Grey's Anatomy Season 9: Will Anyone Else Die?!

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With Grey's Anatomy fans still reeling from the eighth season finale of the ABC drama, creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes has a warning for those mourning the shocking death of a fan favorite:

They are still out there.

In an interview with E! Online, Rhimes said that "everyone is still so immersed in ‘Who died?'" that "no one is talking about the thing that I actually think is important and was the point of the [season finale]."

What would that be exactly? You may not be ready for this ...

Meant to Be

"They're still out there in the forest, and we don't know if they are going to be OK," she said. "We left it open for a reason because ... I hate to say this, but just because you saw people alive at the end of the finale doesn't mean they're going to be alive when the season starts up."

"We are completely jumping off into the unknown next season."

The unknown is something Rhimes is well familiar with.

The show-runner actually had a second cliffhanger planned and written that reflected her not knowing what would happen next season, regarding the cast's return (they have since signed new contracts).

Up until the day before the table read for the finale, this was up in the air. Then the original cast members re-signed, which "turned the tables" and pointed the eighth season-ender in the direction we witnessed.

The biggest consequence of that direction, obviously, was the death of Lexie Grey. A series regular and fan favorite since the tail end of Grey's Anatomy Season 3, her loss is hard for fans to stomach.

How did Chyler Leigh, who plays Lexie, take the news?

"Stuff that happens inside our family is stuff that happens inside our family," Rhimes said. "I have so much respect for Chyler, and the decision was very hard for everybody involved and I want to respect her privacy."

"The only thing I knew when I started writing the finale was that Chyler was leaving the finale. That was the only information I knew," she says, adding that the cast found out "at the table read."

"It was really, really emotional. Chyler Leigh and I were the only people who knew what was coming for her character. Kim Raver and I were the only ones who knew what was coming for that character."

"Chyler and I had been discussing it for months."

Excerpts from the rest of Rhimes' interview below ...

Mark and Meredith

On the possibility of ghost Lexie: "We saw Denny as a ghost, and people didn't really like that, did they? It was a really hard decision to let that character die versus send her off into the sunset somewhere."

"It was really difficult. It was not made lightly. I don't think we're going to see Lexie Grey ever again. That's not the intention, to see her again. It's a big loss for the characters and it's a big loss for the show."

On her "other plans" for Mark and Lexie: "Honestly, I always felt like Mark and Lexie were meant to be. If things had not turned out the way they had this season, I had a completely different thing planned for them."

"I was one of the people who loved Mark and Lexie together; I had a completely different thing planned for them. The introduction of Julia was part of planning a completely different storyline for them."

"When Mark and Lexie say 'meant to be,' it wasn't about servicing the fans. That's how I felt. That's what was supposed to happen, and that's what I wanted to see. It was heartbreaking."

On Teddy's possible return: "I don't think that's a possibility that has been ruled out. At least not by me. I love Kim. I say to my partner Betsy [Beers] every once in a while, 'We could do a series that's just Med Com.'"

On this being the hardest-ever episode to write: "It was for a variety of different reasons. I questioned it while we were shooting it and I questioned it once I saw the edit for it."

"And then once we got to the soundstage, literally Tuesday, I'm watching the show and I'm still changing the music at the last minute. Because it's so unsettling at the end."

"I think there's something very unsatisfying about the way that it ends ... I like the ride. Doing the shooting episode was really great because while it was gut-wrenching and hard to do, I knew who was OK."

"And in this, we don't know who's OK. We still don't totally know who's OK."

"There's still choices to be made. It is very unsettling. The idea of my Meredith and my Cristina in the wilderness without a match, chewing half a stick of gum each, having each other, while beautiful, was really painful."

"I feel like everyone has the right to have the reaction that they want to have. I think part of the reason why I am staying away from the reaction is I fully get that this is an unsatisfying finale."

"I have to focus on what happens next. Paying attention to fan reaction or going online to see what everyone has to say about it is paying attention to what happened before, and that does not actually help me at this point."

On where we pick up next fall: "I do know where we are going to pick up next season. But I'm not going to talk about it."

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i have watched from day one and every season finale is edge of seat terrifying excitement. the mass murder is still my favourite because i am a huge Alex fan and it left you with "who died and survived?" this epsode was just like that, it didnt have the shock factor as such but it has the lingering question, will they make it through the night? will owen realise they are missing? I would hate to see any other cast members not make it to next season and above all i want to see everyone happy especially Callie. has no one raised that question? she keeps going on about how happy she is now and doesnt know that all the ppl she loves are hanging onto their lives, in feel her life is about to crash, after all it is a drama series. yes lexi died but in a way there are so many other major things going on in that episode and devastating as well. i cried from start to end so congrats to Rhimes for making it so emotional. I cant wait for season 9.


I love the show....everyone past and present....Rhimes knows what she's doing!!! Good job! Sad but AWESOME!


i just wanna know whens the new season gonna start?????


That season finale was absolutely horrible. I really wish the whole thing was just a dream. I can't believe they killed off Lexie. She was a great character. I loved mark and Lexi together. That finale left me so angry and not wanting to watch the show anymore.


Cuando es el estreno de la próxima temporada?????????


go ahead people, say your not coming back for season 9, at the moment they are only words easy to type. I'll go as far as saying i'll put my last dollar in the pot to say you won't be able to help yourself and watch the premire, all wanting to know if how they get rescued, does anyone else die etc etc.
Yes it's sad that Lexi has died, she will not be back, so you petition people forget it, you aren't going to win that one.
What i would like to see happen in the premire well for them to be rescued first, the reaction back at the hospital of Lexi's passing believe me i doubt Alex and Jackson will go once they find out as they both had relationship's with her so they will stick around to support Mer.
Cristina's reaction to Teddy leaving will be interesting as Owen will offer her the attending postition to stay. Derek will have a long recovery so i'm going to speculate that Mer is going to go back to Neuro as no-one else can, and Derek only trust's her. For General Bailey and Webber are still around do they really need 3 general surgeons.


I remember the last season's finale. I had the same feeling - that i don't like it and i don't understand it and that something was too much and something was not enough...


I'm a really big fan of Mark and Lexie. It sounds like Rhimes felt like that as well. I'm going to respect that Chyler made a personal choice and Rhimes followed her wishes and wrote an ending that would honor both Mark and Lexie's love for each other. RIP, Lexie, you beguiled us with your heart, your love story with Mark, your spunk, and your lovely doe eyes that always had a sparkle. You will be missed.


Chyler wanted to leave from what I heard. What I would like to happen? Meredith has been so busy taking care of others, she loses her leg because it gets infected and maybe temporary problems with the untreated head wound. Everyone else makes it out okay but with long difficult recoveries.


I'm bummed that lexie died..... It looked like arizona was next spitting up blOod... Poor kallie she loses everyone. I miss izzy yet I liked the Danny story. I am so glad that Mer and christina are together. I am excited for next season. Bring lexie Back. Maybe she just pasted out. And looks dead. It would be great if in the first ep. They showed her taking a breath and the rest of everyone working together to get her out of the thing that's crushing her. Please bring her back I don't care how cheesey the story line is. I want her and mark together.

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