Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Promo: We Are Going to Die!

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The stunning end of last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy and the promo for next Thursday's season finale certainly made clear what the dark, complex thing Shonda Rhimes teased consists of.

In the aftermath of the crash, the doctors must battle to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers, as the shocking turn of events last night could mean devastating consequences.

Take a look at ABC's first promo for "Flight" and get scared now:

Also in the eighth season finale, Bailey and Ben make a decision regarding their relationship's future, Teddy is presented with a tempting offer, and Richard plans a special dinner for the residents.

As always, the Grey's Anatomy season-ender is not to be missed. Even with the original cast now under contract for next season, there's no telling which characters might pay the ultimate price.

For an in-depth discussion of this week's penultimate Season 8 episode, read our review of "Migration" from earlier. We've updated our Grey's Anatomy music section with last night's tracks, as well.

Then, as we gear up for the main event, tell us:

Will Mark and Lexie get back together? Are any or all of the doctors really leaving Seattle? Are Cristina and Hunt done? Will everyone survive the plane crash? Sound off in the comments below!

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It cut off the last half of what I wrote but like i was saying...she interacts with all the characters on the show. If she died everyone would be upset. Especially Mark Hopefully i'm 100% wrong though. Hoping it's April. I can not/will not get into her character. she's abnoxious, annoying and pointless.


If you remember correctly, Alex is not on the plane. Arizona got mad at him for choosing Hopkins and told him "You're not going. you're not apart of this hospital anymore" or something along those lines, So she took his place. it could Easily be her. For her speach to Callie an how she wasn't suppose to be on the plane in the first place. Derek flying out the window, I think, is to throw us off. So we're all like "oh, it's deffinently Derek" an then BOOOM, Someone else dies. The also said that the tragic thing that happens, one of those people are going to die. Plane crash, duh. My biggest guess is Lexie. They haven't really gave her a solid story line (Just like they did with George before they killed him off). They also said it'd be bitter sweet. Mark wanting her back an then she dies. She's in really bad shape during the Plane crash. They also said it'll be a "beloved" Character. I don't know about you guys but I'd be very upset if they killed her off. She interacts with all the characters (So everyone will be upset, especially Mark.). I'm hoping i'm 100% Wrong. and that April dies. I really do not liker her character. She's pointless an Annoying.


Looks like someone needs to get some sleep and stay on the meds. Talk about wired...


This was copies off of wet paint of the titles have to do with movement, meaning that it sounds like not everyone will be staying at Seattle Grace-Mercy West. We know that all the Five Years will go through the Boards in next Thursday’s episode (Season 8, Episode 21: “Moment of Truth,� airing April 26) and depending on the outcome, they might be ditching the hospital to set up shop somewhere else. Could these final two episodes be referring to the original Five Years splitting up? And who will be leaving Seattle?et as to why a hospital disaster makes sense. The part about fit bing the hospital to set up shop somewhere else. I could see many story options you there cld be stories showing every o e in their. We could see everyone in their new homes d new hospital and how they cope without each other and how the events have CBS GED them


Sooo...Adele received the super drug when Meredith tampered with the why did Adele's alzeheimers get so bad???


The hospital is one of the biggest characters on the shoe it is where the story began and if this was the end of the show destroying it would have been the ultimate death of a character. This could have been why every one ultimately goes to other places and returns when it is rebuilt and named after one of the bictams like Webber


God, I can't stop crying .. Damn... this is so damn intense!!
Thank God we know that Meredith, Derek, Christina are safe! But still... If Lexie dies.. It would really really really SUCK!! I really hope Shonda didn't make a mistake this time (like when she killed George!!!) I really hope the major death would be April (killing herself) but hey .. That wouldn't be major at all .. I mean 90% of the GA-fans hate her! So! .. I can't wait till the finale! I have my final exams the next 3 weeks.. so when someone I love dies .. I won't graduate! Haha, guess I have to wait till june, before watching the season finale .. But hey, I'm a die-hard-GA-fan .. I can't wait that long!


Sorry cut off again The chemicals and oxygen would be catastrophic. You wod have explosions, fired patients and staff trapped and fighting to stay alive. It would be a 100 times worse than the shooting. No one in the first crash would have a clue till much later I could see April and Avery show up on the sceen. There wod be so much damge to the hospital and so many dead and Injured. I can see why every one crying during the reading and why this would have been so hard to write. It was done months before the show was renewed and Shonda wrote it before contracts were signed


Sorry my post are. Not coming off that clearly my blood sugar has crashed a few times while posting. I can see th duel crashs would be a true shock value and I don't think it has ever been done before on a tv show. You have original crash and sever life altering injuries but no known deaths at this point just the missing Derivk they have a. Rescue team come in. I can't see anyway a fire truck could reach that remote location they crash bovtams are receiving treatment and let's day the others take a flight to come see them and it is major airline flight crashes or s few weeks of months later the Dr heading to the conference in Nee Orleans are in a major airline crash and recount by the set extra plays out Then the even worse twist would be a major commercial jet crashs into the hospital just as the rescue crew reach the others. This would be a catastrophic event. I am a nurse and if a plane hit the Hodpital you are looking a explosions from the the oxygen and other products in the hospital staff and patients dying. It would be a 100 times worse than gh shooting it would totally unexpected very dark and brutal it would cause mor than 1 death and those being rescued would be totally unaware of the destruction. Rember this was etiten without knowing contract status or if the show was renewed


I've pretty much decided that I'm going to record the episode and only watch the last couple of minutes, or just look at the live chat on another web site, if it's going to be who I believe it's going to be who dies, I just don't think I can sit through the whole episode. Yes, I'm chickening out, I'm pathetic.