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Grey's Anatomy Death Watch: Who's Safe?

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As you've likely heard by now, the Grey's Anatomy season finale spoilers revealed by EP/show-runner Shonda Rhimes herself have indicated that this very dark episode will claim the life of at least one cast member.

While we don't know who the major death is, we now know who it's not.

Handsome Avery

According to TV Line, The Originals (i.e. Meredith, Cristina, Alex) are safe. Ditto Bailey, Jackson and Mark. So, if you had any of them in the pool, looks like you already lost. But you'll probably take it.

Who does that leave? And who do you think dies? Sound off below ...

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Hmmm.. hard to say! It's NOT the originals because they have all renewed so who does that leave? It's NOT Teddy because an article quote "Teddy is presented with a tempting offer." so that leaves her out. So I think that leaves Arizona, Lexie and April. I am thinking that Mark will save Lexie from being trapped and realize she's the one he wants. I think it's between Arizona and April. If it has to be someone on the plane then it would be Arizona. April might be gone anyway as she didn't get rehired. Of course Shonda gets us all thinking one way and it ends up being completely opposite! It's going to be such an AWESOME show!!


Didn't the coming attractions show the survivors of the plane crash and one of them asks where Derrick is. The reply was "derrick got sucked out". If the was mid air, he's a gonner. Meredith stays at Grace. Christina also stays. It leaves Grey open to a new love interest and story line. Derrick is a major major player and a shocker to lose McDreamy!


To me this show crashed with this ending. Season finale = something hugely tragic is just showbusiness. People COULD move on normally with their lives...growing and maturing... and the writers could be creative and maybe even have new characters. Idea > Kepner doesn't commit suicide or anything so foolish. She actually has an epiphany of sorts and decides to dedicate her life to God and helping others who are not so choosy about having a "board certified doctor". This series has moved me deeply many times. I like it most when it stays "real". God bless these fictional people and everyone involved w/ making GA.


Everything is possible, but this is the scariest scenario: it's Derek.
This would actually make scene, since if Derek died then Meredith and Christina would definitely stay in Seattle... And it would give Shonda a whole lot to write about. They said Patrick signed on for next year, so he may appear as a ghost (hello Denny Douqette) at the begging of next season. I think the writers will give us something juicier this time.
The article says Mark is safe, so we 're left with Lexie, Arizona and Derek on the plane, not to mention the ones that stayed.


Teddy was not on airplane she gets an offer next week from another hospital I think. My guess is the twins they were going to separate are izzies, now all the Dr.'s are hurt kepner gets her job back and Derek is dead!


Kepner's religious beliefs wouldn't let her commit suicide, she already feels shes let god down losing her virginity so doubt she would want to, in her mind, fail him more. But I would prefer her, or teddy. Andrea's seems most plausable, Arizona would be a huge shocker....could lead to a Callie/Mark thing. Either way in my ideal world, yang will survive, get back with owen realising lifes to short, get pregnant, and have triplets lol.


Oh and to all the people saying a 5th year is going to become a department head you're nuckin futz


Arizona is as goner. Jessica Capshaw is preggers and Shonda has already said that her pregnacy is not going to be written into the show. If there's a second then PLEASE let it be Kepner. Maybe Izzie is going to return this season and the plane crashed on top of her? Now THAT would be a twist. LOL


its arizona, cause she pulled alex off the plane, and adamantly told Callie not to leave her. so, she's as good as dead in tv land. i wouldnt be surprised if April died separately, suicidal?!, as well. thats a good tie in.


I think its owen because i have heard he is going to star in a movie in scotland.