Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Promo: We Are Going to Die!

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The stunning end of last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy and the promo for next Thursday's season finale certainly made clear what the dark, complex thing Shonda Rhimes teased consists of.

In the aftermath of the crash, the doctors must battle to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers, as the shocking turn of events last night could mean devastating consequences.

Take a look at ABC's first promo for "Flight" and get scared now:

Also in the eighth season finale, Bailey and Ben make a decision regarding their relationship's future, Teddy is presented with a tempting offer, and Richard plans a special dinner for the residents.

As always, the Grey's Anatomy season-ender is not to be missed. Even with the original cast now under contract for next season, there's no telling which characters might pay the ultimate price.

For an in-depth discussion of this week's penultimate Season 8 episode, read our review of "Migration" from earlier. We've updated our Grey's Anatomy music section with last night's tracks, as well.

Then, as we gear up for the main event, tell us:

Will Mark and Lexie get back together? Are any or all of the doctors really leaving Seattle? Are Cristina and Hunt done? Will everyone survive the plane crash? Sound off in the comments below!

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I think it is Derek. Mer and Zola will live in the house Derek built and stay in Seattle. Derek escaped one brush with death already...he doesn't have 9 lives.


It says 6 went up 1 will die... Come on read people!!!!!


If you look at the Canadian promo, there is a scene where someone's arm is sticking out of the wreckage with a cell phone in their hand, banging on the side of the plane. Looks kind of thick for a woman so I'm guessing it's Derek. At least whoever it is isn't brain-dead or completely paralyzed. Then, there is a scene where Mark is embracing a woman with long dark hair. I'm thinking Yang. What worries me is that he looks like he's collapsing on her, either with grief or pain. I do NOT want him to die or Lexie. I really like Arizona, but I'd rather her die than Slexie. I'm still holding out for April back at the ranch with all plane passengers surviving. Though I'm liking April much more lately! :)


In the Canadian promo you see someone's arm sticking out from under the wreckage with a cell phone in their (his) hand banging on the side of the fusilage. Looks kind of thick for a woman, but who knows. I'm thinking that's Derek. They're obviously going to be pretty injured, but whoever it is, if they have enough neuro function to move an arm and bang on the plane, they aren't brain-dead and if they're paralyzed, the arm still functions. That being said, I really like Arizona but I love Slexie so I don't want Mark or Lexie to die. Whoever Mark is embracing in the promo has long dark hair. I'm guessing Yang since Lexie's pants would be pretty messed up and it would be odd for her to have plane wreckage pulled off her and just stand up. Besides, Mark looks like he is collapsing, perhaps with either grief or pain??? I'm afraid it's going to be Mark, but if not him, then probably either Lexie or Arizona.


I am totally excited. I think that either Mark or Lexie is going to die. I think, that the previous conversation where lexie tells Mark, that she loves him, will be a dramatic moment, if one of them dies. It would cause lots of tears and drama if Lexies love interest dies in front of her eyes (and doesn't Mark says, that he is stuck in the plane). I don't know what will happen next - but as said before it would push the story forward. e.g. MerDer has to stay because of Lexies funeral, Christina would stay because of Mers grief and Alex would also stay because of Lexies death, because they were once a couple. So this would make sense... but let's see... what Shonda has prepared for us.

Allison berry barbieri

I'm thinking Arizona, though I don't like it. The whole "don't leave me scene" between her and Callie, the fact that she wasn't supposed to go and Karev was and, as @BLH1967 said, how else can they justify keeping Karev...other than he will feel he needs to stay to take Arizona's place.


OK so who is on the plane?? i think i saw somewhere where it said 8 went down only 7 will make it?? Mer, Der, Mark, Lexi, Yang, Arz, & the pilot are on the plane.. thats SEVEN... did someone else get on the plane without anyone knowing?? Like ALEX since Arz bumped him from his spot?!?! And after the last episode when they were showing clips of the season finale, you see Arz sitting in a chair by the front of the plane, & movement in the cockpit... but then you see Arz pinned under a piece of the plane a few clips later??? so was her sitting there before or after she was pinned?? Also... i have a feeling it may be Chief Webber that goes cause he has been giving Alex really helpful tips that a Chief prob shouldnt give out?? Or i thought it may be Callie who dies some way, which would leave Mark & Lexi getting back together & Lexi help raise the baby???? i really hate to see anyone of them go!! If anyone, it would be April just because i dont have the connection to her character like i do the others... if April does die i dont think it will be suicide.. i think after she leaves the bar while talking to Avery, she either gets in a crash, gets attacked... i just hope the season finale doesnt leave us on a huge cliffhanger!! That would really suck to have to wait all summer to find out what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone has their favorite characters and reasons for wanting them live. I think it is a little silly to argue over who should be killed off since it is all subjective. While I have my favorite characters, I can honestly say there isn't any character on the show that I dislike. Wish they would all stay but maybe a couple characters leaving will provide an opportunity for those that are staying to get more screen time and keep developing their characters. I don't think it will be Arizona that dies. Grey's is all about the drama and while Callie and Arizona had a couple sweet moments in last weeks episode they haven't had a lot of screen time this year because of the focus on the original characters and the amount of screen time they had in season 7. I would think that if they killed Arizona, Shonda who want a real tear-jerking opportunity to exist and that can't be fully realized because Callie was not on the flight. That opportunity exists in the death of Lexie. Both Mark and Meredith were on the flight and a goodbye/death scene with those 3 would be very painful to watch. Like I said, everyone has their favorites,everyone has their opinion. Not saying what I prefer to happen, necessarily just saying what I think might happen and the obvious reason why. Who knows, wouldn't be the first time I was wrong. One last comment.....I am pretty sure that if Teddy or Arizona die, neither Christina or Alex to just step in and take over. I fellowship needs to be completed before they can just become head of Cardio or Peds.


I always dread watching Grey's Anatomy finales because they're always such a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I really really hope it's not Lexie because i'm fond of her character and the dynamic she brings to the team with her quirky way. And was hoping for her and Mark to make it. Having said that, with all those shudders she kept getting in Migration episode made it seem like someone was walking over her grave and hence it would be the logical death. However I think it might also be April because she's sorta gone a little wild, so perhaps its not any of the guys on the plane. But another unexpected death would be Arizona's which would set up Karev taking over the role in Peds and feeling guilty. It would also tie in with Arizona's fear of loosing people and asking Callie never to leave when in fact it turns out that she's the one who leaves ultimately by dying. I'd be honest and say i'd prefer April to die, simply because both Arizona and Lexie are more tied in with the lives of the others.


What if Shonda Rhimes decided to be SUPER dark and twisty and kill Derek off the show? I know he signed a two year contract extension but what if he'll be used in flashbacks as Meredith enters another chapter of her life post-Derek? Patrick Dempsey has been vocal about wanting time for racing and I wonder if this is a possible solution. I'll be devastated if McDreamy was killed off the show. I'm assuming it's not him but what if it is?

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