Gossip Girl Spoiler: Who Sees G.G.?!

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On the April 30 episode of Gossip Girl, the gang got closer than ever before to laying eyes on the titular character, only to have her sneak in and out of Diana's sketchy sex mansion with her laptop undetected.

Well, on Monday's season finale, someone will "see" Gossip Girl.

We don't know who, or in what context, but that's the latest intel. Has her luck finally run out after nearly running into the Upper East Siders in "Raiders of the Lost Art" and regaining control of her site?

We'll find out. Who do you think it is that sees G.G.?

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Meanwhile, we now know for certain that the much buzzed-about final scene of the episode will feature two characters - one male, one female - and said scene does not take place in New York City.

Which we pretty much already knew at this sage, but still.

These two new additions to our Gossip Girl season finale spoilers page, courtesy of Michael Ausiello of TV Line, should only fuel speculation as to how the fifth season will conclude on Monday night.

Sound off with theories on all things Gossip Girl below.

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Well, if last night's episode gives us anything, it is that the person is thin, eliminating Dorota. I think it'd be one of the supporting characters from a long time ago that they are bringing back in some way or another. Maybe it is Eric's ex-boyfriend (who incidentally hacked into Gossip girl's email address way back in the day) or someone of the sort, or maybe it'll be someone completely new (which won't be much fun.)
It has to be someone with a lot of time on their hands. So not Dorota, and I doubt it about Lily. Gossip girl has hurt her family way too many times and she is all about family-preservation so... (And she's too busy shopping.)


What if Dan is Gossip Girl and started blogging about the scandalous lives of the upper east side when he was on the outside and badly wanted to be part of that world even though he was judging it? Just a thought...


You're right for the last 2 episodes to create the impression that Dorota is GG. I'm not sure that Dorota is GG, I have had other ideas. I thought it was Lily or Alison, now I'm not sure who the real GG is. Probably it will be resolved in season 6.


Ok..maybe you're right..But please watch again the last 2ep..and tell me if you see smth weird at dorota:when she speak with serena about the laptop..Idk,it's smth different.Maybe she's not,but i'm pretty sure that she knows who is GG.I'm dying to know who GG really is..I hope that in the last last episode from the last seazon she/he'll have the hole ep just for he/she just for telling us what was her purpose and how she/he were capable to know everything..and maybe a part when she/he will apologize to our heroes.[sorry again for my grammar]


What the heck is wrong with the writers? the show has turned to a complete disaster! where are all the good story lines of first and second season? chuck's dad is alive?? dan and blair??WHY???


Lola is the true GG. She's an actress.


Whether or was not Dorota a GG we will see in season 6! But you're wrong when it comes to Serena and Blair in season 1. Serena and Blair are like sisters, best friends. Blair was not hated Serena. The conflict between Serena and Blair in season 1 was created because Nate lost his virginity to Serena when he was still a boyfriend of Blair. Blair has discovered what has happened and eventually forgave Serena. They were reconciled. Secondly, GG attacked both Serena and Blair. GG was not defending Blair. Remember when in season 1 Blair had sex with Chuck and then immediately with Nate. GG carried out a fierce attack on Blair, and Serena was only on her side. Perhaps you are confused by current and past events. If someone is GG then it is any parent or someone who maybe has nothing to do with our heroes.


Do not forget that Dorota is also Polish. Her English is good, but there are still some grammar mistakes when she speaks. Gossip girl is extremely witty in her use of the English Language. I think you'd have to be Joseph Conrad to be able to write like that in English when it's not even your mother tongue. So unless Dorota has been faking it the whole time, I very much doubt that she could be gossip girl.


@Meg. Yes, it's possible but also impossible. If you think about it: how could she managed all this, when she's maid? how we can see from Georgina and from Eric boyfriend (when he has hacked GG site)that she is getting thousands of blasts and she cannot be able to manage all in few hours, because she have a job to do.


i am 100%sure that gg is dorota.because all of this started when blair and serena and others were in 9th grade..so we all know that blair hated serena..so i guess dorota was attacking her just for blair..so she could feel higher than serena..and in the last 2 episode..dorota was interogating serena and she was suddenly so intrested for the laptop..I bet that she is the famous gossip girl.And she knew everything from the tips that were send to her.I think dorota was doing all of that just for blair..and in this episode when she put that photo of blair's diary on the site,i think she was doing that to show dan that blair has no feeling for him and she does all of that just because she is grateful to him beacuse he were there for her when no one else was.[ps:i am so sorry if my english is bad and i hope you can understand what i'm saying..sorry again]

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