Grey's Anatomy Review: Unanswered Fates

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Seriously? Seriously.

I need a few minutes to catch my breath after what can be remembered as one of the most emotional and gory finales in Grey’s Anatomy history.  

We were warned. We knew this episode was going to be rough. Someone was going to die. The only problem? Knowing it’s going to happen doesn’t make it any easier. So let’s get to it for the last time this season. Put down those tissues, time to discuss “Flight."

Meredith Post-Crash

At Seattle Grace Mercy West Death. Back at the hospital, Webber prepared to take the residents to his annual dinner to celebrate. Ben and Bailey decided to get married and Callie was waiting for her wife to come home. Alex made the decision to go to Hopkins because he needs to know he is good without Arizona holding his hand. 

Teddy was offered an incredible opportunity as the chief of Medcom. She didn’t want to take it because she can’t leave Owen in the state he is in. Talk about loyalty. Just a few episodes ago, these two weren’t even talking. This just shows how strong of a friendship Owen and Teddy share. Of course, Owen recognized what Teddy was doing and fired her so she would have to take the job.

How sad of a scene was it to watch Webber, April, Jackson and Alex wait for Meredith and Cristina. Little do they know...

Cristina in Agony

And Then There Were Five. Leading into this episode, I had constantly checked the comments on for the Grey’s Anatomy previews to see who the fans thought were going to die. Top of the list on the death poll? Arizona and April. In reality? Lexie Grey.

RIP Little Grey. In an extremely sad farewell (and in the first 20 minutes!) Lexie Grey died. What an emotional scene! Mark held her hand and confessed his love for her and that they were meant to be. The acting in this scene was incredible. Kudos to Eric Dane for his stellar performance. 

So what is the fallout of losing Little Grey? Meredith has now lost another family member, Mark has lost the love of his life and Derek has lost his little sis. I’m not sure how you come back from this. 

I have to be honest, I was pretty surprised it was Lexie. I knew there was a chance, but I really didn’t expect it. Will this lead to Meredith back to a dark and twisty place? The one positive to losing Lexie was that it led to a sweet exchange between her and the man she loved.

“I’ve always been in love with you. I’ll always be in love with you."


Damaged Goods. Lexie wasn’t the only one with injuries. Mark needed a make shift surgery, Cristina’s shoulder was out of place, Meredith had a piece of plane in her leg and Derek’s hand is most definitely broken. The most gory? Arizona’s bone peaking out of her leg.

So Where Does This Leave Us? Shonda had made it clear that at the time of filming, no contracts had been signed. This means the fate of all of our favorite docs are up in the air. So what can we expect next season?

Derek’s hand. Will he be able to operate? Will Mark make it until they are found? Cristina is sure she wants to leave Seattle. Jackson chose Tulane. April and Teddy do not have jobs at Seattle anymore. Alex is headed to Hopkins. 

Finale Standards? If there is one thing that Grey’s Anatomy does right, it is finales. They are always intense and always emotional. Season eight was a bit of a challenge. Because of not knowing if the actors would be returning, we were left with an open ending. It worked and it didn’t. It felt a bit like the writers were jumping back and forth to hit each story to make sure us viewers know their fates are questionable.  

It’s a big cast and it’s hard to coordinate. It would have worked better if SGH was just shown in the beginning and the end; Richard and the other residents waiting at dinner and Owen firing Teddy. Other than that, another great ending to a solid season.

Some After Thoughts

  • I loved the flashback to the pilot episode in the beginning and the voice over at the end mimicking Webber’s words. Ah, nostalgia. 
  • How gory was this episode? I had to look away when Arizona showed her bone popping out.
  • In an emotionally charged episode, the writers still found time to throw in a couple jokes. Thank you for that!
  • How good is Yang in a crisis? PS. How funny was she with her shoe?
  • How long until Owen saves them? 

So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Was the finale everything you hoped for or did it fall short in comparison to the other season endings? Will everyone else survive the plane crash? Who will return to our beloved TV screen next season? Were you surprised that it was Lexie?

It’s time to say goodbye until next season. Check out the Grey’s Anatomy quotes for the best lines from the hour and make sure to check back for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “Flight” and the death of Lexie Grey. Chyler Leigh, you will most definitely be missed. 


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And I thought he said "frozen".


"Rose?" are kidding me?! not again. with lexie gone and throwing a monkey wrench into meredith's story, no one in real life could go through with that after surviving a plane crash. come on writers of Shonda, it's not going to make the followers happy. besides, you've been there, done that and kind of monotonous.lexie dying is sad enough because viewers will have less characters to watch. it would be nice to bring izzie back. it's okay to lose april. and definitely, shonda writers have to find a storyline to bring the gang back - derek, meredith,cristina and mark back, otherwise, it's no longer greys anatomy. don't let it be like ER. ER has 15 seasons but 50% it the them is a waste after losing the remaining originals.the writes should just find a way to keep the remaining originals stay. after all, they made the show. the producers should pay them well to stick it out, otherwise, these actors would leave.we are pretty sure they made you also tons of money. don't be greedy producers. share the bounty with the main characters.
with "FLIGHT" i do hope you have good materials for season 9.
Now, about the season 8 finale, how come all of the doctors couldn't use a cellphone to call for help? it is the only blip i can't take, but all in all, great finale that we are on edge awaiting the fate of the doctors in the plane crash, and teddy,karev,and jackson.


Cristina cannot replace Teddy as the chief of cardio. Cristina needs to finish her 3-year cardio fellowship before she can become a cardio attending, much less be the Chief of Cardio. She'll still need a new Chief of Cardio to teach her for the next 3 years. Cristina is NOT a cardio attending. She is a 1st year cardio fellow. The only character who is an attending is Meredith, because she chose general surgery as a specialty: everyone else, with the exception of Kepner, is a 1st year fellow in their chosen specialty.


. did anyone else notice that they brought George up twice in this episode. I'd like to think that was part.of Shonda's swan song for Lexie. the first time I watch this episode I didn't shed a tear because of the shock. now ive watched it 4 times and cry harder everytime. if you've only watched it once you must watch it over because theirs alot of little things I missed. second best greys anatomy finale, we all know which 1 was the best. I have a feeling this shows glory days are ahead not behind it, if this is the shows last 2 years I know I'll be holding on to the ride.


If Derek did indeed say "ROSE" in those last few seconds and I want why the hell are we rehashing that terrible character, that's just spew worthy.
Scrub nurse amnesia is gonna cause a riot and really annoy the balony outta mer.


lol @ Patrick Dempsey being 'articulate' yeah, but he was acting...and when someone is supposed to be in shock and has that kind of injury, they are probably not at their most 'articulate', lol...also, as for them being doctors but not being able to start/keep a fire going...I'm in med school (4th yr), and I've been camping ONCE...I would probably suck as much as they did...unless they were in the scouts or something, or went camping a lot when they were younger, what makes you think they've any idea on starting fires? as if they have time, lol...yes, Derek is an 'outdoorsman', but he obviously wasn't in any shape to help


It was so sad when Lexie died and everybody is so heartbroken about Mark and Lexie being over, and so am I. But I think I was more sad that Meredith lost her sister and that they didn't even let them say goodbye. I figured if Lexie were the one to die, it would be the focus of the episode with everybody fighting to save her and heartwrenching goodbyes with Mark and with Meredith. I was disappointed that if she had to be the one to go, they didn't at least let Meredith say a heartfelt goodbye. It would have meant alot considering where their relationship started.


I'm almost 100% positive that Derek said "Rose" at 41:28 (ABC's GA finale). Shonda is an excellent writer, and I have yet to find fault with her grammar. That being said, he definitely didn't say "I'm froze", as the correct phrase would have been "I'm frozen" (past participle) and Shonda would know that. He didn't say "boats", because as most of us know, Patrick Dempsey is extremely articulate; he doesn't mumble. There's no "t" emphasis in what he said. Lastly, if you watch 41:29 as the camera switches to Meredith, even she is a bit perplexed at his last uttering. Cristina addressing Meredith in regard to the match being lit, interrupted her (Meredith's)train of thought (which I can only imagine was similar to "WTF"). I'm fairly certain he said "Rose", as nothing else makes the slightest bit of sense. As Derek dated his scrub nurse, Rose, for a brief stint, it would make sense... ..."scrub nurse amnesia" gets my vote.


Why did they have to kill Lexie?! Mark was supposed to end up with her! She's the one, it's always been her! What is he supposed to do now? What are we supposed to do now?!


Didn't care for the finale much, but, perhaps the crew seemed to do so many stupid things because they were all suppose to be in shock. Or the episode really was nothing more than a dream. Why were they all on the plane, where were they flying to? I missed something.

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