Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Round Table: "Flight"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official review broke down last week's season finale, "Flight," in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have assembled for their weekly Q&A discussion.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene from the finale?

Courtney: How could you not pick the Mark and Lexie scene (below)? As pissed as it made me that this relationship has been built up and we have been waiting for them to get back together for a year, it was so sweet and emotional. I had been rooting for this couple for a long time and it sucks that it didn't happen, but you have to appreciate the stellar skills Eric Dane showed.

Christina: My favorite scenes are always the ones that leave me speechless and teary-eyed so I’m going with Lexie’s final moments. I could barely catch my breath as I balled my eyes out. As an older sister like Meredith, it was extremely difficult for me to watch. Sure, I’ve been rooting for Slexie since the beginning, but the thought of losing a sister left me with unstoppable tears. Mer didn’t even get to say goodbye to her little sister!

Sean: I enjoyed the call backs to the pilot episode. The show has certainly come a long way from its early days and the characters have definitely all grown up in some form or another. Great way to tie things together.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. We knew a main character was going to die in this episode. Going in, who did you think it was going to be?

Courtney: My thoughts were on Arizona. She hasn't had too much of a story lately and her leaving would give the opening for Alex to head up the department at SGH.

Christina: April. I assumed and naively thought that it would be someone who wasn’t on the flight and just wanted it to be April.

Sean: I had a feeling it might be Lexie or Mark. I figured if they killed off April fine, but that would be an easy out death because she wouldn't have the same type of impact one of the major players would.

3. Were you surprised it was Lexie? Will you miss her?

Courtney: Somewhat surprised. I was hoping it wasn't her because I didn't want Meredith to lose another family member. I really enjoyed this character and she will definitely be missed.

Christina: Definitely! I will miss her terribly just as Mark and Meredith will miss her. I am growing immensely sad again just responding to this question. Next question, please.

Sean: Even when it was happening and I knew she was going to die, I was still a little surprised. Sure, I'll miss her and I can only imagine how next season will deal with the fallout.

Mark and Meredith

4. How did this finale compare to the previous season endings?

Courtney: Ehhh... so so. Grey's finales are usually unbelievable. This one was different though. Having the contract negotiations happening made it impossible to secure the future for all of the characters so I get that it had to be left open. But it felt like the episode jumped around a little too much.

Christina: It reminded me a lot like the very first episode of Lost. In comparison to finales past, it was shocking as usual, but I simply thought it was subpar. I didn’t like the back and forth from the hospital to the woods. I must admit that I wasn’t all too pleased that it was Lexie that got the axe either. As a Slexie fan, it was incredibly disappointing and all I will remember is that we lost Lexie. 

Sean: I totally agree it reminded me of Lost, but I've enjoyed other finales more. In a way it felt like the plane crash was thrown in to simply raise the dramatic stakes. It was an okay episode and it did include a huge death, but maybe because it felt split up between the woods and the hospital that it wasn't my favorite of all time.

5. Write a farewell to the departed Lexie Grey.

Courtney: Little Grey. It took you a while, but you finally found your place in the Seattle Grace family. You were a great sister and your relationship with Mark was one of real love. Your photographic memory and little bits of crazy will surely be missed. Sadly, your bangs will not be. RIP Lexie.

Christina: Little Grey, we will always miss you. You had an amazing photographic memory. You already were a fantastic surgeon. You were also an incredible sister and aunt. Most importantly, you loved. Mark knew it, and we have always known it. SG-MW just won’t be the same without you!

Sean: Lexie Grey, you will be missed. There was so much life and charisma in you that it was infectious. No one will be the same without you and no one will ever forget you. You will be in everyone's minds and hearts.

What do you think? Did you expect it to be Lexie? How will the characters respond going forward? Will anyone else be lost in Grey's Anatomy Season 9? Share your responses in the comments below!


i think they made a bigggggggg mistake she was a better character than meredith i think shonda rimes did a bad mistake and iam so sure that if she doesnt bring her back on next season she is not only gonna loose me as a viewer she is gonna loose half of her audience. mark and lexie for ever


I love derek sheperd I think he is hot!


Lexie was a good fit on the show they need to bring her back it will not be the same and mark lost his love agin


I've had time to come down from the season finale and feel that I can now calmly say that Lexie dying was a huge letdown. If Chyler decided a while back that she wanted to leave the show there was no reason to do this whole build up of a possible reconciliation with Mark just to let the Slexie fans down. The only thing that was going to do was tick off the fans and have them turn on Shonda. She could have still killed her off to give closure to her character but not implied that she and Mark were going to get back together. Extremely frustrating and an enormous letdown. I felt cheated.


I hope that shonda gets back to her initial storylines on greys the stories that made us love the show from the start i have never missed a show ever but she is killing the show... lexie and mark were finally getting together ... meredith and derek need more air time again... how about bringing back burke for christina killing off all of our favorite loved characters is not the way to keep the loyal fans.....i know shonda has to shake it up but the stories are just insulting if you have any intelligence at all... what about writing in the house derek is building..maybe meredith getting pregnant now... karev getting a break with a "normal" girl...i keep watching and hoping.. my husband keeps bugging me to give up on the show....please shonda get it back on track


i can't believe that after the whole season seeing lexie struggle with telling mark how she felt i was so excited and looking forward for the 2 of them together i understand they wanted to kill someone off but i think they should have put kepner on the plane i don't care for her character i think lexie was much more loved and should have been worth keeping i kinda wish that this could be one of those shows that bring people back to life but ofcourse they are doctors and now we need to deal with the writers screw up LEXIE SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO GO BIG HUGE MISTAKE SHE WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITES FROM HER VERY FIRST EPISODE!!!


The final blew so bad that I couldn't even watch it a second time, it was sickening. I didn't care about Lexie dying but I did feel like they spent how many season building this relationship only to have it end in this melodramatic anticlimactic way? I didn't shed a tear when Lexie breathed her last breathe, it was more like, Mark are you kidding? How much time did you waste on this chick? The switching back and forth was desensitizing. And made any emotion from the crash seemed extremely forced. Who didn't know Derek was going to mess up his had trying to get it unstuck? And Arizona howling like an annoying child? Why did you guys make Arizona's character so weak, when she started out strong. Did we not forget when she told Alex to let her have her moment on the plane when he criticized her for talking about wedding plans. Or when she left Callie standing at the airport when she got in the way of Africa. Or when she told Callie's dad she was a strong in a storm? These writers have dismantled Arizona to the point where you almost wished she was the one who died. But then Grey's couldn't have their politically correct gay couple on the show. Gays and Lesbians all over would have been in an uproar and you can't upset the apple freaking weak. What happened to the show that pushed the envelope. Last year's finale was...meh...but at least I cried, it was made sense. The year before with shooter, I've watched ten times sense just to see Bailey go through her gamut of emotions. This one was weak, ridiculous and it didn't help that Scandal had a plane crash a few weeks before, which was more dramatic than Grey's. You guys better come with your A game next year, or you are going to lose yet another fan. Grey's is become predictable and boring.


I think the shooting final & the one where George dies are better/more sad.
Grey does OK finals!
Not kidding guys, if you want draw-dropping finals, any season of Smallville!


That was the worst episode I have seen. At least if you are going to kill off a fan fav give it some depth. After that heart wrenching confession last week I was soooo excited to see some wheel deserved screen time for my fav couple. But no it was a weak attemp to wrap up a good season. It is really too bad shonra is out of toich with her fans, for me the last remaining greys fan in my group of friends I have to say the show just jumped the shark for me


Lexi and Cristina were that show since Lexi came on. Kinda liked Mer's smile though. They have finally killed off the best and brightest. I'm gone for good. On to Magic City and Boardwalk. Let them all drown.

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