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Grey's Anatomy Death Watch: Who's Safe?

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As you've likely heard by now, the Grey's Anatomy season finale spoilers revealed by EP/show-runner Shonda Rhimes herself have indicated that this very dark episode will claim the life of at least one cast member.

While we don't know who the major death is, we now know who it's not.

Handsome Avery

According to TV Line, The Originals (i.e. Meredith, Cristina, Alex) are safe. Ditto Bailey, Jackson and Mark. So, if you had any of them in the pool, looks like you already lost. But you'll probably take it.

Who does that leave? And who do you think dies? Sound off below ...

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I think Mark Sloan is the one. I think he is going to die.


Arizona its going to die its so obvious. Mmmmmm too bad I like arizonaaa. buuuuuuuuu


We are gonna find out who dies on Grey's Anatomy tonight. It's not gonna be Derek that dies cuz he is returning to next season of Grey's Anatomy.


Who can give me a link to watch live?
Because I live in France!
So please!
thank you


Qui peut me donner un lien pour regarder en direct ?
Car j'habite en france !
Donc s'il vous plait !
merci !


I think it will be Arizona. She ordered Carev to stay back so I think they'll kill her and make Carev the peds attending. I've had that thought ever since I saw last weeks episode.


It's either mark, Callie or Lexie. My moneys on Callie. I would be upset if it was April, Arizona or Owen but not terribly. Shonda has said there. Wasn't a dry eye at the table read which leads me to believe it's someone we've known a very long time && couldn't imagine the show without.


Derek, Meredith, Christina, Bailey, Richard, and Alex have all signed new contracts, so they won't let them die in the finale....Derek does get sucked out of the plane and is lost in the wilderness...according to previews. I think it is going to be a cliffhanger and we probably won't know till next season's premiere episode.....haha




So, I have two options:
One, it could be April. With all the stress of her failing the boards, she could be pushed over the edge and kill herself. PLus, her story line is pretty much over, now that she doesn't have any job offers. But, if she is too against suicide, she could get in some freak car crash and die that way.
Two, it could be Izzy. What could happen is that the twins they were going to save are Izzy's, and because they crashed they can't get there in time and she dies. Plus, Shonda hinted that the patient might be one of their own friends, so that could easily tie back to Izzy. And the audience needs closure as to what happened to her earlier.
Knowing Shonda, she always has a way of twisting the plot lines, so chances are it's not going to be one of the people on the plane.
Just some thoughts