Grey's Anatomy Episode Synopsis: "Flight"

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On the season finale of Grey's Anatomy, entitled “Flight,” the doctors will be faced with a life threatening situation, and must fight to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers.

Meanwhile, Bailey and Ben make a decision regarding their relationship; and Teddy is presented with a tempting offer. Finally, Richard plans a very special dinner for the SGMW residents.

The finale airs May 17, with "Let the Bad Times Roll" this Thursday and "Migration" on May 10.

Follow these links for more Grey's Anatomy season finale spoilers, as well as scoop on a major death to come, then share your predictions for the end of the eighth season with us below.

Richard in the OR
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I am also trying to riddle it out ..
Not everyone from SG is on the plane .. So we're talking Arizona, Yang, Sloan, Der&Mer and Lexie .. You gotta figure they need it to be someone whos death will result in Mer staying in Seattle.. So its got to be either Yang or .. I dont see em giving Der another almost death .. They've gotten allot actingwise out of Yang so far with the cheating and Teddys husband .. If I didnt keep reading on these posts that "they" said its not gonna be Yang ..Id say its totally Yang ..I mean that would crush Mer and she would forget about Boston


I think is going to be Teddy who is going to die because she is pregnant in real life and she is very much due already so I think they had to take her out.


For all those who are die hard GA fans, please go back and re-watch the episode before " death and all his friends". In that episode Meredith and Christina tell the future. When Meredith tells Christina that she's pregnant and that she (Christina) is the God Mother, Christina responds that " she doesn't do God things and that she would only do fun things.". Meredith tells Christina that this would only take place in the event that something happens to her and Derrick like a PLANE CRASH!!!!! Christina then response " ok, I wish you and Derrickdie in a plane crash so I get to raise your kid.. I think that Derrick will die in the crash and Meredith will become too dark and twisty to continue as a Doctor thus leaving Christina to move into the McDream hometown raise Zola and stay at GA. Richard will retire because Meredith even in that episode states that she is the closest thing he has to a daughter. This also leaves the door open for Patrick Dempsey to return in flashback capacity to help Meredith move forward. I do seea spin off for the twisted sisters at some point. The other scenario would be Medredith dies in the crash and McDreamy has brain damage leaving still Christina to tend to Zola.


I think it will be Richard who dies


The thing that I enjoy about Grey Anatomy is that it's so unpredictable but if I had to cast my vote, it could be Teddy or Lexie. But I love the cast the way it isssss.


I hear that the accident is going to happen outside of the hospital, also one of the doctors outside of the hospital might die.


We have supposed a lot of things. Shonda won't repeat herself: I don't think we'll have someone raging in the hospital, no fire, no accident in the hospital. What if it is a contageous illness threatening the hospital? It would make some kind of sense...