Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Promo: We Are Going to Die!

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The stunning end of last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy and the promo for next Thursday's season finale certainly made clear what the dark, complex thing Shonda Rhimes teased consists of.

In the aftermath of the crash, the doctors must battle to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers, as the shocking turn of events last night could mean devastating consequences.

Take a look at ABC's first promo for "Flight" and get scared now:

Also in the eighth season finale, Bailey and Ben make a decision regarding their relationship's future, Teddy is presented with a tempting offer, and Richard plans a special dinner for the residents.

As always, the Grey's Anatomy season-ender is not to be missed. Even with the original cast now under contract for next season, there's no telling which characters might pay the ultimate price.

For an in-depth discussion of this week's penultimate Season 8 episode, read our review of "Migration" from earlier. We've updated our Grey's Anatomy music section with last night's tracks, as well.

Then, as we gear up for the main event, tell us:

Will Mark and Lexie get back together? Are any or all of the doctors really leaving Seattle? Are Cristina and Hunt done? Will everyone survive the plane crash? Sound off in the comments below!

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Some big "writer" eh on TV Fanatic. da comment section da big time right-O? who be homophobic (McLezzie)? Smarty pants don't know da difference eh?


BTW the term "McLezzie" is a take off on McDreamy, McSteamy, McNasty, etc. that the writers of the show have used. And is one I invented for fun. Little did I know it would dredge up some McHomophobic remarks! (Oh, and as a writer I never limit myself to McTweets or other self-censoring one liners that some humor-challenged person tossed in here!


I wish people would quit bringing up about what Chyler "said" about "becoming the next Grey" if EP left, I'm tired of people spreading false information and getting people's hopes up. One, a journalist asked her that, Chyler didn't "confirm" that she would, but only "if" Shonda asked her to, and then Shonda herself later basically said that was never the plan when Chyler was brought to the show, she would not be "replacing" Ellen/Meredith. Two, that was quite some time ago when Chyler was asked, so since then she could now have different ideas about what she wants (she doesn't get much to work with now, season four was her best work and I say this as a Slexie fan) and have worked something out about getting out of her contract or whatever. I wish I was wrong, but everything seems to be pointing to her exit.


So here's a pretty far out scenario that might please the McLezzies in the global audience: Grey's Anatomy as Greek drama/comedy. (works for me) ...Then the two of them (Sara and JCap) can drop the pretense of being straight and run off together to the Greek Isles where they can start a lesbian production company that would not only save the Greek economy but would validate the long lost lesbian poetic heritage of Sappho, thus contributing to the final demise of the patriarchal domination of the planet...(which Callie rightly warned Bailey of in her speech about the house built on the minefield surrounded by bears that have knives...Come to think of it that does pretty much describe the global condition du jour). As a Grecian goddess in disguise, (as they were often depicted in Greek drama), Callie gives Bailey the responsibility of saving the planet! The anger and hatred between Owen and Teddy would destroy the hospital and then the planet (hatred, anger, violence etc. that characterizes where humanity has arrived after 5000 years of male-dominated global culture...) So with Callie as the goddess giving a final charge to Bailey she says, "Godspeed" and walks away...Godspeed indeed.


Someone has way too much time on their hands. How pompous can you get (McLezzie)? Is dat uuuuuuuuu n yer pals?????


My final thoughts are designed to please not only all the McLezzies out there but to provide Shonda with some spin-off ideas. (Read Mary Renault's "The King Must Die" for a pretty interesting view of an early Greek matriarchal society. Films like "Alexander" perpetuate the myth of male dominated warrior culture that is bringing the world to ruin as we speak.) So here's the fantasy /Alt reality scenario that actually is a reverse parallel of the show's AU (since JCap and not SR has the husband and kids in "real life"). If not a movie treatment this would/could make at least interesting dream-sequence episode.


The labor of love and social committment that being half of Calzona has been accomplished by both actors. But depicting what a loving, committed, adult lesbian relationship looks like for the sake of educating the world public could still be served by having Sara and JCap finishing off their contracts.


It makes little sense to kill off Sara Ramirez's character unless she wants out of the McLezzie couple and is ready for the big screen or wants to go back to Broadway. She has gained so much world wide popularity on the little screen and has paid her dues (as we say in show-biz). It also is true that the road to Carnegie Hall is created via practice, practice, practice. (I know, I've sung there.) So the movie producers out in Hollywood might be knocking at her door (as well they should be IMHO). The big screen?, maybe. Broadway...? doubtful. She is still young and beautiful enough for close-ups so Broadway can wait (but keeping in mind what I just said about the importance of practice, she'd better keep that voice in well-oiled condition...)


Well, since Meredith was just in the plane crash it keeps up the suspense over who survives by having Callie narrate. As to who dies in the crash, maybe none of them. Someone back at the hospital and we've all read the speculation on that. So what do we know for sure? The promos don't show anyone dead at the crash site though Lexie appears the most injured. So assuming they all survive and the writers are going to milk this for all it's worth and that there has been typical foreshadowing, what's next? Arizona begging Callie never to leave her, and Callie stating that she won't and whatever Arizona can't do she will... Well, when the crash survivors get back to Seattle there will be at least an episode for medical treatment/recovery options. There was only one for Callie's recovery after the car crash so there could be at least that much for Arizona's and the others. And that also gives JCap some easy scenes in bed after giving birth IRL. Now the foreshadowing could be a warning that Arizona may have long term medical issues. A plane crash is more traumatic than a car crash generally speaking. And generally more fatal for everyone on board, but this is she might paralyze Arizona for awhile at least (a tried and true conceit out of the serial playbook...) or in some other way show how a caring committed partner in a gay/lesbian relationship takes care of her injured wife.


Of course Callie could come to the rescue with a helicopter search for the crash site (helicopters are a classic deus ex machina in films). Then the helicopter could crash and....No one survives helicopter crashes....REWRITE... NICK & Callie get on the helicopter, rescue Arizona, fly off to Belize where Nick donates some last breath sperm to his childhood sweetheart. Arizona is pregnant with Sofia's little sister. (notice: no one dies....yet. But a second helicopter carrying Owen and Teddy is also dispatched to the rescue. It crashes at the plane crash site and both Teddy and Christina suffer the agony of watching Owen die. This causes Derek to reconsider the move to Boston as he takes over as chief (again). No one leaves Seattle Grace...Karev takes over from Arizona for the time being...Her real-life pregnancy get's used in a flash forward to her having Nick and her child. (shot now before her July due date) Christina reconsiders Mayo and takes Stanford as Meredith also remains in Seattle.