Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Damage Control

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In this sneak peek from the Gossip Girl season finale, Blair reacts to the alleged blast the title character sent out at the end of "The Fugitives," and the reaction is not a positive one.

After lashing out at Serena, B quickly turns her attention to what else is out there.

With her frantic, younger boss in full damage control mode, Dorota hesitantly out that proactively responding to every damning thing she's ever written could prove to be a difficult task.

That is a lot of damning, to say the least. Check out the clip below ...

For much more on next week's "The Return of the Ring," check out the episode promos and our Gossip Girl season finale spoilers page. Then share your comments with TV Fanatic below.

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Yes @Elisa we are on the same page. I hope that our matched opinions not to spoil the conflict between Serena and Blair!


You know what, @Zoran? When you expressed your opinion earlier on what could happen between Chuck and Blair, I got the same feeling! My eyes were wide-open and it was like I had just waken up! It was an amazing feeling! I agree with you, it's very easy to connect when you have the same points of view! :D @Ophelia, anche io! Anzi, per essere precisi abito tra Como e Milano! Bene, sono contenta di vedere un'altra fan italiana di Chuck e Blair in questo sito! Personalmente preferisco guardare questo, piuttosto che altri siti italiani, visto che sono aggiornati in tempo quasi reale! E soprattutto, è un ottimo aiuto per migliorare l'inglese! :D


@Elisa, I'm from Milan :)


I want that the return of the ring is also the return of my favourite chair!!! I absolutely want that chuck and blair will be reunited, I can't wait on monday how I can do? and if doesn't my dream realize????


@ Elisa yesterday when I read that spoiler I totally outraged, a disaster that I was hooked. But today, you are really a light at the end of the tunnel! When I read what you wrote and several times looked at the last promo, everything changed. I think when find two people of similar or identical views, easy to realize the impact on each other! I hope you're right about Serena and Dan to be together in Rome, and finally spend a summer together! I want to believe too!


@Y, as I said before, the possible HW customers could think: "look, it's Chuck and Blair's engagement ring! They even promoted it in Shangai! Should I buy it? Mmmm, maybe not, since it's very misfortuned and in the end they broke up badly and for good.". You may agree with me that this reputation doesn't help the brand at all... @Ophelia, I think that all the Chair fans (but not just us, I guess) know that the event is a huge clue! Anyway, nice to see another Italian here! Where do you come from, if it doesn't bother you? @Zoran, I'm glad to see that I convinced you that the spoiler was a fake! I mean, I would never have thought that I had such a convincing power! Lmao!
Anyway, I have a feeling that, at the beginning of next season we will see Dan and Serena in Rome together! That would be quite a nice twist! I wanna be hopeful!


Secondly, every 3 or 4 sentences related to Nate and Lola, they are a sweet couple but in the final episode of the season the other two pairs must have an advantage.


You're welcome @ Elisa, I am glad that I was up to help. I totally agree with you. I do not have experience in marketing, but what you said makes sense. As for the spoiler, it is highly flammable when it read the first time. I must admit that I was just hooked, and I accepted literally all that is written. You can see from my comments that I wrote immediately after reading. Later, doubts have arisen. But only today, in the first place because of you, and when I looked at several times the last promo, I realized that the spoiler is not 100% accurate. So illogical and arbitrary combinations that do not have much to do with recent events in the series. Of course the Chuck and Blair together brilliant in 22x5 and 23x5 episode and that the very opposite of Dan and Blair. True for the ring, the episode is called the Return of the Ring , and spoiler is mentioned in two sentences, as if it does not matter. Secondly, every 3 or 4 sentences related to Nate and Lola, they are a sweet couple but in the final episode of the season the other two pairs must have an advantage.


@ Elisa, I've been repeating the same thing for weeks. The HW event is a big clue ;)
(I'm italian too btw)


@Elisa, I totally agree with u this is a very true statement and I believe people involved in creating this show as well as the actors and actresses wouldn't want to send their reputations down the drain and disappoint their fans because if so they will lose a lot of faith that people have towards the show! So let's all tune in for chair and Derena reunions! Specially chair!!!!

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