Grey's Anatomy Death Watch: Who's Safe?

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As you've likely heard by now, the Grey's Anatomy season finale spoilers revealed by EP/show-runner Shonda Rhimes herself have indicated that this very dark episode will claim the life of at least one cast member.

While we don't know who the major death is, we now know who it's not.

Handsome Avery

According to TV Line, The Originals (i.e. Meredith, Cristina, Alex) are safe. Ditto Bailey, Jackson and Mark. So, if you had any of them in the pool, looks like you already lost. But you'll probably take it.

Who does that leave? And who do you think dies? Sound off below ...

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seriously I hope that its #callie but i am pretty sure its gonna be Lexie... i mean they completely fucked her up anyway, she had so much potential... Shonda may as well as kill her off...


I'm hoping it's April. If it's Lexie, I might just start an online riot or whatever. When we say Orginals that also means Derek and the Chief are safe too, right? So I guess that leaves it to April, Lexie, Teddy, Callie, and Arizona? Hoping it's April but could easily be Teddy.


i dont really know, but i read that it could be derek!

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