Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Sneak Peek: The First Six Minutes!

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We'll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out who lives and who dies on the eighth season finale of Grey's Anatomy, but you can see the immediate aftermath of the plane crash right here and now.

ABC has released the first six minutes of "Flight," which begins with an eerily Lost-esque shot of Meredith, eyes open, lying on the ground in a state of shock.

But she's alive, and possibly in better shape than some of her colleagues.

As she struggles to find her bearings and process what just happened, Cristina is particularly hysterical, and not just because of her dislocated shoulder.

Her reaction is intense, proving again why Sandra Oh is a perennial Emmy candidate.

Elsewhere in the wreckage, Arizona is badly injured, to the point where she can see her own bones. Never a good sign. With adrenaline masking the pain, she's delirious.

Lexie's not doing much better, but at least Mark is by her side. Derek, meanwhile, is trapped beneath the shrapnel and considering desperate measures to escape.

Six went down. One will die.

The Grey's Anatomy promos have warned us of this, but do you think the show really bid farewell to one of these beloved characters, after their initial survival of this epic crash?

Shonda Rhimes has also hinted as much, although she's not exactly averse to misdirection. Remember, the promo didn't say "six went down and one of those six will die."

Share your predictions in the comments, and watch the opening minutes of "Flight" above.

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Lexie is a great character on Grey's...She and Mark have a long way to go. Not happy here!!


I cant believe u killed Lixie Pleasemjust let her be passed out. Ive been disapointed so long now because meridth never got pg whats the deal is it so hard to get her pregnet??????????????


Fight or flight. Shonda . I know you will fight this is the best television I've ever witnessed life is messy and you have a way of cleaning up with dignity and poise. that doesn't mean it's all that easy. but it's just meant to be. I will be a loyal viewer whatever the outcome. I still watch all the reruns on lifetime I will continue to watch them for as long as they aire. Thank you again


as I've said no earlier comment I feel it was a dream I'm not sure who's the 1 dreaming though if you watch the episode again you hear wind chimes and the wind chimes represent something very eerie to me. we all know christina and owen both have ptsd there was also a helicopter that came to rescue them but was unable to find them this is just a guess of mine but I feel that owen will commit suicide because of christina leaving him.


I taped the last 8 episodes of Grey's hoping to see a happy ending for Mark and Lexie. On the last episode when Lexie described her symptoms I knew that it was her that was being killed off and I deleted the rest of the episode. I am very disapointed with the ending and no longer have to decide what to watch and what to tape on Thursdays at 8:00am, Grey's is off my list and I'm sure that I am not the only one. I also noticed that last season all of the major couples ended with problems, except for Torez and Arizone, the couuple who had been together the least amount of time, I guess trying to target a particular group is more popular than the overall show. This is good bye to Grey's for me.


@K120 Yeah right? And we haven't heard Chyler say anything about it yet, we can all just assume that she wanted to leave because of her family but until I hear her say it herself I'm not believing it. Maybe she didn't really die and it's a dream or she passed out. And maybe Shonda told us that Chyler was leaving and not coming back to throw us off. I mean she can't make us think she killed off a character then say " It was so hard to make the decision to kill Lexie, but don't worry Chyler will be back next season." LOL. So maybe there's hope? Less than a year ago Chyler said she wasn't going anywhere, she said that if Ellen didn't stay she would gladly take her place. Did she really change her mind from saying she would be the head of the show to not wanting to be on it at all so quickly? I don't know I'll keep hoping, I don't want her to die, she was the only reason I watched GA.


Still hoping it's a dream, lol. Maybe Shonda and Chyler will realize how much the fans will miss her and Chyler will decide to come back.... I'm hoping it will be a dream or she just passed out or something. I know its unrealistic, but a bomb, a flood, a shooting, cancer, getting hit by buses and now a plane crash( and I think I forgot a few lol)all happening to a small group of people is already pretty unrealistic to me. So it being a dream or Lexie waking up and surviving by some wonderful miracle wouldn't be the most silliest thing to happen in Grey's Anatomy history, it is t.v afterall.


Put lexie back on the show, or at least until a coma until the the producer is really sure about her death. It was a big shock to all of us, was really looking forward to get getting back with Sloan.


Yikes. So this is what waaaaaaay too much tv does. Another season and I won't be able to punctuate or spell either. Too bad about Lexie, though.


Terrible!!!! Can't believe she was killed off.

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