Gossip Girl Spoiler: Who Sees G.G.?!

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On the April 30 episode of Gossip Girl, the gang got closer than ever before to laying eyes on the titular character, only to have her sneak in and out of Diana's sketchy sex mansion with her laptop undetected.

Well, on Monday's season finale, someone will "see" Gossip Girl.

We don't know who, or in what context, but that's the latest intel. Has her luck finally run out after nearly running into the Upper East Siders in "Raiders of the Lost Art" and regaining control of her site?

We'll find out. Who do you think it is that sees G.G.?

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Meanwhile, we now know for certain that the much buzzed-about final scene of the episode will feature two characters - one male, one female - and said scene does not take place in New York City.

Which we pretty much already knew at this sage, but still.

These two new additions to our Gossip Girl season finale spoilers page, courtesy of Michael Ausiello of TV Line, should only fuel speculation as to how the fifth season will conclude on Monday night.

Sound off with theories on all things Gossip Girl below.

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i can't imagine a GG world where GG is an actual known person. i think the show would have jumped the shark if that were to become the case. i hope that she is only revealed to the entire cast at most an episode or two before the series finale.


Gossip girl better play the major villain next season and not just a person behind a laptop but as an actual person -.-


I think the more important question is, who plays the real GG? We all know Kristen Bell narrates the show but will she ever have her own screen time?


That famous spoiler is not true, it is confirmed with all the promo video and a description of the producers. So far we have seen only a picture of Dan and Georgina in the taxi, but what they were doing and what they are talking about is anybody's guess. No additional information about that. And who saw the GG, it's really a question? May be some of the assistant of Blair or Nate and Lola, and perhaps even Georgina ? But I think that Georgina is not back on the UES just because of that. I think that her return has something to do with Blair and Chuck, and dowry.


So, were the spoilers true? Didn't the spoiler mention Dan Has the chance to find out who GG from Georgina?


I live for the past! I want Chuck and Blaire, Dan and Serena to be together for the next season!


i think dan is real gg


@Zoran Diana's secret was that she knew Bart was alive so the real gossip girl did her home work and stuff .. But i don't know you might be right I just don't get it and stuff they did say in season 2 finale it started in 9th grade on that post of Serena.. So she is the same age of the characters because she was a senior at the time but :/ idk we have our own opinion :) but yeah I doubt it's Allison or Bart or any of the parents maybe someone else like DIANA herself? :/ haha lol but yeah


You tell me why. It remains to be discovered. Remember that the GG blackmail Diana / Indiana with a secret about her. I do not believe that a girl of 20 years, knows the secret of Diana / Indiana. In the book it is mentioned that GG is the same age with characters he/she writes on website. The series was never told that GG is the same age with Serena or Blair. GG knows about everything, because in the end of season 2, we have seen that everybody send information to GG. Dan was a victim of GG, and he sent the information too. Remember the season 2 when it order to prevented Jenny to be with Asher (who was gay), reported GG that Asher kissing with a boy (Erik). Perhaps it was not Alison, you're right there for Jenny, but I am sure that it is older person. By the way, the spoiler is not true!


I think it might be Penelope who sees GG. Blair told her to dig up dirt on Serena, so maybe her ties to having been Gossip Girl guides Penelope to an accidental run in with the real deal. It would be more interesting if it were her anyway. If one of the core group finds out who she is, then there wouldn't be as much cool stuff they could do with it. They would just blab to everyone else and it would be game over. Penelope could go double agent and cause drama!

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