we need to get S off the coke. And Damien's henchman.

6. Most surprising: Lola giving Ivy the money and leaving Nate, Lily ditching Rufus, or Serena turning into a cokehead?

Leigh: I'm kinda shocked at Lily. She waited 20 years to be with the love of her life. Bart is a statue, who just screwed over the son who saved his life, what is she thinking?!?

Courtney: Lily and Rufus! They have such a rich history and have loved each other for decades. I don't understand how they both just walked away from that. Doesn't Lily remember her plans to leave Bart for Rufus? I guess being from two different worlds still doesn't work for them. Lil turned into the matriarch and Rufus into a trophy husband. He deserves better.

Christina: How about just Lola leaving Nate? What girl in her right mind would leave a shirtless Nate ALL summer long?! Seriously, that’s dumber than when Ivy ripped her generous check from Lily.

Eric: Oh, thanks for an opportunity to rip on S a little more. WTF? I bought the whole coke binge and sleeping with random guys when the girl was in high school. But now, she's... wait, in college? Oh, way too easy to forget with this show. I guess that's still acceptable. Game on girl.

Steve: Lola giving Ivy the money. I mean, I can see being friends with her if you want, but who donates millions to a known criminal and trusts their agenda? Even if it is funding an epic takedown? Whatever. Although if she dresses up like a prostitute for another scheme, maybe I can be convinced.

Dearest Daniel

7. Is Gossip Girl really Gossip Guy?

Leigh: I kind of hope it is and that it's Eric. Declan isn't a key player in the Hamptons, he could totally come back to guest star. Bring back Jenny and V while you're at it. Damn did I just say that?

Courtney: Nah, can't be. It's got to be one of those girls who are jealous of the others and know too much dirt. If it's a guy, Leigh could be right... or what if it was Jonathan, E's old boyfriend??

Christina: No idea. However, I’m with Leigh on this one if it means Eric and Jenny could possibly return. I still don’t care for V though.

Eric: That's one secret I'll never tell ... You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Guy.

Steve: I like the Dan theory, as posited in my season-ending burning questions earlier. He was at the mansion that night, sent the infamous royal wedding blast, and was privy to all sorts of other gossip gold. Not sure if the show would really go there, but I love that the CCTV footage made it even a remote possibility. I also love the thought of a bitter Dan and Georgina teaming up to eviscerate the Upper East Siders. Inside was so 2011.

8. Share your predictions for the sixth and final season.

Leigh: Redemption. Chair. Dan's book wreaking havoc. Nate finding a new girl. Serena reverting to season one entertaining awesomeness. A Lily takedown. Hopefully a return to former glory. 

Courtney: Ivy taking down Lily. Dan writing a book that will keep him on the outside for good. Nate and Serena getting back together and becoming the best looking couple on the show. Most importantly, Chair being endgame. These two having an honest and equal relationship, hopefully with another limo rendezvous.

Christina: A season of Chair, Serena finding her way back and maybe a reunion for Serenate, Dan as an outsider permanently, a Rufly comeback… and will the real GG please stand up?

Eric: Okay fine, we can have epic Lily and Bart takedowns. Sure, there will be plenty of Chair limo sex. But please just make it a fun season of bringing back blasts from the past. You got one season left? Make it count and make it a throwback to the show we all loved: Gossip Girl Season 1. Even if that means bringing back She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Steve: We'll have 11 more Round Tables with which to discuss the show we've loved (and loved to hate at times) for so long. Special thanks to our readers, and looking forward to one last run!

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Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


Happy to see some self realisation from Blair at last about her feelings for Chuck. There's no way she could have stuck with Dan, especially with his hair the way it is!!! Cut it already!!!! I hope he cuts it before Season 6 or we will have a first for a GG character when he turns up in dreadlocks. I. mean. Seriously. As for Serena - she really needs to get a life. Please let her go back to college/get a proper job/find herself in season 6! Loving how they are giving Nate a lease of life. And in a sense Chuck and Jack too.


I am glad that the writers are going back to the core of gossip girl: GOSSIP GIRL.
The last few seasons, they tried to live their fantasies but it never work. For the final season, i say let the writers write but PUT the author of gossip girl as the creative director for the plots. The writers may know gossip girl but the writer of the book knows it from page to page and core to core, and she knows it better! It's the reason why people love gossip girl so don't mess with the dynamics too much. Look at the direction of pretty little liars! The real writer was involved in there, so the show takes a twist with in the dynamics of the book. Do the same for the final season.


LOLA is gossip girl. GG hadn't been all nasty on S & B since her return, until AFTER Blair said Ivy and Lola were never in the gang to begin with, so cant come BACK. then next ep GG is all over ruining B & S. Lola was at the mansion, and the hands of the person in the hoodie looked very feminine! she had her hair up so easy to hide under a hood. Maybe she's known all along about her family, I mean, if you're cater-waitering parties for the Rhodes family (the one honouring CeCe), and your last name is Rhodes, wouldn't you get the hint?! obv. she doesn't care about the money, as she gave it all away to Ivy anyway, so she didn't step forward and question her relations because she was GG.
...or maybe thats just because i hate Lola and want Nate to hate her and go back to Serena...


Well, somebody WAS watching GG finale, because the ratings were up 40% for this episode, waiting to see Chuck and Blair and Return of THE RING!


Nate was not the perfect guy for Serena. That it he is, why then he was not with Serena entire season 5, when she was alone! Nate is a playboy, and for him is not sufficient for one girl. Whatever one thinks of Serena, she wants a man who loves only her. And it was so far only - Dan!


@Be real
At the end of season 5 biggest loser was Serena. Dan was not a loser because he could not lose what he never had (Blair). Serena was not done any harm to Dan. Throughout the season, Serena was trying to help Dan, sacrificing her career, her job and her reputation. Dan made a mistake because he fell in love with a girl who does not love him (Blair). Serena has decided that Dan was a man for her, because she realized that other men with whom she was would not deserve her! Rufus was partly his fault that he was in such a position. As the husband of Lily, Rufus had always to be with her, no matter what. But Rufus has chosen to confront Lily about Ivy, and that was the end. Because it was still UES and the money and property are The most important. But I think the story between Rufus and Lily was not completed. As certainly love between Serena and Dan is not finished, just needs time to Humphrey realize that!


That says it all..........


Hahahahaha:)) This is so funny how Dair fans can not admit that Blair never loved Dan, NEVER HAS, NEVER WILL:))) And i am actually happy that Chuck did not take her back. at some point Bart was right, Chuck should not have forgiven Blair easily. She should chase chuck and beg him to take her back after having an affair with Dan. I mean come on! But Chair is Chair and they have been meant for each other. Writers have made some serious mistakes with Blair's character but finally we are back to the epic happy ending of Chuck and Blair. As for Serena, Nate is perfect for her and this Drug story was way too first season.
P.S. relationship between Dan and Blair did not need talking - what was he thinking:)))))


@be real
I'm just saying Chuck shouldn't have to wear a scarlet letter on his chest because of what happened early on. He has owned up to his mistakes and admitted them, even recently to his Dad. I like him with Blair, sexy and exciting and I think he is a great character. I like Dan too (he did give Chuck Monkey) but I think he should be there for Serena who is going downhill fast. She has always loved Dan. And Lily, who I can only think is with Bart to help Chuck now too. I liked that Blair stepped in to help Chuck and said she loved him. That was romantic. I really liked his expression at the end. People do change for the better you know.


I'm not watching this crap anymore. CW might have cancelled it i would totally understand it. Bad writing has never been worse than the writing on Gossip Girl. Uninteresting characters, sureal twists, stupid storylines. Seriously? And that Chuck... If there is a character I absolutely don't care about it's him.

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